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The previous two chapters were written in the first person and in present tense, but I'm doing this one in the third person and in past tense. They are all independent chapters really, and they should stand-alone, so I'm testing the waters so to speak. Hope you like it.

Warning: Some of the themes in this one are a little bit aggressive and there is a lot of gratuitous use of the words 'whore' and 'cum'. You've been warned.

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Pushed to the Edge - Chapter 3: The Scene

A tall well-dressed man with dark hair and a killer smile walked into the bar of the high-end hotel he was staying at and searched the room for a quiet seat. It was busy for a Tuesday night. There were a few small groups of friends dressed in expensive but casual clothing, a table of work colleagues, obvious because of their tailored daytime attire and stilted conversation, and even a few couples scattered around the room.

One of the couples in particular caught his attention: an incredibly handsome man with uniquely defining hair, who reminded him of someone he knew, and his equally beautiful partner, a blond with stunning blue eyes. It was obvious they were in love. Their hands were merely touching in the middle of the table, but the light caress of the blond's fingers over the ends of his partner's was intimate in its simplicity, and the couple's accompanying enraptured gaze proved to the man beyond a doubt that these two were very special to each other.

He couldn't help but smile at the sight and wish with all he had that his own love could be here with him tonight.

Unfortunately that was not to be.

As he moved closer to the bar he realized that the only seats available were bar stools, one in the middle of the long expanse of marble and one farther down the end near the piano. He made his way to the end of the bar, deciding quickly to avoid the middle seat after the woman sitting on the stool next to it caught his eye in the bar mirror in front of her, smiling seductively at him and beckoning him over to her neighboring seat with a slight nod of her head. No thanks, he thought. He certainly did not need a flirty woman coming on to him tonight—any night for that matter—but definitely not tonight; he was too tired to deal with it. He smiled as he walked past, not wanting to seem like a total bastard, but his smile was one that said, 'Thanks, but no thanks.' Her accompanying nod let him know he had been understood, even if the look of disappointment that crossed her face was anything less than obvious.

Pulling out the stool and sitting down on its comfortable black leather seat, the man took in his appearance in that same mirror. He looked tired, which was understandable considering the two long days he'd had. He didn't mind traveling for business too much, the company certainly treated them well when they traveled—high-end hotels and lofty expenses' budgets—but it didn't disguise the fact that he was away from home; away from the man he loved. Having spent the first night in his room working through briefs for meetings today, he felt entitled to a stiff drink tonight, which was why he was here now.

Hoping to get a phone call from home, he pulled out his cell and placed it on the glossy surface of the bar just as the bartender approached him. "What can I get for you this evening, sir?"

He smiled, looking over the handsome boy in front of him as he answered, "A double Gentleman Jack, thanks." As the bartender placed a napkin on the bar's surface in front of him, the man appreciated the well-groomed elegance of the boy in his black pants and starched white shirt complete with bow tie. He had short nearly black hair, clear skin and a firm ass, hugged tight by his pants and made all the more delectably obvious as he reached for the top shelf to pull down the bottle of liquor. When the bartender turned back to the man, placing a crystal tumbler on the counter in front of the man and pouring a generous double shot into the glass, he accompanied it with a subtle wink. Hmm, the man thought, interesting. Interesting indeed. But he didn't have a lot of time to dwell on the flirtation because the boy was gone only seconds later to attend to the woman farther down and to a waitress who had returned to the counter with orders for the tables.

The man didn't resist following the bartender's movement away with his eyes. There were some things in life that just needed attention, and that boy's fine ass was one of them.

Two full mouthfuls of the warm liquid in his glass followed as he observed the boy and he was just distracted enough not to realize someone was standing behind him until he heard throaty words whispered close to his ear. "He is very handsome, isn't he?"

Without turning the man brought his eyes to the mirror so that he could look at the owner of the voice. The couple at the table and the boy behind the bar had aroused his attention, but this man almost stopped his heart with his incredible beauty and sultry tone.

