Chapter 7

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Jasper POV

After she had voiced her request, I led Bella to my ca. A '71 Dodge Challenge that I was extremely proud off. Once In the car I asked Bella where she wanted to head to but she just said anywhere. I felt quite nervous as I pulled out onto the road I wasn't all that sure why Bella would want to speak to me in private.

I tried to talk to Bella as we drove but all I got in reply were one or two world answers that done nothing to lessen my uneasiness. I could feel the tension in the car and it was making me very uncomfortable. I hated that my Bella felt so awkward around me, I just wanted her to be able to relax and talk to me. I know that if Emmett could hear how I was thinking he would call ,me a pussy but I just wanted to make Bella happy, not really caring what I had to do to achieve this.

Finally after driving for about half an hour or so I pulled into the side of the road wanting to get to the talk as soon as possible. I could hardly bare the suspense any longer. I felt that the silence was slowly killing me.

Still we sat in silence after I had stopped the car. Bella gave no indication of saying anything so after another 10 minutes of silence I carefully asked Bella what was going on.

"Bella, are you ok? Please tell me if something has happened, you looked so happy when you came in with Alice and Rosalie. What has happened to make you like this? I don't like being the one to make you so uncomfortable. If there is anything I can to please tell me" I almost begged.

"Jasper…" she breathed out

"Why didn't you tell me" she whispered, tears filling her eyes "Am I really that bad?"

"What are you talking about Bella?" I asked growing more worried by the second "Please talk to me"

She looked at me for a few seconds, like she was searching for something in my eyes, she must have found what she was looking for as she began speaking again a little more confident that before.

"Rosie and Alice told me" she stated

"Told you what?" I carefully asked beginning to understand what was going on. I could believe that they would have done what I thought they had done. They knew that I didn't want Bella to know yet. That I wanted her to make the choice on her own.

"They told me that I was you mate. Not Edwards."

Well it looks like they have told her then.

Bella POV

After I told him what Rosalie and Alice had told me, Jasper closed his eyes briefly before open them again to look at me with guarded eyes for a few seconds. Could tell what he was thinking or feeling at all and I hated it. His eyes were usually so expressive and now they looked closed off and this was worrying me more than anything. Maybe he never wanted me to know I was his mate because he never wanted me as his mate?

"Stop getting yourself so worried, whatever reason you have come up with for why I hadn't told you is probably not true" he said like he knew what I was thinking.

He briefly chuckled at my wide eyed expression for a few seconds before opening his mouth to speak again.

"I never told you not because I didn't want you. I never told you because you were already so in love with Edward and him with you before we realised exactly why it was I was, am so pulled towards you."

I tried to say something "I… Well…" What I don't know but he cut me off before I could come up with something to say

"And don't go thinking that I don't love you or anything. Because I do. So much. And I know that I have probably hurt you by not telling you any of this but I was hurting every time I seen you with Edward. Every time you would light up due to Edward I could feel my heart slowly braking bit by bit. But I couldn't tell you. Not when you were so happy."

I sat there in stunned silence for a few seconds before speaking "But lately you have made it seem like you care for me. Why now?" I asked

"Because I can hardly take it anymore and because I know that you don't love Edward as much as you used to and although you may try to hide it I can feel the love that you beginning to feel for me. I can also hear the way your heart skips a beat whenever I walk into a room. It has never done that for Edward you know. "He said smirking at the end.

I rolled my eyes at his last comment but it hadn't really annoyed me because I knew it was true. I knew the way I felt for Jasper was much more than I could ever feel for Edward. I could also feel the happiness building within me knowing that Jasper loved me too.

HE hurried on speaking again before I had a chance to tell him how I felt. "I understand though if you don't want to be with me. And if you chose to forget everything to do with our family after the way that Edward has treated you I would honour that and never contact you again. I…"

"Jasper…" I interrupted but he continued speaking

"…would make sure that no harm would ever come to you or your future family and I would…"

"Jasper!" I said again louder, amused at his nervous ramblings

He stopped speaking then and looked up at me with large worried and hope filled eyes.

Instead of saying anything though I pressed my lips to his. Knowing that I had made the right decision when his own lips curved up into a wide smile and as he began to deepen the kiss. One of his hands came up to cradle my head and the other took hold of mine threading our fingers together.

I could feel the overwhelming happiness within me by being with Jasper and I just knew that everything would be ok with him. That he loved me and that I loved him. And that we would be together forever and that nothing could change that.

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