Emerald Skies

Elphaba's POV

I jerked into a sitting position after my nightmare—it was always the same—I escape from the School, get chased by Erasers, and then I just fly away, being aided by the winds and flanked by a group of—and I know this is going to sound weird—flying monkeys instead of the flock.

I crawled out of bed and quickly changed into clean clothes. Nudge—one of my younger "sisters"—had put the laundry away—for once. Usually, I get stuck putting the laundry away and cleaning up after the others.

I headed downstairs, glancing out the hall window as I went. Then I saw Max.

I smiled and said, "Hey, Max."

"Morning," she smiled back at me.

I'm the oldest. I'm seventeen. Max, Fang, and Iggy are all fourteen. Nudge is eleven. Gasman is eight and his younger—biologically-related—sister—Angel— is six. My name is Emerald. Between me and Max, I think we keep things running pretty smoothly around here.

See, most of my family is normal-colored—varying shades of white and brown. I'm not. I'm green. So, Jeb—he saved us when I was thirteen—called me a little Emerald and the name just stuck.

My real name is actually Elphaba—Elphaba Thropp Third Descending. See, when I was a baby, I was kidnapped out of my house at Colwen Grounds and taken to the School—it's more of a lab of torture—and put in a cage. That's where I met my new family. Someday, I'll return to Oz and find my family.

Gazzy and Iggy soon came downstairs to find out what was for breakfast or to fix breakfast respectively. Neither Max nor I could cook, so Iggy took care of that department.

Fang soon joined us and I called, "Max, go get Nudge and Angel. I think Angel might be up and just needs a little help with finishing up getting dressed and Nudge needs to be dragged out of bed."

Max nodded and soon she returned, followed by a half-asleep Nudge and a ready-for-the-day-ahead Angel.