Chapter 24: Respite

I'm sad cuz this will be the last chapter to my story. I am so happy that you guys hung on with me on this. I love you all!

"I can't believe this little guy helped save us all." T-Bone pokes the head of the floating kitten fairy. Stint swings his tiny paws at the tabby to make him stop. T-Bone laughs wholeheartedly, "This little guy is alright."

"Quit calling me little, meow!" Stint fumes a bit, but is calmed by Liz scratching the back of his ears. Stint leans more to the wonderful scratch like if he was a mortal kitten himself.

"He acts like a kitten, I'll tell you that much." Leon says laughing going to scratch the other ear. At this point, Stint is lost to a wonderful sensation and purrs loudly and leaning to both now.

"Well, now I know we have to keep him." T-Bone says walking to his locker. "If it doesn't have a home, we can keep him."

"You really mean that Chance?" Leon perks up at the idea. T-Bone, who now removed his mask and helmet, gives the young tabby an offset look.

"I did say if he doesn't have a home, we can keep him."

"Yeah but, you even said that we have to keep him." Leon glares at his uncle for sometime before he feels like keeling over. His body rocks back and forth and knows that now is probably not a good time to start debating whether or not to keep Stint. Leon shakes his head and rubs a paw down his face.

"Never mind; I'm going to bed." He takes Liz's paw and leads her up the ladder leading to the garage. Stint follows behind. Chance didn't like the idea of them heading up alone, but if they did do anything, Jake and Edge would hear them. Unless…Chance casts that thought aside also and continues to change out of his flight suit.

It is already 7:34 and Chance knows that they have to get to work soon at 8 am. Not until it hits 7:35. They generally don't come this early, but it's the time he inspects Burk and Murray to appear; making a rude wake-up call. Just as he guessed, they did come. Out of all days, it had to be today. Chance already knows why. Yesterday's attack was the biggest they had in ever.

The sound of the scrap metal and junk being dumped out all at once woke up Leon, Liz, Stint, Jake, and Edge. Chance is already out to 'greet' Murray. "Look, if it isn't Mr. Macho. You look tired. Had a wild night with Jake I see." Murray laughs loudly and slaps a knee on his short stubby leg. He laughs harder when he sees Chance's face burn up. This is something that he didn't want Edge, and even Liz, to hear. It's embarrassing enough that Leon was there for what happened last time. "Something did go down last night. Were you bottoming?" Now he and Burk are laughing up a storm. They stop when they hear something snap.

"Look," Chance growls lowly. "I have had about enough of your crap. You can harass me for all I care," The stare Chance gives Burk and Murray actually makes them back off. "Just leave my friend out of it!" The tabby connects his fist to Murray's jaw and sends him rolling to his back. Burk tries to defend Murray, but Chance already pinned him to the ground.

"Here," Chance stuffs the paper with his signature in Burk's mouth. "And have a nice day." Chance gets off of Burk and heads back inside the garage. Afraid, Burk and Murray scurry back into the dump truck and pull out fast. Anger has given Chance the need to finally wake-up. He sees Edge at the top of the stairs and gives him a look that made the tabby concerned.

"What was all that about?" Edge folds his arms and leans on the door frame. Chance sighs and rubs the back of his head.

"How much did you hear?"

"I heard everything the little midget said." Edge smirks when Chance's face brightens up. "I just want to know why he was being a total douche bag to you and Jake when you can clearly take care of them."

"That's our problem; there is no need for you to get involved." Chance heads up the stairs and passes Edge. The tabby sees Leon, Stint, and Liz on the couch sleeping together. Leon has an arm over Liz's shoulder as she snuggles close to him and holds Stint like it was her kitten.

"I don't care; I just want to know." Edge tone got some leverage and it stops the tabby cold. "That tom said something and it made me curious." A shiver goes through Chance's spine and is hoping that Edge didn't tread on the topic. "What did he mean by you having a wild night with Jake?"

Chance clenches his teeth and hides his anger away from Edge's view. Edge waits for Chance to answer and keeps a good stare on the tabby. The tabby sighs again and opens his mouth to speak, but-

"Burk and Murray messed with you again, huh?" Jake yawns in his way in. He keeps his voice low to not disturb the sleeping heroes of the world. "I wish I was there to back you up. Those assholes will get what's coming to them one day." He stops in his tracks when he sees the tense moment between his best friend and boyfriend.

"Hey Jake," Edge yawns deeply and shakes his head. "I'm going to sleep in your bed; don't make to much noise, ya hear?" Jake watches him leave and turns to Chance. He still stands there like he something was bothering him.

