plot bunny: "Hey guess what you're gonna write a TFA Optimus/Megatron slashfic!"

me: "Oh. My. God."

plot bunny: "What are you waiting for? Go for it already!"

me: "Yes, master."

WARNING: Contains explicit smut, mech on mech action in all its sticky and graphic glory!

Transformers belongs to Hasbro.

Tell Me It's Not True

Optimus Prime felt his energon running cold as he watched the communications screen of their small base in Detroit. He was keeping well out of sight himself, standing halfway behind the corner of the corridor which lead to their respective personal quarters... Bumblebee was just taking Sari back home, it was late at night- thank Primus, the last thing he needed right now was their youngest member seeing this feed. As if Ratchet, Prowl and Bulkhead weren't bad enough already. Said bots were standing with their back turned to him, optics fixed on the screen... Optimus could practically feel the expressions of pure horror on their faceplates. This was a nightmare coming true. The young Prime thought about just running off or throwing his axe at the screen to make the transmission stop but he didn't find the strength in himself to just fragging move.

On the screen, a video feed of him was being played, kneeling on the bare earth outside in the nightly forest. The only sources of light were his optics and the full moon, illuminating the place with its pale light. He saw himself glancing at the camera insecurely while rubbing his hands up and down a pair of large gray thighs hesitatingly.

'I still think this is a terrible idea', his depicted self said before a big black hand descended to his face to tilt his chin upwards and trace his pale blue bottom lip with its strong thumb.

'Quit whining and put those pretty lips of yours to a better use.' Everyone tensed even further at the sound of that gruff voice- they all knew exactly who it belonged to. Slowly, the mech in the video started caressing the thighs and hips in front of his face with his mouth, kissing up a trail from one knee up to the junction of upper thigh and hip, across a taut abdomen and down to the other knee, then back up again, grabbing his larger partner's thighs for support. One blue hand wandered up to trace the seams of the other's hips and the junction of his legs, drawing a deep moan from him. A long and erotic lick over the black interface panel, a small click... the long, thick and very much erect interface rod slid directly into the red and blue Autobot's mouth.

By the way he was working it, anyone could tell this wasn't the first time Optimus was doing this. Bobbing his head easily on the large spike, withdrawing and dragging his glossa along its underside before suckling on the sensitive head gently while massaging the base with expert hands. After a while, the bigger mech pulled him from himself with a grunt and scooped him up bridal style. Weak protests were muffled by a rough kiss being pressed to the younger one's lips, and for the first time in the video, the second mech's face could be seen, confirming what everyone had known already but hadn't wanted to believe: Megatron, their mortal enemy, the Decepticon leader by whose hands thousands of Autobots had met their ends, this monster was fooling around with their trusted friend and leader, Optimus Prime. It couldn't be and yet the evidence was right in front of their noseplates.

The camera followed as the Decepticon carried his prey over to a blanket spread out on a huge, flat boulder below a massive overhang- a nice, secluded place, protected from rain and the cold wind in the hills- this was nothing coincidental or spontaneous, it had been prepared. Megatron put Optimus down on the makeshift berth with surprising gentleness, not wasting any time before kissing and touching the Prime all over. Optimus himself was writhing in pleasure by now and it didn't take more than a few knowledgeable touches to make him open his own interface panel, revealing his already dripping port. Megatron chuckled deeply and delivered a little bite to the Autobot's white neck, making him gasp in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

'Needy tonight, aren't we?' Optimus squirmed impatiently and growled.

'Just slaggin' do something!'

'As you wish, my dear...' The younger mech squeaked as Megatron plunged two large fingers deep into his quivering port and started pumping immediately, soon they were joined by a third, then a fourth digit. Optimus Prime was panting in time with the sharp thrusts, holding on to his dangerous lover's shoulders as if his life depended on it.

Still watching the video and not daring to utter even the smallest sound, the young Prime clenched his fists at his side- he should have never allowed Megatron to bring that camera drone with him. For personal enjoyment only! Sure, that was what he got from trusting a Decepticon to keep his promise!

