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This is a one-shot.
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First Time

Harry gasped, eyes closed.

...Soft kisses were placed across his face, down along his jaw...

He tightened his arms around the warm waist, not pushing nor pulling closer.

...Fingers scraped across his scalp, rough kisses being placed on his shoulders and chest...

He felt nails digging into his skin, clawing at his back.

...Hands smoothed across his stomach, lower and lower until they hovered just over his denim-clad groin...

He felt the palm tantalisingly close, yet seemingly far way.

Harry gasped, eyes closed.

He felt the the thin body lower over his lap.

...Legs wrapped around his waist, holding on tight...

He felt the warm body firmly crushed against his chest.

...Small gasps fluttered against his lips...

His hands reached higher and higher under the loose robes, meeting soft and supple curves.

He abruptly opened his eyes.

Green met brown.

Harry felt a fist slowly clenching around his heart; he remembered.

Ginny wasn't Ron.

Ron was with Hermione.

And the heart of one Harry James Potter finally shattered.

Italics - Ron; non-italics - Ginny.