Hiya, folks!

No, I haven't started "Eternity's Wish" yet, but I do have happy news.

My essay "Diary of a Naïve Mom" was published in "The Motherhood Diaries 2," and the book is now available online! With hilarious, heartwarming tales from our diverse experiences, MD2 captures the good, the bad, and the OMG of motherhood.

Here's an excerpt of my entry (which appears second in the book):

".…So armed with this foolproof prototype, I entered the maternity ward, ready for a storybook life complete with birds singing me awake and lifting the corners of my bedspread as I busied myself with morning chores. My children would be attentive and obedient—never cranky—and would love clean and crumb-free living as much as I.

(Hey, like you didn't envision the same thing!)

To be clear, my official entrance to motherhood was unplanned. My husband, Horace, did have five children ages six to twelve when we met — let's pause a moment to digest that — and we planned to live as a family. So I fully expected and was crazy-excited to embrace the stepmother role right away, Disney depictions be darned.

But with a new baby on the way to boot?

Not so much.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my first-born son's conception was more inevitable than immaculate. I won't get into specifics about our birth control method except to say it was a six-letter word which rhymed with "cupid." We had been engaged five months by then and were crunching numbers to afford a wedding and a home large enough for our big brood when Charlie (a euphemism for one's menstrual cycle invented by my late best friend for reasons I no longer remember) didn't show up for the first time ever. And though movies and sitcoms can poorly reflect reality, this time they got it right: the fear, disbelief, and outright mania gripping a female lead who gets pregnant at the worst possible time?

All too real…."

To check out the rest of my story and the others featured, visit www dot browngirlspublishing dot com slash order to obtain your e-copy. If you'd like an autographed hard copy—and you live in the continental US—PM me with your email and mailing address to get the ball rolling.

Either way, thank you all for the support! This fandom truly is the wind beneath my wings. MUAH!

Updated: May 13, 2014