Not good, not good, not good, he chanted to himself as he met the vivid gaze of the man behind him. The impact of this man's eyes in the mirror was enough to throw him off balance and he could only imagine what they would do if he were to look at them without the disconnection the mirror provided. He couldn't allow himself to feel like this—it was wrong.

Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, he again lifted his glass to his lips, throwing back the remainder of the whiskey in his glass. He looked at his cellphone lying there on the bench, warring him with what it represented, and took a deep breath as every nerve in his body warned him to be aware of the man behind him.

"Do you mind?" the sultry voice asked as it moved away, but he knew it was a vacant question; the man had already pulled out the stool next to him and was sitting on it without waiting for his reply.

"Do I have a choice?"

The voice laughed. "You always have a choice." The words filled him with unease.

"Good evening, sir. What can I get you tonight?" He'd seen the bartender approach out of the corner of his eye and heard the words, but he didn't turn and watch the interaction, he didn't even watch it in the mirror. He just kept his eyes on his phone, willing something from it, he just wasn't sure what.

"Vodka on ice, thanks."

"Certainly, sir." The movement behind the bar started again and the man allowed himself to look up and into the mirror, watching the bartender as he moved. The man felt it the much safer option at this point rather than the man beside him.

"I haven't seen you here before. Are you new to town?" It was obvious the words were directed at him, but he waited, unsure as to whether he should answer. The delay brought with it another question. "Well?"

"I'm not from around here. No."

"Hmm. No, you don't look like a west-coaster. I'm thinking east, maybe New York or . . . Boston?" He paused, possibly re-evaluating his guess. "No. Not Boston. New York."

"Why would you presume that?" The man still didn't look to his side, but he did bring his eyes up to the mirror.

"Your suit is refined . . . your look tailored. But there is something about you. An edge, if you will. This isn't how you look on the weekends." He could see the beautiful man shake his head in the reflection. "No. You like to push boundaries in everything that you do. I can just imagine that hair of yours—that slicked back, neat hair of yours that is slightly longer than your 'current' image dictates. I can imagine my hands pulling it . . . gripping it while I . . . fuck you." The last two words were whispered quietly . . . discretely, but he heard every syllable of them, and turned his head immediately to the man who'd said them.

"Who—" he started loudly, defiantly, but quickly lowered his voice. "Who the hell do you think you are to say that to me?"

"I'm your every dream and fantasy, gorgeous. I can make you soar . . . if you let me."

The man, flustered by what was happening, replied, "I don't know who you are and what you 'think' I'm looking for, but I am not that man. I am— Jesus, I'm not even single," he growled out. "I have a partner and I would never deceive him."

"Where is this 'partner' of yours?"

"Why the hell does it matter? It doesn't matter!"

"Oh, but it does." The words were like honey, oozing over him, sweetening him with every utterance. "He's not here . . . but I am. I'm here and I want you. I want to blow your world."

"No." The man was shaking his head, backward and forward, his eyes closed, trying desperately to drown out the words. "You can't say those things. I've never been unfaithful and I have no intention of starting tonight."

"But you want me." The man opened his eyes and looked down at the glossy surface of the bar and his cell phone sitting quietly on its surface, trying desperately to ignore the man beside him. "I know you do," the words continued. "It's like a fire burning in your gut, flaming brighter with every word I say. Maybe you've never been tempted before. I saw you looking at that beautiful boy behind the bar. I also saw you admiring that lovely couple sitting at the table over there. And you enjoyed looking at them, didn't you? But they didn't tempt you. Not like I do. And it's driving you crazy—this warring with yourself over what's right and wrong."

