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Chapter 1

- Seven Letters to a major Change –

~Hermione's POV~

Why do they take so long to wake up on Sundays? I have asked myself this question for … I don't know…my whole life? Yeah, this could be. At least every time I was at home on Sundays which wasn't that often when I think about the last few years. Whatever, if they don't get up soon, their coffee will be cold and I'll be gone without saying goodbye. Ouch…the thought of it hurts, so I'll better wake them up.

So I went up to my parent's room, quiet but quick. I wondered how I managed to do this but shook my head when I was in front of their room. I slowly opened the door, sneaked in and knelt down next to my father's side of the bed.

"Dad? You need to get up, it's late already." I whispered shaking him gently.

He groaned and opened one eye. "Mh? What is it?"

"The two of you need to stand up. I'll be leaving in half an hour and I would like to eat at least one toast with you. And your coffee's getting cold downstairs." I said calmly.

"Mh…Jean? Your daughter wants us downstairs for breakfast at…8 o'clock in the morning? Hermione, you said it's late!"

"It IS late, dad. And I'm still your daughter, too!" I was laughing as I knew that he had only said this as kind of a joke. Without saying another word, I switched on his bedside lamp, stood up and left their room so that they could get at least a bit ready for the day.

I've been together with my parents for three month now without once seeing my best friend Harry or my boyfriend Ron. They did help me searching for my parents but left as soon as we've found them and managed to give them back their proper memories. They wanted to give me some time with them but to be honest, I really prefer being at the Burrow. My parents know that and it had also been them to say I should go back to the Weasley's.

Five minutes later, my Mom and my Dad came down the stairs. Still not really awake but conscious enough to find their seats at our table and their pots filled with coffee. And, oh wonder, as soon as they had drunken one pot, they seemed to be in as a good mood as I was.

"So dear, what do you think you and your friends will do? Oh and why didn't Ron pick you up? We haven't seen him for so long!" asked my Mom looking at the jam suspiciously.

"Mom, it's normal jam from the supermarket, nothing from Honey Dukes or even WWW. What we'll do…uhm…I don't know. The same as we always do except saving the world as this is already finished. As for Ron…you know him, he's too lazy. He's maybe still fast asleep at the moment.

"And so we could have been!" said my father jokingly.

"Alright, for next time I know that I won't wake you up and just leave without saying goodbye." I retorted and bit into my toast.

He put his arm around my shoulder for a second and we both grinned at each other. Well…it could be fun with my parents, too, but not as much as I use to have when I'm at the Burrow.

Half an hour passed by quite fast as I had to see today. We had hardly started our breakfast when I had to stand up and go to my trunk. I really should leave my clothes at the Burrow this time.

"Alright Mom, Dad, I'll write to you and of course I'll also visit you as often as I can. Don't work too much and…Daddy…go back to bed, you're looking very bad."

He had to laugh about my comment even though it was absolutely true. Both of them hugged me tightly, said their usual words about behaviour and so on and then stepped back so that I had enough space to disapparate together with my trunk. The feeling of apparation was just as terrible as it always was. I still wonder how I had managed to never feel sick afterwards as I had to apparate a lot during our Horcrux Hunt.

I appeared few metres away from the Burrow at its yard. Slowly but surely I made my way to the house, got inside and was immediately hugged by Mrs. Weasley. Following her example, all the other Weasleys who were there – Ron, Fred, George and Mr. Weasley – as well as Harry did the same. Of course Ron was the one I hugged back tightly. I actually didn't really want to let him go but I had to as he and his family haven't finished breakfast yet. …Wait…Ron was already awake? Maybe I should make a red cross on the calendar; it's seldom that he is when it's only 8:30 in the morning.

I sat down between him and Harry and watched them eating Ham and Eggs. Sure Ron's behaviour at the table and his speed was slightly disgusting, but also funny. Well…I've only just found out that I thought about it as funny…which is funny, too. But anyway, that's not that important.

Later on I helped Mrs. Weasley, together with Ginny, cleaning the dishes while the boys sat down in the living room, playing and laughing about a new invention of Fred and George.

"So, have you planned something for today?" I asked Mrs. Weasley.

"No, dear, nothing." she simply answered.

I took a closer look at her. She looked…not good. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no…I'm just a little worried. Arthur told me about letters which should be sent out today. He couldn't tell me what they are about but that almost everyone will receive them. I just wonder…"

"Letters? Why didn't you tell me about them, Mom?" asked Ginny frowning.

"Uhm…excuse me but what should be so bad about letters?" I asked. Maybe the time with my parents wasn't that good. I felt like I didn't know anything about the wizarding world…but everyone would feel so when two witches gave you THAT look Ginny and Mrs. Weasley gave me.

"They are from the Ministry, dear and you know that even now this can't be a too good sign."