"Hey, buddy, you alright?" Jake tries to reassure his friend, but Chance pushes Jake's paw away from him. The tabby storms into the kitchen making loud noises as he rummages the fridge. Chance only did this to avoid the topic. He didn't ever want for that night to happen and something told him that Edge won't let it go.

"It's going to be along day."

Nathan opens the door to his home and locks the door behind him. He came back alone. Regina is still under the Enforcer's protection and watch. She no longer has a family here in Megakat City and has to go live with her mother out of the country. It pains to know that he will no longer see her again. A feeling he didn't even know he could feel immerses from with him and break free from his eyes. Tears quickly flow out. Nathan tries his best to stop, but something else made him keep this feeling. It wasn't the blade; this feeling came from his heart.

It is well past noon and everyone is still asleep except for Jake and Chance. Fatigue was getting to them and every now and then, they needed a coffee break. They got too busy trying to work on the jeep they towed in this morning that they didn't hear Felina coming up in her car and slamming the door shut. Felina takes this advantage to sneak up the stairs. She makes it to the door before someone clears their throat.

"Good afternoon Miss Feral, how are you today?" Jake says, not even turning around to look at her.

"You know, we may not have heard you, but that doesn't mean we can't sense you." Chance looks at her from the corner of his eye and smirks. "Don't worry too much. Liz is perfectly safe. I have to hand it to her, she is one tough kat."

"It must be a Feral kind of thing."

"Yeah," Chance laughs at Jake's joke. "The Ferals are a strong group of kats. Let's not forget stubborn."

"Are you guys done?" Felina says agitatedly. Chance and Jake laugh a little more before nodding and continuing their work.

"You can go inside. We just wanted to mess with you a bit." Chance says with a smile. "Beside, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up being mates."

"Then that means we have to deal with Commander Feral even more than ever." Jake groans loudly before succumbing to a short laugh.

Felina scoffs and heads inside. Just like Chance, she sees Leon and Liz. It made her mad that Liz likes the tom, but he makes her happy. She promised her father that she would never do anything to hurt her sister and to protect her from those who can do her harm. It scares her even more that Leon, himself, is the leader of a gang that supposedly disappeared a year ago. Not only that, a hero for saving the city from such turmoil and chaos. She turns around and heads back to her car.

Chance and Jake just watches her leave. They are worried what would happen now that Felina found out about Leon being the leader of a gang. Since they too helped the Morning Claws stop and defeat the Syndicate, maybe she would report the SWAT Kats too for getting involved; which isn't any different than what they usually do.

"Give her some time." Jake says seeing how concerned Chance was. "She'll come around to the idea and accept Leon as a brother-in-law in soon enough."

"Really Jake," Chance raised an eyebrow at him. "I was only kidding. I would be surprised if they do end up being mates."

"But, it's completely obvious."

"Shut up." Chance punched Jake in his arm and chuckles at the face Jake gives him.

The black tom sits up and rubs his eyes. He looks at his clock and sees that it reads 5:53 pm. Ezekiel then reaches for his phone and sees that he has several calls from a certain kat he didn't inspect to hear from. His inbox messages had some from Nathan and one from Leon. He opens the one Leon sent him and smirks a little. He read the rest of Nathan's messages and then puts his phone down.

"Well now, I see tomorrow won't be a good day for me. Leon wants to beat me up and Nathan wants a word with me. I swear those two are going to be the death of me." He lies back down and places his paws on his face and starts to laugh. "Now then," Ezekiel goes to his incoming call history and presses the green button to call his caller. "Let's see what Steele has been up to."

"I can't keep my eyes open." Jake groans loudly through his buried face on the table. After a long day of fixing and towing cars in and out, he didn't want to move even the slightest muscle. Chance just leans on the wall rubbing his eyes to will them to stay open. He decides that fighting sleep would just make him even more tired than usual.

"I'm going to ask Leon to close up shop." Chance forces himself to move and heads out of the small kitchen. Luckily, Leon had woken up a half hour ago and is just coming out of the bathroom all cleaned and refreshed. Leon hears his uncle plea and agrees to do just that. "Night y'all and Jake don't sleep in the kitchen." Jake groans again and works hard to lift his head.

"That guy is gonna run me ragged." Jake says. The words didn't come out in perfect English, but Leon could still understand what he said. Leon shakes his head and heads down to the garage to close up, when he spots Edge by the gates and looking out towards the distance.

"What's up?"

"Nothing; I was just thinking."

"About…" Leon pushes on, but is given a soft glare from Edge. Something is bothering Edge and, like the supportive nature Leon is, he wanted to know. He closes the gate to the garage to block his view and gets his attention. Arms folded, Leon waits for Edge to talk.