"I don't know why you're doing this. I've said I'm not interested. Please leave me alone." He took a chance and looked to his side, hoping to reinforce his words with a determined stare. What he saw almost floored him. The man was seated, turned toward him, with one arm draped casually against the bar, supporting his weight, the other was resting across his leg. This in itself wasn't unusual and apart from the man's delicious looks and allure, wasn't enough to garner much of a reaction at all, but it was what the man was doing with his hand under the darkened lip of the bar that made him swallow hard. He had his hand on his groin and was obviously rubbing at his cock through his black leather pants. A shock of disbelief burned through his body. Never had he been so overtly hit on before, and never had he been so unable to pull his eyes away from the sight in front of him.

"You like what you see, gorgeous? Can you imagine my cock in your mouth . . . in your ass?" The words were accompanied by another tighten of his hand over his groin. "Something tells me you like taking big hard cocks like mine. You like to be fucked, don't you? Hard . . . fast . . . " he paused, his whispered words hovering in the air around them. "Does he fuck you hard and fast, gorgeous?"

"Stop. No more. God, no more . . . " The man's words were a plea now, begging for lenience from the man across from him.

"He'll never know. I won't tell him if you don't." Two sets of dark eyes met, held and defied. "And you wouldn't tell him, gorgeous. You wouldn't hurt him that way." The sinful man stood and took the needed two steps toward him, bringing him close to his body. "He'll. Never. Know." The beautiful stranger was so close that the man could feel his hard erection through the leather of his pants and pushing against his upper arm. That was until he bent down, leaning close to his ear and whispering a final, "He'll never know."

The man sat up straighter and pushed his hands through the hair on his head, pushing into the strands and gripping it tightly. He then motioned for the bartender. "I'm leaving now. Put this on my room."

"Certainly, sir."

In no time at all a hotel check landed on the bar and he signed his name, then he picked up his phone and walked quickly from the room, not looking back at the beautiful man again.



Not believing what had almost happened, Jasper tried to calm his breaths as he waited for the elevator. He'd been so fucking tempted—tempted like he'd never been tempted before. He knew Edward would never have to find out. He could have a night of insane bliss with that man—and he knew it would be—and he could get away with it too, but he couldn't do that to his love. Not to Edward. Never to Edward.

All he needed now was to go up to his room and get a good night's sleep. He'd fly home tomorrow and it would be all behind him then.

The ding of the elevator signaled its arrival and he stepped inside once the older couple exiting it was safely out. He pressed the button for his floor and stepped to the rear of the car. The doors were just about to close when he heard hurried footsteps and someone pushed through the doors just before they closed.

It was the beautiful man from the bar.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he demanded.

"I could tell you that it's none of your business and that I'm going to my room . . . " the eyes that bored into his made his dick twitch, "but that would be a lie, and you know it."

"I said no."

"But did you really mean it?" The man stepped toward him.

"Yes, I meant it."

"Bullshit." The man cupped Jasper's growing erection through his slacks. "This tells me otherwise."

The feel of the man's hand on his hard cock finally did him in and Jasper took the final half step to close the distance between them and slammed his mouth into the beautiful man's. The kiss was electric, unlike any other he had ever received, and it was enough to finally shut off his mind and just allow his body to react. He had to allow his body to react. He would deal with the consequences of his actions later. There was no other alternative.

Jasper was vaguely aware of them moving from the elevator car and down the hall toward his room. Even as they walked—hurried—out in open, under the watchful eye of the security cameras, they began to pull at clothes and undo buttons.

Jasper's body needed this man like it needed air. It was necessary to his ongoing survival. If he had thought the pull to him when he was only looking at the man was strong, well now that they were kissing . . . groping . . . fucking with their clothes on . . . it was like nothing he had ever experienced.

The transition from the hall and possible exposure didn't cause them pause, they were still needy and demanding, almost violent with each other's bodies. And as they crashed against the wall Jasper suddenly realized that they were in his room, in his sanctuary, in the place he had spoken to Edward only the night before—only that morning.

He couldn't do this.

"I can't. Please leave. I just can't." He sat on the edge of the bed, placing his elbows on his knees and grabbed his hair again in his fists. His frustration glaringly obvious. "Please leave."

