Quinn and Rachel were inseparable. That is, until the day they started high school. Through everyone else's eyes, Quinn sees Rachel as nothing more than the annoying dirt on her ballet pumps. But behind the slushies and snarky comments, is there a history that no-one else knows about?

Flashbacks showing Faberry history - at least the way I imagine it.

Hi guys. This is like my first fanfic so I would love any prompts/constructive criticism you would have for me. I love Faberry and Brittana so if you can suggest any good fanfics, I'd be really grateful. So, enjoy!

Can I still remember the first day we met? It was so long ago…

Age 5

"Rachel! We need to go now or we're going to be late!" called a deep voice. I leapt off my bed, grabbed my big pink rucksack covered in gold stars and raced downstairs. Daddy was waiting for me by the door. He took my hand and together we walked through the front door and towards the car. "Goodbye honey, I love you!" Dad called from somewhere inside the house. "Goodbye dad, love you too!" I shouted back.

We got into the car and drove off. As we turned the corner of our street, Daddy looked over at me and smiled. "You nervous, sweetie?" he asked. "No," I lied confidently. "I'm sure that my first day of school will go just fine, thankyou." Daddy smiled fondly at me and drove on.

10 minutes later we were at school. I leapt out of the car and grabbed Daddy's hand. Together we walked through the gate which had a rainbow stretched over it. That's pretty, I thought. Daddy walked me to the sandpit. "I'm just gonna go sign in, honey. You stay here, ok?" I nodded and he hurried off.

There were a couple of kids around. Most of them were building sandcastles or on the swing set. I reached into the sandpit and grabbed a plastic spade. I had just started scooping a spadeful of sand into a pink bucket when it was roughly snatched out of my hand. I turned around shocked, to see a short stout girl with a crop of blonde hair and almond-shaped hazel eyes. She looks mad, I thought. Why?

"That's mine!"she yelled, looking down on me. I was even shorter than she was. "No-one else is allowed to use MY spade! Give it to me!"

"No," I said quietly, but confidently. "I'm sorry, but how was I supposed to know it was yours?" She looked shocked. Evidently no-one had ever stood up to her before. She looked about ready to explode, but before she could, I said quickly, "Let's take it in turns. We don't want to get in trouble with our dads. Do you want to go first?" I asked politely. "It is your spade, after all." She looked confused for a minute, but then nodded and took the spade from my outstretched hand and began digging furiously, piling the sand into mounds. "I'm Quinn Fabray. Who are you?" she asked brusquely. "I'm Rachel," I smiled. "Rachel Berry." We shook hands. I started helping her to pile all of the sand into one corner, grinning quietly. I had just made a new friend.

We were inseparable after that. At first Quinn had been domineering and bossy, but I soon learnt that flattery often helped to calm her nerves. Soon though, we saw each other every day and told each other everything. We got along so well. Whenever she was angry or upset I just ran over and hugged her and everything was OK. I was her Rachie and she was my Quinnie…

Age 8

It was nearly home time, and the sunlight was streaming in through the classroom windows. I was propping my head up on the desk, barely listening to whatever my math teacher was saying when I felt something hit my back gently and fall onto the ground under my chair. I leant over and picked it up – it was a ball of paper. I unrolled it and read it. This is so boring! It read in a curly script. Wanna come to my house after school? I turned around in my seat. Sure enough, Quinn was grinning at me from the back row. Smiling, I turned back and replied. I'd love to, just gotta check with my dads first. I passed it back along the row and tried to pay attention again. Thankfully, the bell rang and we all rushed outside. I grabbed the quarter that I always kept in my sock and ran to the payphone. "Daddy, I'm going to Quinnie's house after school, is that OK?" "OK sweetie, be back by 4:30." I hung up and turned around to see Quinn standing there smiling at me. She grabbed my hand and our fingers interlaced. Neither of us thought about it for one second, it just felt so natural. We crossed the playground. Quinn's mom was waiting in her car outside the gates in a black SUV. I saw her eyebrows raise at our tightly held hands. I brushed it off. We got into the car and drove to Quinn's house. Why isn't Quinn's mom talking? I wondered, seeing Judy's face in the driver's mirror. It was tainted with distaste as her sharp brown eyes noticed Quinn and I sat so close in the back. Doesn't she ever smile?

When we got to Quinn's house, the blonde grabbed my hand and together we rushed into her palatial house and up to her room. It was same as always, pink from top to bottom. "Wanna watch a movie?" Quinn asked, switching on her TV. "Sure!" I said. "What are we watching? Hopefully it's a Broadway classic, with influences from early 20th century theatre and at least 2 ballads included."Quinn grinned. "Typical you, Rach," she teased, opening her DVD cabinet and pulling one out. "It's just Beauty and the Beast, idiot!" I shook my head jokingly at her choice and leapt onto the bed. She sat on it next to me and the movie started. We interlaced our hands again, and Quinn leant her head on my shoulder.

A while later, we were still watching the movie and the candle had just finished singing 'Be Our Guest' when Quinn turned to me and said, "Rach, you know your dads? They're married and in love and everything?" I thought about this. The way they cuddled on the sofa with their arms around each other. The way they always left each other little notes with love hearts on. The way they looked at each other. "Yes," I said thoughtfully. "Yes, they are." I looked back at the TV screen. In the corner of my eye I could see Quinn digesting my statement. "Then, d'you think two girls could be together like that? Married and in love?" she asked. She sounded casual, but the look in those eyes I knew so well told me she was apprehensively awaiting my answer, although I had no idea why. "Well yeah, I guess so. Why?" "Oh, no reason. Let's watch the movie." She said breezily, brushing my question aside. As we turned our attention back to the movie, I felt the blonde's hand snake around my waist and her other hand took my left hand in hers. I was utterly content.

We were so young back then. So innocent. I never could have imagined the events that would unfold in the years ahead.

Age 11

It was autumn. Together we raced along the path through the damp and misty air. Dew dripped from the branches of the trees as Quinn and I rushed around the park. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were sparkling. "Let's sit down, I'm exhausted!" she puffed. So we sat down on the nearest bench. It was wet, and because Quinn was wearing a thick woolly coat and I wasn't, I sat on her lap and she held me tightly to keep us warm. "Quinnie," I said after a bit. "You know I love you, right?" I felt her stiffen slightly. "Not in an inappropriate way. I just need you to know how much you mean to me."She relaxed and held me close to her. "I love you too, Rach," I heard her whisper. Without thinking about it, I turned around on her lap and pecked her softly on the lips. It was just 2 seconds, totally innocent, but her breath quickened. I pulled away and grinned. "Race you to the swings!" I ran off, laughing at the sound of her pounding after me.

That was the first time I had ever kissed anyone. I'll never forget it. And it was true, what I had said. I did love her so much. Of course it was all totally innocent at the time, but it was the first intimate experience in my whole life. Did it mean anything though? I'd say it did.