On screen, Megatron now pulled his fingers from the smaller mech's port and licked the fluids off in a sensual display of pure lust; Optimus, watching his glossa dancing over his hand, mewled at the lack of attention he was getting. Gray lips went down to massage his own once again and the couple lost themselves in a wild battle for dominance, which Optimus knew he was bound to lose. He didn't object when Megatron flipped him over and pulled his aft up so his port was directly presented to the camera. The warlord pushed his index finger into the wet port, taking care not to block the view with his hand. After a few slow thrusts the finger left the port again and the gray mech placed both of his hands on the Prime's aft to carefully pull the port's soft edges apart. He then slapped the blue aftplates several times, making the Autobot yelp at the hearty hits. As if to soothe the now aching metal, he planted gentle kisses on the plates while playing with his port again.

'Megatron, please!' Optimus whined, his face pressed against the blanket below him, thighs shivering with arousal. The camera changed its angle when Megatron knelt behind him and lined his spike up with the young mech's entrance, rubbing its tip against its outside to coat it with lubricant first before pushing in slowly. The Prime hissed and cried out as he was being stretched so completely, the size difference making it almost painful to take in his partner's rod... the Decepticon growled with lust, red optics aflame as he penetrated the mech in front of him, holding on to the small waist and pulling him back onto his spike.

'Mmmmh... yeeessssss...' Megatron rumbled blissfully when their hips finally met, now fully seated within his little Prime. He waited a little to let him adjust to his considerable size before setting a slow but firm pace. A bemused expression overtook his face at the moans and shrieks he drew from his Autobot lover who arched his back as the massive spike was thrust into his port deep enough to hit its back wall. The dominant mech grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled his upper body back so he was resting flush against his chest, held up by Megatron's hands on his silvery white thighs. Optimus had to brace his hands on the gray, black and red mech's forearms so he wouldn't fall over; the camera repositioned itself yet again, this time showing a front view of Optimus Prime bouncing up and down on Megatron's rod, thighs spread wide and head tilted back to kiss his lover sultrily.

'So good... Megatron...' he said in between the kisses and it earned him a few hard thrusts that had him shrieking before the Decepticon decided to change their position again and pushed Optimus to lay down on his back with his legs spread for him, port waiting to be filled again with his pulsating spike. Megatron didn't keep his companion waiting: he penetrated him swiftly and lifted Prime's slender thighs to press them up against a shivering red chassis. The camera zoomed in on where the massive interface rod was disappearing between the young Autobot's legs time and time again, gaining force and pace with every thrust. Optimus himself seemed to be reduced to a mindless animal by now, writhing and moaning helplessly as his supposed enemy pounded him like there was no tomorrow, filling him with his delicious girth, his hands all over him, furious glossa intertwined with his own... he overloaded with an audio shattering scream.

Megatron was far from finished, though. He shifted a little so more of his weight was pressed onto the smaller mech's thighs, enhancing the tightness of the vellicating port around his spike even more and resuming his hard thrusting. The camera's position changed for a last time as Optimus was sobbing and screaming in pleasure induced abandon, showing them from the side, showing how Megatron's powerful frame was tensing until it was no longer bearable to the warlord and he released his load into the Autobot's gestation chamber with a mighty roar. He let Optimus put his legs down into a more comfortable position, the younger mech used this opportunity to wrap them around the Decepticon's waist to keep him inside of himself as their mixed fluids made their way past the spike in his port, down his aft and onto the blanket.

'Look into the camera, sweetspark. Let it see your beautiful face.' Optimus Prime obeyed and turned his head; his optics clouded and barely onlined, his mouth opened to allow more cooling air to get into his intakes. Megatron placed tender kisses on his blue finial and murmured some sweet nothings before the video stopped. The face of a triumphant Sentinel Prime showed on the screen now, trying not to outright grin. He must have been overjoyed to finally possess the means to get rid of his former academy friend for good. What Optimus would have given to punch his stupid face right now!

"We received this file from an anonymous source 1.5 megacycles ago." He almost shouted down the line with his usual bellowing tone that just made you want to kick him where it really hurt. "The council decided Optimus Prime has to be arrested immediately, by any means necessary. This is a direct order. An Elite Guard ship is already on its way to earth; it will take this traitor back to Cybertron so he can be court martialed. Sentinel Prime out." Silence reigned for endlessly long seconds. Optimus, who had still not moved from his spot behind the corner was shivering by now. He had known, Primus, he had known all along that this would turn out real bad.