"Like hell I will," the man roared. "Not with this in my pants." Jasper looked up to see the man angrily cupping his groin. "You're gonna fuck me, or I'm gonna fuck you. It's gonna happen, man; I haven't been this turned on in a long fucking while." Jasper heard a devious laugh. "You're lucky I'm not making you pay."

Jasper sat up abruptly, the man's comment processing in his mind. "You're a whore?"

"And a damned good one at that." The 'whore's' smirk challenged him.

"A fucking whore! Did you expect to get money out of me for the privilege of fucking you?" Jasper was enraged.

The whore laughed. "Yes, at first, but then I decided you were worth the challenge and the free sex."

"Fuck you!"


"I have never paid for sex in my life and I never will." Jasper turned and stormed over to the room's dry bar, pulling out a small bottle of whiskey, pouring it quickly into a glass, and downing it all in one gulp. He turned back around, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Get the fuck out of my room."

The whore laughed again. "You don't really want that."

"Get the fuck out of my room," Jasper screamed, repeating his command.


Throwing the small empty bottle on the floor, Jasper hurried to the whore, intending to forcefully remove him from the room, but as soon as they touched again the intense need to claim this man rushed over him. He needed him. He had to have him. And he would.

"I knew you couldn't resist me," the whore taunted.

Jasper grabbed him and threw him onto the bed, straddling his thighs and locking him in place. Not that the whore was really struggling, in fact he seemed rather impressed with himself. All this did was spur Jasper on more. Even though he knew this was wrong, he couldn't help himself, but there was no way in hell he was going to make any of it easy.

The whore's eyes were almost feral in their intensity. Jasper could tell he was a wanton bastard, intent on destroying his life. He would show the bastard what he'd gotten himself into—fuck him.

Reaching up, Jasper pulled off his already loosened tie. "I am going to fuck you, whore, but I'm going to do it my way." He leaned forward, grasping the man's forearms in his hands and roughly pushing them above his head. "My way," he repeated as he tied the silk fabric tightly around the man's wrists. "Don't fucking move."

The whore clenched his teeth together and groaned, holding Jasper's gaze with his own. The fact that even though he was lying there now and not fighting him, he didn't seem to be submitting either, and that spurred Jasper on, causing him to reach for the man's black button down. He grasped the sides in his hands and pulled them apart, the sound of tearing fabric the only accompaniment to their heavy breathing.

"That you will pay me for."

"Like hell I will."

Jasper bent his hips and closed his lips around the whore's left nipple, eliciting a deep groan for his effort. "Fuck," the man exclaimed as he bucked his hips under Jasper. "Fuck," he cried again when he was rewarded for his outburst by a bite on his tender flesh.

"You like that whore? You like the pain?"

"Ungh..." is all he got back.

Jasper laughed and swapped sides, mirroring his action and getting a similar response again. He sat back up and shuffled forward so that he was directly over the man's cock. As he bent forward, aiming his lips for the man's throat, he rolled his hips, allowing them both to feel the intense sensation of their cocks rubbing together, but there was too much of a barrier between them; he needed to do something about that. Jasper moved his lips to the man's mouth and hungrily pushed his tongue inside. The kiss was desperate like all the rest, pushing them to a conclusion that he wasn't sure he actually wanted but was at a loss to stop.

Jasper crawled back down the man's body, pausing briefly to push the torn shirt away. He couldn't remove it now because of the restraints on the man's wrists, but he could move it aside and expose the amazing chest underneath. Firm, defined pecs and abs, clear skin, a smattering of hair shadowing his navel and disappearing under the band of his hot, leather pants. Jasper took a deep breath. The man might be a whore and a player, but he was fucking beautiful—absolutely delicious actually. Never had he felt an attraction like the one he was feeling tonight.

Oh, Edward, please forgive me.

The soft black leather under his hands was too beautiful to destroy, so Jasper slowly undid the button and eased down the zipper. As he opened the fastening he wasn't at all shocked to find nothing underneath. The soft trail of hair continued to be revealed as he finished the zip to its farthest point. Bending down he licked the soft skin of the man's pelvis, breathing deeply and learning this new scent. Leather, skin, man. Fuck.

