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Chapter 1: Next Stop; Megakat City

'I knew this was a bad idea.' The blonde tabby with a small shade of brown fur thought to himself. He was listening to his iPod in full blast and it still wasn't enough to drown all sense of doubt. 'I can't turn back. The city will be my new home. I just hope Uncle Furlong accepts my sudden stay.'

"Excuse me," The tabby removes his ear buds. "Are you on this train on your own young kit?" A formally dressed kat asked him. The tabby moved his gaze to see that there were others with him.

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"It's not safe for a teenage kat to roam Megakat City on one's own. Haven't you heard of the horrible news these days?" The Siamese kat informed.

What the kat said was true. Megakat City has a problem that risks the city itself. There are forces that threatens to control or even destroy Megakat City. None the less, the tabby wanted to go there.

"I'm not that worried; I heard the SWAT Kats can deal with the Omegas." A smile grows on his face. "It would be cool to meet one in person." The tabby looks out the window and sees the approaching city.

'Attention passengers: we will be arriving at Megakat City shortly. Be sure to take all belongings.'

"By the way," The Siamese kat got the tabby's attention again. "What's your name?"

The tabby was hesitant to answer. "Leon. Leon Furlong."

The Siamese kat smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small envelope. "Take it. It should be enough to last the whole month."

Leon stares at the envelope with surprise. "No, I...I can't accept that kind of money." The one thing Leon's father has taught him is to never accept money from others. "Besides, I can do fine with the cash I have on me sir."

"I insist, please, take it." The Siamese kat was not going to let Leon win this battle of wits. "It's only a pinch of my current stash." Still, with his arm out and envelope in his paw, he sees the young tabby reach for the envelope.

Leon was hesitating. He was telling himself he doesn't need it. But if he didn't, he would make the kat beside him look bad. Leon takes the envelope and was given a wide smile from the kat. The envelope felt light, but it was a heavy burden on him. "Thank you, sir."

"He said he would be here by now." Leon waited outside the train station. When Leon got off the train, he made a call to his uncle to tell him he was in the city. Uncle Furlong asked if he came with his family. Leon didn't answer. The uncle now understanding he is alone told him to wait outside and that he would be there within half an hour.

Then Leon heard thunder. He looked towards the sky and saw clouds swirling into a vortex. Leon saw a huge green dinosaur land in the middle of the city. The dinosaur ducked down and it had a small object in its hand.

'That's no object.' Leon thought. 'It's a tiny…orange kat.'

He saw Enforcers rush to the scene in their speeding vehicles. The last vehicle that followed the rest was the only vehicle Leon recognized. He heard about it the last time Uncle Furlong came to visit. That vehicle belonged to the one and only, Commander Feral.

"We have to evacuate!" Leon turned to the Enforcer that was helping escort citizens out of the building. "That dinosaur is heading this way!"

With what he heard, Leon grabbed his bag and sprinted. He didn't know where he was going. What he did know was he had to escape; to get away from the danger.

Leon was loosing his breath, but he kept going. This feeling is so new to him. He was scared. No, he was more than scared. But why was this so thrilling and exciting? Leon started to slow down. He took in heavy breaths until it hurt his lungs. Sweat ran down his face. He didn't realize he kept going in a lazy jog.

He turns his head a bit and stops in the middle of the road. An Enforcer vehicle almost hits him. Leon falls on his rear after staggering back a bit. "Damn it, Furlong!" Leon froze at the tone of the Enforcer. "I almost…wait, your not Furlong yet you look a lot like the hotshot." The lean orange furred Enforcer gets a closer look at Leon. "Hey kit, you don't happen to be related to Chance Furlong by any chance?"

"Y-yeah, he's my uncle." Leon studied the Enforcer as he got up to get out of the way.

"Tch, go figure." The Enforcer mocked. "If one bone-head wasn't enough, I have to deal with two now."

"Whatcha say?" Leon growled and showed off his sharp teeth. He glared at the Enforcer hoping he would take back the comment.

