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I Open at the Close

Harry stood in the now destroyed entrance hall of Hogwarts, looking at Ron and Hermione, trying not to break down and cry. "I have to go," he muttered.

"We'll go with you," Hermione sobbed, Ron stood behind her with a blank look on his face.

"I know, but I don't want you to. This is between me and Voldemort," Hermione suddenly flew at him, hugging him; it reminded Harry of all her sisterly hugs. Again Harry looked at Ron, both now staring intensely at each other. Hermione stood back, still crying. She spotted a despondent looking Ginny in the Great Hall and nodding her head once at Harry and with a glance back at Ron, she walked through the oak doors, wiping the tears away as she went.

"You should go with her," Harry's voice cracked, still trying not to break down in front of Ron. Not wanting to show his emotions. Not wanting to tell his best friend how much he would miss him. Not wanting to tell him how much he cared for him... For being there for him when he needed Ron the most, from the first day they met, even despite their fall-outs.

But most of all, he didn't want Ron to find out how much he, Harry Potter, loved Ron as more than a friend and didn't want him to get hurt.

As he felt his thinly veiled emotions reach the surface, ready to spew forth, Harry took a step forward. And suddenly he felt long arms reaching around him, embracing him in a warm hug. Soothing and comforting him. Harry hugged back, clinging onto Ron, never wanting to let go.

"If you don't want us with you then please Harry, promise me you'll come back to us alive. Come back to me alive," Harry felt Ron's resigned voice rumble against his chest, warm breath ghosting over his ears. Harry didn't trust his voice to work so he just nodded, head buried in the crook of Ron's neck. The long arms tightened around him briefly and then let go. And Harry felt the warmth, safety and comfort disappear as Ron went to Hermione, who had just come back, and put his arm around her shoulders.

With a sad smile, Harry turned and walked out into the cool night air, across the Hogwarts grounds littered with the dead and into the Forbidden Forest, ready to face his death.

Back in the entrance hall, Ron tightened his hold on Hermione sobbing against his chest, tears tracking their way silently down his pale face. He blinked.

Ron realised Harry had not promised to come back alive.

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