Grasping the pants by the waist, he eased them over the man's hips and down his long legs. He had to stop and pull off the black boots he was also wearing, but he did so quickly, throwing them on the floor and gently laying the pants over the back of a chair.

"That's very considerate of you." Jasper heard the words and looked up at the whore's face. As he stood there and started to remove his clothes, he didn't answer the question, and the two men just stared at each other. Jasper couldn't help but notice the man's Adam's apple bob in his throat as he swallowed; it was nice to know he was making such an impact on him as well.

"Fucking gorgeous," his captive said, and Jasper pulled his eyes, which had been locked on the man's hard cock, back to his face. The man's eyes were roaming seductively over his torso, lingering on his ink and his pierced nipples. Jasper could actually see his chest move with each shuddered breath and he couldn't help but be affected by it.

As he threw his own slacks over the same chair and began to move back to the bed he demanded, "You'd better be worth it."

"Oh, I am. I will blow your mind," the man drawled and then pulled his lower lip into his mouth.

Jesus, Jasper thought as he began tonguing and nipping up the man's leg, using his teeth more than he ever would normally. It wasn't hard and he wasn't being cruel, but he was definitely leaving little red marks in his wake—they seemed to be appreciated. When he reached the whore's cock he breathed deeply for the second time tonight, committing this new smell to memory. It was the leather that really made the difference; maybe he'd keep those pants for himself.

He was anxious to get his cock inside the beautiful whore, so he had no intention of long sweet foreplay, but he needed to taste the guy's dick. He ran his nose up and down the length a few times. This truly was a perfect penis. Never had he seen better. He briefly wondered what a cock like this could command on the open market. It would be almost enough to sell your soul for, but then that was what he was doing anyway. He may as well enjoy the experience.

Swiping his tongue firmly along the jutting length in front of him, Jasper moaned along with the man lying on his bed. "So good . . . Jesus!" Jasper just smiled, happy to be causing such a reaction. He continued to lave the man's dick; lick it, and suck it until the guy was nearly delirious on the bed.

"Wha— What's your name?"

Jasper pulled off the guy after edging his teeth along the length of his cock, the light nip of his teeth on the sensitive flesh of the guy's head totally intentional.


"Nope, not that. You can call me, Jay."

"You have a wicked mouth, Jay." The guy panted out between breaths.

"So I've been told." Considering the fellatio enough for now he moved back again and stood at the foot of the bed.


Jasper stopped him before he could say another word. "I don't care and I don't want to know. To me 'whore' will be sufficient."

"Fuck you!"

"No, no. You made your bed whore, and now you're gonna lie in it." The man on the bed narrowed his eyes and glared. Jasper couldn't help but note that his dick stood a little higher with the action. "Get on your knees now. I'll treat you just like the good whore that you are and fuck you hard from behind. What comes out of your mouth between now and then will determine how much lube I use."

"What about what goes into my mouth?" The man looked longingly at Jasper's long uncut cock, jutting from his body and weeping profusely. Jasper knew what he wanted but shook his head.

"Never," the whore said, incensed. Jasper snorted at the man's admission. "I mean it. I would never bite you—not that cock—it's far too perfect."

"No thanks. The only place this cock is going is into your ass, and I'm gonna watch that ass leak me from it when I'm done. Now get on your knees."

"You want to fuck me bare?" The whore laughed loudly. "That I would never have believed."

"I'm already going to hell, I may as well make the most of it, and if you don't shut up it will be bare and dry—your choice."

Jasper would never intentionally fuck someone dry, but he was sure going to make the guy think he would, and as the whore struggled to turn over with his arms restrained, Jasper quickly moved and got his travel tube of lube.

"Fucking perfect." And it was. This ass was one fantasies were made of: tight, round, pale—perfect.

