Warnings: suggestiveness.


The Weird Sisters were playing 'Dance Like a Hippogriff' as the two boys snuck off hand in hand. They found a dark corner in the corridor to kiss and explore each other. "What would our fathers think if they saw this?" Albus Severus Potter asked.

Scorpius Malfoy giggled. "They'd have heart attacks. Did you see the way they were looking at each other across the Great Hall? They must still hate each other."

It was the Yule Ball, which Hogwarts was hosting this year, along with the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Many alumni were attending the Ball, including Draco Malfoy and the famous Harry Potter. The two former rivals had caused a lot of comment with the intense look they'd exchanged.

Scorpius moaned at what Albus was doing to him. "Maybe we should find someplace more... private," he panted. They stumbled down the hallway, tangled up together, until they found a door. They fell through it and landed in a heap on the floor, finding themselves in a broom closet.

"This room is occupied," someone drawled.

Scorpius looked up. "F-father?"

Albus' mouth dropped open. "Dad?" he squeaked. He scrabbled backwards out of the closet. Out in the hallway, he said, "After seeing that, I'm not in the mood any more."

Scorpius made a face. "I may never be in the mood again. I think I'm traumatized for life."

Back in the broom closet, Harry and Draco laughed until they cried. When the hysteria subsided, Draco flicked his tongue across Harry's lips. "Where were we?"

"Right here. Mmmmmmm. I can't believe we waited so long to get together like this."