"You're not gonna let this go are you?" Edge asks and is received a notification that Leon won't drop it. Edge sighs and tells Leon what happened this morning. Leon is very aware of why this bothered Edge, but Leon just told Edge that Burk and Murray always bother and harass Jake and Chance all the time and has nothing to worry about. Edge wants to believe him, but the way Chance acted this morning made him doubt his words.

"Alright," Edge sighs, "I get it now." He passes Leon and heads back upstairs to the living room. Leon rolled his eyes at the thought of his uncle and Jake actually being together at one point.

"How could you think like that Edge?" Leon breaths out and is interrupted by his phone. It's Mark and he opens his message quickly. Leon smirks and closes his phone and begins to head out.

"Where are you going?" Liz asks holding Stint around her arms. Stint cocks his head in curiosity.

"Don't worry babe, I just have to do one little thing before I can put this whole thing behind us." Liz watches Leon leave before she could get her input to clarify what he meant. Worry consumes her, but not completely worried. She smiles and heads back inside the small home to wait for him.

"So, Nathan, what did you want to talk about?" Ezekiel sits on the park bench next to the blond tom with a hint of a joking tone. Nathan sighs at his behavior. It's like he had nothing to do with what happened last night.

"It's about Regina." Nathan says. Ezekiel's smirk is quickly wiped of and replaced with concern. "She won't be living in Megakat City anymore and she wanted me to give you this." Nathan hands Ezekiel a red and silver pocket knife. Ezekiel gasps and widens his eyes before making a heartbroken face. "Regina also wanted me to say that she is happy that you came for her and fulfilled your promise. You said you would protect her and you did. Now, she wants to give you the knife you gave her as thanks."

Ezekiel didn't want to make things worse for himself by looking even weaker and he takes the knife. He looks at the pocket knife for a while before putting it in his pocket. "Is that it; can I leave now?"

"Not yet." Ezekiel turns to Nathan quickly. Nathan looks like something is hurting him and would make it worse if he said it. The blond tom takes a breath and exhales. "To tell you the truth, when I found out that you and Regina were together at one point, I felt jealous. I began to hate you and Regina. When I yelled at her about it, I felt so bad I just wanted to disappear. I didn't even get to say that I was sorry."

"Wait," Ezekiel gets up from his seat and looks at Nathan. "She's gone…already?" Nathan nods and both toms look hurt in their own way.

"Maybe one day, I'll see her again. When that day comes, I'll finally apologize for what I did."

"Yeah," Ezekiel says in a low voice. "When that day comes…" The black tom regains his composure and tells Nathan goodbye.

"That took a while." Steele, who is bandaged around one eye and patched around his arm, laughs at the black tom. "What happened to your face?"

Ezekiel tries to smile, but is having a hard time from the pain. "I was hit by a rather hard punch."

Ezekiel walked down the park pathway staring at the pocket knife in his paws. "Hey!" The black tom turned around and saw Leon walking towards him.

"Leon, what are you doing here?" Ezekiel is confused about his sudden presence. The tabby smirked and, very quickly, slugged the black tom in his right eye. Ezekiel grunted and fell to his paws.

"You want to hear a funny story; you're a one sorry coward ass tom." Leon laughed helping the tom stand.

"That may be true, but I like that one quality of mine."

"Look, if you told me that you had the generator sooner, you could have prevented all of this from happening. I still would have slugged you, but at that time I would have tried to kill you."

Ezekiel placed a paw on his eye and winced from the pain. Every blink sent a pulse that gave him a headache. "Well, I'm glad you told me that now because I sure wouldn't have told you then." He chuckled nervously as Leon patted him in the back.

"Hey Steele," Steele looks to his rear view mirror. "How did you survive Skyler's 'wrath'?"

Steele chuckles at the questions and continues to look forward. "That's a story for another day."

"Oh really," Ezekiel teases as he picks at the tenderness of the skin around his eye. "I'm sure it's going to be boring."

-One Week Later-

-BigT has joined the Chat Room-

BigT- Yo!

Shadow Paw- hey [^-^]

Lion3- what's up

Saika- hey

BigT- I see we have a new guy in our circle chat

KatMage- yup

KatMage- the names KatMage

BigT- I see, hehe

Shadow Paw- huh

Shadow Paw- what was that laugh

BigT- Nothing

KatMage- yeah, what was that laugh

BigT- you already know the answer to that

Saika- wait,

Saike- KatMage, do you know BigT in person!

KatMage- maybe…

BigT- I invited her to join.

Shadow Paw- "her"?

KatMage- do you think "he" found out?

BigT- I'm sure he knew before we even began

Shadow Paw- …

Saika- I know who KatMage is now.

Lion3- me too.

BigT- great, now that that's out of the way,

BigT- how's was everyone's weekend?

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