"I'm glad you think so." The ass swayed temptingly in front of him.

"I'd shut your smart mouth if I were you. I still haven't decided how I'm going to fuck you. How do you like it, whore? Do you like a bit of pain? Does that turn you on?"

"Anything," the man moaned out. "Just do it."

Jasper could see a thread of pre-cum dripping onto the sheets between the guy's legs. Yes. He moved closer and rubbed his palm over the hot flesh of the guy's ass, feeling his cock throb along with the sensation. Taking his free hand he grasped himself and stroked long deliberate rubs along his prick. He needed the friction. He needed to fuck this guy.

Jasper made a show of leaning forward and spitting saliva onto the whore's tight hole. He then used this thumb to massage the spit around and around. "Jesus," came the cry from below. "Fuck!"

"You like that, whore. You like strangers fucking your ass?" With that he pushed his thumb into the tight ring, right up to the second knuckle. "For a whore you're still pretty tight. How do you manage that?" He continued to pull his thumb out and then push it back in until the man in front of him was moaning and rutting backward.

"More, please, more," he cried out. Jasper acknowledged his request, removing his thumb but pushing two fingers back in its place. "Yes! Fuck, yes." He continued to fuck the guy's hole, deliberately searching for his prostate as he did. If he was going to fuck a whore, he was going to make it memorable over any of the other John's the guy had been with.

"You are a slut, aren't you, beautiful. Pushing back on my fingers like you can't get enough of them. You may be a whore but you love sex, you're a slut for it. A slut for my cock." As he pushed a third finger in and continued to fuck the guy, he leaned forward and got close to his ear. "But finger's aren't enough for whores, are they? Are you ready for my cock yet, slut?"

"Yes. Fuck, yes. Fuck me bare—dry—I don't care. Please fuck me. Come in me. I want to feel you in me; I want to feel you run out of me." The man was almost delirious with his need.

"My pleasure." Jasper's own cock was so hard that he was having trouble concentrating on what he was doing. The need to push into the guy below him was almost primal. He pulled his fingers from the whore's ass, earning a disapproving moan in response, then he made a show of spitting into his hand again, but quietly squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his palm, slathering it all over his cock and then pushing those same slicked fingers back into the quivering hole in front of him.

"So . . . so good," the man groaned, "but please I need your dick. Fuck me, please."

Jasper pulled out his fingers for the last time and taking his cock in hand lined it up at the guy's entrance. He paused . . . the anticipation of what this was going to be like almost too much, but after a moment he nudged his head into the tight muscle.

"God, yes!" the man cried and tried to push back onto the cock that was just inside him. Jasper quickly grabbed his hips, holding him still.

"No. I do this. This is mine. Stay still." And with that he pushed forward until he could feel his balls touching the whore's below him. He clenched his teeth to stop himself from coming straight away and held still again.

"Fuck me." He heard from below him. "Jesus Christ, hurry up and fuck me."

Jasper took just enough time to settle his heartbeat a fraction. "My pleasure." He pulled back until just the very tip of his cock was inside the tight ass and slammed back in again. This elicited a deep throaty moan from the man below him. "You like that, whore?" he asked again.

"Yes. God, yes," came the reply.

"So tight, so perfect . . . Would never have though a whore could feel so damned good." He pulled out again to just the tip and ploughed back in . . . over and over, punishing the guy's prostate with every inward push.

"Gonna come," he heard. "Can't wait."

Jasper pulled all the way out. The move was almost torture for him because he was so close himself, but he did.

"Fuck, fuck. What are you doing?"

Jasper leaned forward, sliding his slick cock along the guy's crease, and spoke softly but with determination once he was close enough to the man's ear. "You don't get to come until I say."

"Fuck you. I'm not your fucking submissive; I'll come when I fucking want to. Stick that cock back in me now or you won't be doing it again after I use my hand."

Jasper laughed at that. This was one sexy guy, even more so when he was demanding. He had wondered how far he could push him—this was obviously his limit.