"I see…" I mumbled shaking my head slightly. Now I wondered, too…what could they want?

The answer flew in one hour later. An owl that was definitely from the Ministry itself flew through an open window and landed on the kitchen table. Everyone came running and Mr. Weasley untied seven letters from the owl's leg. It then flew away immediately.

"Seven…they are addressed to…let me see…Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny…and to Molly and me." said Mr. Weasley giving each of us our letters.

"Arthur! Ours is important…maybe we should open it before the other letters?" asked Mrs. Weasley slightly unsure.

Her husband nodded his head and then opened the letter. A piece of parchment was in there which he first of all read for himself. He paled a bit. What was wrong? We should get to know soon after. He read aloud.

Dear Wizards and Witches,

We regret to inform you that we were forced to establish a new law to help our community to cure from the great losses we all had to suffer during the war and the final battle at Hogwarts last year. The following explains everything you need to know:

This law is most important for all Wizards and Witches from the age of 17 to 35. Everyone within those ages has now received a short letter in which the name of another person is written. This person will be your partner for the future.

To make sure the law will be followed, we indicate certain periods in which the single steps have to be done. Of course we'll check whether everything works. Now those periods in detail:

You have to officially move in with your partner within 3 weeks from now on.

You have to marry your partner within 4 month from this day.

You have to have at least one child within the following 3 years.

Please notice that the marriages which happened because of this law can only be divorced under special circumstances such as great violence amongst the partners.

Of course we tried our best to satisfy everyone. Engagements which are already made are fully taken into consideration; normal relationships are partly taken into consideration. Despite this, every pairings were made out of the results of different tests including for example personality tests.

We wish you and your partner as well as your whole family good luck for the future.

Yours sincerely,

While Mr. Weasley was reading, my heart pounded twice as fast as usually. A short look at the others told me that they didn't really feel better. Harry was just as pale as the wall behind him; Ginny had already tears in her eyes. Fred and George didn't seem to think about a single joke or anything that has to do with their shop for the first time in their lives. Mrs. Weasley's eyes were widened to the maximum and I swear everyone was breathing much quieter as if they thought it would make things worse when someone could hear them.

A marriage law. Where did our Ministry get THAT idea from? This couldn't really work, I was sure about this. Even if they took relationships and engagements into consideration, people change and thus those marriages are simply rubbish or should everyone start hitting the other just to get divorced? I didn't really know the answer; I just sighed and looked down to the envelope in my hand.

"Okay dears…you should open them. Be brave. Who goes first?" said Mrs. Weasley.

Everyone was silent, so she decided herself, "Harry, please start."

Harry nodded his head and opened his envelope with shaking hands. Everything except Ginny would lead him into insanity, I was sure about that.

"Mh…Mr. Potter…bla…your future wife will be…" he looked up from the letter and into every single face. Ginny could hardly stand on her feet. "…well…Ginny…I'm sorry but…you'll have to…to marry me."

Immediately everyone sighed in relief and Ginny literally jumped into his arms, still crying. At least she didn't have to open her letter as Harry's name would be written in it. So…their relation was accepted. Maybe it had to do with Harry, as he was so famous.

"Okay, I'll do next." said George much calmer than before Harry had opened his letter. Only seconds later, a triumphant smile appeared on his lips.

"Katie Bell." he simply said.

Katie had already been his girlfriend since Harry had defeated Voldemort.

"Alright…Ron, the two of us now." I whispered in his ear. He nodded, took my hand and we both opened our envelopes one-handed at the same time. I felt my heart beating faster and faster.

We didn't look into the other's letter. I only saw him losing the entire colour of his face. How I was? Well…it somehow felt like someone had hit me in the stomach. And this even though I still hadn't really read my small letter!

"W…who do you have?" I asked so quiet it wouldn't be a miracle if he didn't hear.

"L…Luna…Luna Lovegood." he mumbled looking down at the floor, dropping my hand to clench his into a fist. He was angry. Of course…I might be angry, too as soon as I read the name written on my piece of parchment.

If he got Luna, I would have someone like Cormac McLaggen. I was sure about this. Only I could have this misfortune.

"Hey, Granger! Are you going to tell us who the lucky git is or not?" asked Fred rising one of his eyebrows.

I slightly nodded and looked down at my paper. What I read took all my breath out of my lungs. This could not be possible! How did those gits from the Ministry even THINK about me and…well…no…why did those stupid tests say that we would fit together?

"So?" asked George.

I tried to answer. I even moved my lips but no words came out. I lowered my letter and pressed it to my stomach when Harry and Ron tried to catch a glimpse.

"Alright, alright, so you'll tell us as last person." mumbled Fred, now opening his own letter. He was smiling again. He had started when Harry, Ginny and George got the partners they wanted. It only slipped away slightly when Ron said that he wasn't paired with me. He seemed so optimistic. I don't know if this was the reason or everything together that I felt a tear running down my cheek. Mrs. Weasley gave me a worried and questioning look but I just turned away from everyone. Why did it have to be that hard for me?