The Enforcer laughed at the look on Leon's face. "What irony. To be given the same stare by someone who happens to be related to the hotshot." Leon's stare was beginning to falter. "You may have a loud 'roar' but your 'bite' is obviously in need of work. I could take you down easily without having to try."

Leon unclenched his fists. He doesn't remember even tightening them. As much as Leon wanted to hurt the Enforcer, he would never bring himself to do the deed. "Do you know where the salvage yard is?" Leon stared towards the ground so the Enforcer couldn't see the weakness in his eyes.

The Enforcer huffs, "Yeah I do." He gives the young tabby a smirk. "But I won't tell you." Leon gives the Enforcer a sudden stare of shock. "Your bravado hasn't given me enough proof to help a kit like you." He walks back to get inside the Enforcer vehicle. "See ya around, Furlong." With the laugh said and done, he drives off.

Leon just stood there. 'I knew this was a bad idea.' He thought again. 'But He will not get the best of me next time.' Leon remembered his quick glance on the Enforcers name tag. "Just you wait Steele." Leon said aloud, staring in the direction the Enforcer drove off.

Leon kept running down the streets. He was able to get directions to the salvage yard from a tom kat. In a brief second, he thought he saw his surroundings change. He slowed down to a fast walk. Again, the city changed from buildings to forest and then back to buildings.

Leon took out his phone and saw it was almost noon. "I've been running for almost an hour." Leon breathed out. He looked up from his phone and saw the salvage yard. He gasped in relief and began to walk in a normal pace.

Just then, he heard a loud sonic boom. He looked towards the sky and saw the black jet. It was the Enforcer's infamous Turbokat. Leon was awed by how fast it flew by. He shook his head, 'No time to be star struck.' Leon scolds himself and began to walk towards his uncle's workplace.

Soon the city was a little calmer. Citizens stopped panicking and continued their everyday lives. Leon smiles and thinks the SWAT Kats saved Megakat City again.

Leon was passing by a store before he could make his way into the salvage yard. He saw a news reporter interviewing Commander Feral. "The SWAT Kats might have helped, but they are still dangerous to the citizens of Megakat City and I won't stop until I find out who those hotshots really are."

"Have there been any injuries caused by the SWAT Kats?"

"They're lucky that nobody innocent got hurt Ann Gora." Commander Feral huffed. "Yet."

Leon could see the anger in Commander Feral's eyes from the T.V. He walked away from the shop to start his way inside the salvage yard.

The pile of junk towered each pile as best as they can. Leon literally didn't want to make a sound because he feared it might cause an avalanche of junk.

Leon saw a truck heading in his direction. He moved to the left side of the road so the truck could pass by, but it was slowing down. The closer the truck got, the happier Leon was getting.

"Need a lift?" The muscular tabby asked from the window.

"Yeah, the trip getting here was wild and crazy." Leon rubbed the back of his head. "I hope I'm not being a burden on you."

"It's okay. Just get in." The tabby directed with his head so that the young tabby could sit in the passenger seat.

"Thanks Uncle Furlong."

"Just call me Chance, Leon." He insisted. "Hurry up. I have to help Jake with work before we even talk about your situation."

Leon sits and shuts the door. Chance makes good work of the illegal u-turn back to the garage. Leon stares out the window, "I'm not going back." In the corner of his eyes he could see Chance staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter. I still have to tell your mother that you're with me." Chance said in a low voice. For a moment, Leon pictured his father. "I'm responsible if you get lost or worse hurt."

Leon quickly turns to meet him. But instead, he finds himself staring at Chance. He turns to look back out the window again.

"What's wrong?" Chance asked.

Leon shook his head. "Nothing." He took a deep slow breath. "For a second, I thought I saw Him." Leon's voice cracked a bit.

Chance releases a long sigh. "I miss him too, kiddo." Chance placed a paw on Leon's shaking shoulders. "We all do."