Author's Note: Hello everyone! This originally appeared on the kink meme but don't worry or be disappointed depending on your taste because it is not at all porny. The requester asked for

The story of Shepard's life, turned into nighttime story many parents across different species tell their children. Points if its really inaccurate, and the story changes depending on which culture is telling it. (Asari: Shepard is a diplomat, Turian: Shepard is an amazing general, uh. Salarians play up her intellect? Also, your choice to if Shep is long dead or not.)


Shep and Garrus hanging out watching TV. When a children's show comes on that has a strangely familiar story line.

And once I've finish up the last three four chapters that I'm working we should have all of that. So- enjoy!


"What do you want to hear tonight?" He asked, touching their heads affectionately.

"We want to hear about Shepard!" Chimed the first.

"Yes, Shepard and the monsters!" Added the second.

"Again? But I just told you that one last night. There are other stories you know."

"But it's the best one, Papa."

"So it is. You've heard it so many times though, I bet you can tell it to me how it starts."

"Once upon a time!" The girls chorused.

"Yes that's right, once upon a time the goddess Arashu looked down from her heavens and saw that the world was unjust and that many beings were suffering. This troubled her so deeply that she decided to come down and right all the wrongs of the galaxy herself. She came down as a human baby and the night she was born the ground of the planet trembled and the sky was filled with strange lights. When her parents took her to be blessed by the elders of the village they could sense that she was no normal child and so they declared that she should be named Shepard because it was her destiny to shepherd all beings to truth and peace."

"And she was beautiful?"

"Yes, yes she grew to be beautiful with large black eyes just like you," He said, tapping his daughter on the nose, "And when she sang anyone who heard her song would stop whatever they were doing because the sound had the unearthly loveliness of the heavens from which Arashu had come. However, it was not Shepard's destiny to remain on such a small planet singing songs of peace."

"Because then the monsters came!" Interjected the younger daughter excitedly.

"Yes, yes," He laughed, "The monsters. I was just getting to that."