Arashi: This is a request oneshot for Vamprincess38 who wants to see incest pairing between Bardock/Goku. Not sure how it will turn out its be mostly fluff though be in Bardock's pov.

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Warning:Au, some to mild Language, slight ooc, and possible hinted incest

Rate: T to be safe

Snow Angels

Summary: Bardock doesn't get what's so great about snow. Its just white fluff on the ground that comes from the sky. He may change his mind once he sees how happy his son looks while making a snow angel.

Scowling at the white crap on the ground I shake my head not understanding what's so great about it. I gaze around seeing weaklings go by dress in coats shivering but smiling. I storm my way through not in the mood to deal with such thing anymore then I have to. My hand tighten around the bag smirking a bit as a squeal pass a stranger's lips.

"Stupid fools," I growl only to have my smirk drop at the sight before me.

Goku rolling around the ground smiling and laughing. I scowl again not caring its more darker as I snap, "Kakoratto what the fuck are you doing?"

"Making a snow angel," the naive younger saiyan answers me with a bigger goofy smile.

"Stupid fool, "I ground out stomping in the warm house letting a sigh of contentment.

I put the things away just as more laughter comes from outside. I roll my eyes knowing the stuff outside is snow. Snow that comes from the skies and has things cold but people going nuts in my opinion. Thinking more about it seems rather cute at the sight of Goku having fun in the snow. Huffing I just grab the mug of hot chocolate one of the best things weak humans invented while lost in my thoughts as I take sips here and there. I move to the window watching the damn brat outside still having fun in the white crap. My mouth tugs into a smile instead of a smirk which I usually do.

"Silly Kakoratto," I murmur softly knowing my eyes must have soften. "A dangerous saiyan playing in the snow as simple hearted child."

Arashi: I have a feeling it may not have the incest but something still more of fluff. I'll leave it up to you guys to interpret either incest or father/son fluff. Please read and review.