He stood back up, the short break giving him time to calm down and he was happy that the time would give him a dozen or more extra strokes before he'd come himself. "Are you ready whore? Are you ready to get well and truly fucked?"

"Just do it, before I get myself off."

"My pleasure."

Jasper held his hips, lined up again, and brought it home. Pound after powerful pound spiraling them both to mind-blowing releases.

When Jasper felt the first signs of the man's ass contracting around his cock it took everything in him to hold back enough to allow himself to appreciate both of their releases. He watched the man's fists clench tight through his orgasm and reveled in every moment of seeing the whore lose himself to the pleasure.

When it was Jasper's turn to fly, he pumped three more times, spilling his load deep inside the warm cavity he had made his tonight.

"Gah," he bellowed, the sound a direct agreement with all of the feelings that poured through his body and out of his cock. With no strength left in his limbs he collapsed onto the body below him.

"That was fucking incredible," was all he could get out, but he was able to push his fingers into the soft hair in front of him and turn the man's head. He was also able to crash his lips to the man's mouth and revel in his delicious flavor as well as the euphoria that was part of what had happened there tonight.

Jasper felt himself soften and slip from the man's ass. As he moved back and off the warm body below him, he couldn't resist looking to see where he had been.

"Fucking hell. That is the hottest thing I have ever seen," he said as he watched a trickle of his cum dribble from the man's hole. "Seriously, the hottest thing ever."

"Glad you approve." Was all he heard as he climbed back up the bed and settled, draping himself comfortably around the man beside him.



Jasper woke, the muted glow from the bathroom the only light in the room. It was still early; there was just a hint of light shinning in around the heavy drapes on the windows.

"Ed," he whispered close to his partner's ear. "Sweetheart. It's time to get up if we're going to make the plane on time."

Jasper moved so that his front was touching Edward's back and began nuzzling on his ear, knowing that would wake him up quickly.

"Donwanna," was the mumbled reply. "So sleepy."

"I know, baby, but we need to go. Come on, wake up."

Edward rolled over in Jasper's arms, snuggling into his body. After a few minutes of gentle coaxing, involving kisses and caresses and even a few gropes, Edward finally began to realize where he was, and as soon as he did he pulled back looking Jasper defiantly in the eyes.

"We're actually in L.A., aren't we?"




"And that all really happened?"

"Yep," Jasper replied and leaned forward capturing Edward's lips in a confirming kiss.

"Holy shit," Edward said once they had moved apart. "That was totally fucking sensational."

"I know," Jasper agreed. "You were totally fucking sensational." He nuzzled into Edward's neck again. "And totally fucking hot."

"Would you believe I really felt like a whore? You had me totally feeling like a whore . . . and I loved it."

"I loved it too, whore," Jasper teased, then pulled back and smiled, showing Edward his dimples and proving his words to be in jest. "And I totally get what you mean. I was utterly in the zone too. When you walked into that bar, I didn't once allow myself to believe it was you—mind you those pants helped, but that is another story. You know, I was even talking to myself like you were back home, convincing myself I was betraying you. I think it actually just made it all even hotter—helped set the scene. If I hadn't done that it wouldn't have been illicit and definitely not as much fun."

"Oh, it was fun—amazing fun. When can we do it again?"

Jasper chuckled. "Definitely one day, but maybe next time we'll need to come up with something different. I'd hate for us to become 'predictable'."

"I don't think we'll ever become predictable, Jas."

"No, nor do I." Jasper kissed Edward again. "We don't always have to teeter on the edge, baby, actually, I think we have time now to be utterly sappy and in love. Show me how much you love me, Ed."

"My pleasure," Edward smirked as he shuffled under the covers, ready to show Jasper just how much he did indeed love him.


Jasper's aroused exclamation was all that was needed to pull them back into their reality. There'd be plenty of days for leather pants, illicit encounters, restraints, and his own personal fuckhot 'whore'.



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