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Sonny woke up today, with a horrible headache. She tried to stand up, but she felt like fainting, so she laid back down.

Her mother went to a business trip, so she was all alone and didn't have anyone to take care of her. She grabbed her phone, from the table beside her and texted Tawni.

'Hey, Tawni. I am sick and I can't come to the studios. Please tell Marshall for me.-Sonny.'

'Ok, Sonny. Feel better.-Tawni.'

'Thanks. Bye.-Sonny'


After the texts, Sonny fell asleep.

To the studios, at lunch time:

Chad walked in the cafeteria and waited for his lady to come.

After a while, the cast of So Random walked in but Sonny wasn't with them. Chad saw that she was missing and went to their table.

"Hey, guys. Where's Sonny?" He asked.

"She is sick and she stayed home." Tawni said, poking her food (if you call that food).

'M'lady is sick?' Chad though.

After that, he went to his car and drove away to his lady.

At Sonny's apartment:

Chad walked up to her door and rang the bell.

No answer.

He rang again.


He took the spare key, that Sonny gave him and opened the door. He walked in, closed the door behind him and went to her room. He opened the door and saw her sleeping on her bed.

He went over to her and felt her forehead.

She was burning up.

At that moment, Sonny woke up from the sudden contact.

"Hey!" Chad said and sat down beside her.

"Chad? What are you doing here?" She asked, trying to sat up.

"Easy now, Sonshine." He said and laid her back down. "And I am here, because I was worried about you. So, I'll take care of you." He continued.

"Awww, Chad. That's so sweet!" Sonny said, with her voice raspy from the cold and smiling.

"Well, I can't let m'lady alone through that." Chad said, smiling as well.

Sonny reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him. Chad wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her back.

After they pulled away, Sonny laid back down and Chad went to make her some chicken soup.

After a while, Chad came back holding a tray, with chicken soup, water and some medicines.

"Ok, so eat your soup and then I'll give you the medicines." Chad said, while setting the tray on the table.

"Thank you." Sonny said, smiling. He helped her sat up and gave her the soup.

After she ate, he gave her the medicines and then she laid back down to relax. Chad sat down beside her and stroked her hair.

"You should rest. Just go back to sleep." He said softly, kissing her cheek.

"Only if you stay here, with me." She said, while holding his hand.

"Of course, Sonshine!" He said, smiling.

He laid down beside her, put the covers over him as well and wrapped his arms around her. Sonny put her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

"Sweet dreams,m'lady!" He said, while kissing her forehead. Sonny reach up, kissed his cheek and then fell asleep.

Chad, after a while, fell asleep himself, holding his lady tightly in his arms.

Never letting her go.

The End.

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