Sharp contrast with my last portrayal of Ivan, but I think both could be canonically valid. Heavily inspired by the words of Kin and her captor Dellyn Goblinslayer in the webcomic Goblins - go check it out if you enjoy extremely violent fantasy parodies. For such a cute show, Hetalia lends itself very easily to darkfic 0_0 Which is why I love it.

Toris has stopped caring what Ivan does to him. All this means is that Ivan expands his repertoire. And his targets. Toris struggles unsuccessfully as he watches Ivan wrap a thin cord around the sobbing Raivis's neck and pull, ever so slowly, until the boy thrashes and froths at the mouth. Edouard, similarly bound and with a filthy rag shoved in his mouth to silence him, watches from the corner, shaking with rage. Ivan drops the unconscious boy on the floor like trash.

"I hope you have learned a valuable lesson, then. Next time one of you misbehaves, I punish one of the others," he says, dusting off his hands.

"Why do you do this to us?" Toris asks dully. "The worst we ever try to do to you is leave."

"And that is why," says Ivan, never losing that inscrutable smile as he strokes Toris's face. "I don't want you to leave." The huge hand moves down to Toris's throat and squeezes. "Promise me you'll never leave me, and don't lie to me again."

Something has to give. Toris feels it in his chest, alongside the pain.

"I promise you ... I swear ..." he gasps, "I will never run away again."

Ivan lets go, and Toris fears he's noticed the veiled threat, but his conditioned servile tone has fooled the man, and his wrists are untied. He catches Edouard's eye, and the glitter in Toris's eyes causes his fellow servant to shrink away, almost as afraid as he is of Ivan. No matter. Toris can do this alone.

He knows where the matches and kindling are kept. He has access to the kitchen knives and woodcutting axe. All he needs is an opportunity, and he has all the time in the world to wait for one.