"Dear Mister Weasley, we are glad to inform you that your future wife will be…will be…" Fred's voice was shaking at the end as were his hands. I could hear them shaking due to the paper. His eyes must have been widened.

"Who is it, dear?" asked Mrs. Weasley putting a hand on her son's shoulder. In this moment, the letter slowly fell down to the floor.

"…Hermione Granger." he said just loud enough for everyone to hear. His voice was so different to normal. Anger and hurt in it. I shut my eyes close and more tears ran down my cheeks.

Even though my eyes were closed I could practically see Ron's face turning red, his fists clenching even harder together. I also felt everyone's eyes on me.

"What were they thinking?" Fred suddenly asked loudly. My eyes plopped open again and I slowly turned around, "We both already ARE in relationships and we're happy with them! She loves Ron, I love Angelina, why the HELL should we marry someone else then them?"

"Fred, dear, please…" his mother tried but was interrupted by Ron.

"No Mom, he's right! Didn't they say that they take relationships into consideration?" His face was as red as his hair. I looked around between him, Fred and Mrs. Weasley.

"They said partly, Ron. Which means that…" Mrs. Weasley tried again to calm her sons down. But they both shook their heads and went on arguing.

"We know what it means, Mom! But why us? Harry got his famous-bonus, why didn't Ron and Hermione have it, too? They're almost as famous as he is but still they are separated! If this hadn't happened, I would have been put with Angelina as I wanted to! Pfft…why do I even try…" shaking his head once again, he stormed out of the house, straight to the backyard. The door slammed shut loudly.

Everyone except Ron was sighing. "I'll go and try to calm him down, alright?" said George and left without waiting for an answer from his parents.

"Yeah…maybe you should go upstairs to…well…get over this. I want to talk with Arthur about it, too." said Mrs. Weasley few moments later.

We nodded and went upstairs. I and Ginny went to the room we share; Harry pulled Ron up to his room.

"You and Fred…I would never have thought about that…" mumbled Ginny after almost ten minutes of silence.

"Neither do I. This…is a really hard one…"

"What will you do?"

"Do I have a choice? I'll accept it and follow the law as the Ministry wants me to. Ron will understand and…maybe…"

"You just want to give up your relationship after it took you SO LONG to even start it?"

"I don't have a choice." I said ending this topic. I leaned back into my pillow and gave the ceiling above me a look as if it was to blame for this situation.

Hours passed by until Mrs. Weasley called us for lunch. I actually wasn't hungry at all. So I just sat at the table and watched Ron still looking a bit upset. Fred, on the other hand, was still extremely frowning and handled with his fork as if the potatoes on his plate were wild monsters or Death Eaters. I've really never ever seen him like this. It was possible that he had had a conversation with Angelina within the last few hours. If he had, she surely had told him who she was now engaged with. Poor guy. I somehow could imagine Fred pranking…or even punching the soul out of him. What a bad thought…I shook my head and looked around once more.

"Ehm…I just…wanted to say something." I whispered.

"Come again?" asked Harry.

"I wanted to say something."

"Alright, spill it!" said George.

I gave Ginny an important look. She nodded slightly and then I started, "I…just wanted to say…ehm…to let you know that I will follow the law. It is so important for wizard kind and…the Ministry won't say that they made several tests if it's not true. I mean…they didn't choose Fred and me instead of me and Ron or Fred and Angelina without a reason." My voice was unusually low and every time I looked at Fred, it started shaking a bit. His normally calm, blue eyes were so damn filled with bad emotions.

"Well…maybe…you're right, Mione." said Ron after a few seconds of silence, "Yeah, I really think you are. I mean…what should we do? I personally don't want to go to Azkaban because I refuse to follow this Marriage-Law. And hey…in the end, everything will be okay, won't it?" He put his arm around me and leaned in to kiss my forehead.

"Yes…it'll be alright…" I whispered taking in a deep breath.

"…Nice to see that the two of you can so easily accept your destiny separated from each other. Well, I can't, at least not without trying to do something against it. I'll go to the Ministry tomorrow. Wanted to visit Percy anyway." Fred said glaring at us.

Two minutes later he said a grumbled goodbye and flooed back to his and George's flat above their shop at Diagon Alley.

"He'll calm down…I'm sure he only has to sleep a night to get over it." the other twin said hugging his mother and then leaving, too.

Great…how easy seven little letters can change the whole world! And no, I didn't exaggerate anyway! I, from now on, won't be together with Ron anymore, Fred GLARES at his own family and is in a mood I've never seen before and within few months, almost everyone in the wizarding world will have a new surname! Hurray…