He should have never gotten involved with Megatron at all, but after the first incident when Optimus had been in heat... he had tried to fight him off at first, but it had felt so sinfully good. From that night, their affair had been going on for several months, they were both leaders, both needed some relief. They'd come to an agreement: whenever they met at night they wouldn't be Autobot and Decepticon, not enemies, just two mechs exchanging physical pleasure and no one would ever know anything. Megatron had given him what he needed and vice versa and that had been it. Yes, he'd felt guilty every time he sneaked out of base at night to meet him in the forest, he'd always told himself this would be the last time but... he'd always come back. And every time Megatron had been there waiting for him.

"Optimus...?" Ratchet asked wearily. Oh slag. He had been too lost in thought to notice them turning around to him. Very slowly, he stepped out of his hiding place, his optics glued to the floor- he couldn't bear looking at their faces. They must have been absolutely devastated. "Please tell me this is not true. Tell me you didn't do this, not out of your own free will."

"I... wish I had an explanation for this but... but I don't. I'm sorry."

"Why, Optimus?" Bulkhead said, and the sound of his voice, so disturbed, so disappointed, hurt Optimus. He didn't answer, though. There was no answer.

"You heard what Sentinel said." He mumbled, putting out his arms in front of him so his team could put him in stasis cuffs. "Go ahead, I guess I deserve it."

"No." He looked up to see Ratchet walking towards him slowly. "I say you disappeared yesterday, we haven't seen you ever since." The Prime lowered his arms slowly, not quite understanding what the elder bot was getting at.


"If you go back to Cybertron, there will be nothing but a swift execution waiting for you. Trust me, I know how those things are handled back home. And even if I don't understand it, I'm sure you had your reasons for doing what you did... somehow." Optimus looked at Ratchet for a long time, then at Bulkhead, then at Prowl. What had he done?

"Forgive me... I've failed you."

"Please leave now, Optimus." He nodded, tears welling up in his optics. He wasn't an Autobot anymore, from now on he would be a fugitive, hunted by those who were once his friends. He might as well offline himself. That was, after he got one little thing done. Without saying another word he turned around and walked out, transformed and was gone.


Megatron reclined in his throne; he was extremely pleased with himself at the moment. Oh, how delicious this situation was! Shockwave had just reported in, telling him about how much of an uproar he had caused by just broadcasting one little video of a Prime 'fraternizing' with the most wanted Decepticon in the universe on Cybertron. And, as he knew, the order to catch the Prime in question dead or alive had been given. Not that he wanted his favorite Prime to be put in the stockades to wait for his death sentence, no, but he knew him better than that anyways. He was a fighter. He would come for him and when he did, his intent would be very much deadly. Everything was working out just like Megatron had planned it.

Smirking devilishly he carefully swayed his can of high grade. Oh yes, he had wanted to free his little plaything of the burden of being an Autobot for as long as he had known him; finally he had met someone who did not fear him, who could even stand his ground against him in a fight and he was beautiful, too... but of course, he had to be an Autobot, a Prime no less. But, Megatron thought, he would change that. That lovely little Prime would be his. His soldier, his second in command... his mate. Certainly, with this very promising young warrior by his side, there would be nothing that could stand in his way, the whole universe would be theirs. The noise of metal clashing, Lugnut's missiles being fired along with the following explosions and the behemoth's pained scream echoed into the throne room from the direction of the entrance.

The Decepticon warlord grinned widely, sharp fangs glistening in the dim light of their hidden base. Oh, his dear Optimus was fast. He watched the high tunnel from which he knew Optimus Prime would step out any second now. And then, there he was. Megatron gasped at how beautiful he looked. His azure optics were so bright with pure rage they looked almost white, his mouth was drawn into a feral snarl. His fist was gripping the handle of his axe firmly, the weapon and parts of his chassis were covered in pink glowing energon... had he actually killed Lugnut? Well, the mech had been annoying as pit anyways. Oh, he looked so very deadly, so sexy...

"Welcome, Optimus." He said cooly, standing up from his throne casually and drawing one of his double- bladed swords. He wouldn't kill Optimus, that would be a terrible waste. He would defeat him, twist his little mind, make him one of them...

"Tonight you are going to die, Megatron." Optimus snarled- how Megatron loved this display of aggression! The pure hate in his young lover's voice warmed his spark- he would definitely make a fine Decepticon.

"We'll see, my love."

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