I drove with the girls back to my house where i grabbed clothes and other necessities that i would need until the day of the union. Carefully i folded my union dress and delicately places it in the bottom of the bag. The dress of my clothes i stuffed on top. Bryn grabbed a bunch of shoes while Faye got all my bathroom products. I was surprised she even grabbed my favorite body wash. I had a bout seven and never told anyone what my favorite was so it was a bit shocking. once we had everything in my house we made our way to Bryn and Faye's to repeat the process. Both had their own Union dresses and nun of us has seen the others yet. They were specially made by our mistress to suite our personalities and reflect who we are. She even made one for Cosette and Sabine. The girls mimicked me by Taking special care of the dresses and flinging everything else on top without a care. Once we were done we headed to my families vacation house deep in the woods. I haven't been to this house since i was seven and i barely remembered where it was. My mom gave us directions as soon as we got to my house she seen the looks on our faces and when i told her we were going to Bryn's for a little time apart from everything she suggested this instead. We all gave my mom a huge hug, Bryn and Faye both considered my mother like their own and my mom thought of them as daughters so the four of us were kind of like a separate family. Bryn sat down and told my mom everything about her and Ansel and to my surprise she was thrilled but not shocked. Bryn asked her not to tell him where we were going and my mom complied. If he didn't know none of them would know and that's just what we needed. The forest flashed by as i drove up a path leading to the top of a mountain. It was beautiful the lush green color of the plants, the calming blue of a river off to the right side of me, deep purples and pinks of blooming flowers. It was captivating and the smell of of the crisp clean air really relaxed you.

"We're almost there" i Called over the music

"Yes a nice relaxing weekend with just us, we haven't really spent time together like the old days" Faye stated

"But now we do and its going to be better than ever" Bryn added. I smiled.

We pulled up to the house it was bigger than i remember and more beautiful than our actual home. it was white with light blue shutters on the second story windows. it was all wood and had a rich earth smell to it. We all went and claimed a room. I took my parents old rooms and made Faye take Ansel's so Bryn wouldn't have to think about him all night. than we all sat in the living room with the t.v on, although we weren't actually paying attention to it.

"So what should we do? Its Friday and we have three day until the union" Faye said

"Only two until the party and we see those jerks" Bryn stated

"I know, can you believe that crap Ren tried to tell me 'oh i will protect my pack' blah blah blah. Like i wouldn't do the same, like i haven't been doing the same"

"Oh and Ansel 'She wanted help with home work it was innocent we never did anything' yeah okay"

"Yeah well Dax was all 'Baby that's just Sabine no one pays her any mind you know you're the only one for me' does he really expect me to believe he wouldn't try something with her? we started dating a week after we met"

"A week really?" i asked

"Ansel and i waited a month but that was mostly because of Calla" Bryn said looking at me sheepishly i laughed.

"Ren and i waited our whole lives" we all chuckled.

"Do you believe them?" Bryn asked us

"I don't know, I want to"

"Well Ren has never lied to me and hi think i meant it when he said he only wants to protect her but for him to insinuate that i don't feel the same really hurts me"

"I mean you fully jumped the minute Shay bashed Cosette and she isn't even in your pack" Faye reminded me

"Yeah i was to angry to move to your side the moment you leaped i'm sorry Calla i am an awful second in command"

"Bryn don't even say that you're the best"

"Guy we totally suck" we both looked at Faye for a moment with puzzled looks on our faces. Faye smiled stood up and ran up stairs. When she came down she was holding all three of our bathing suits. "we came here to have time together and forget about our spoiled little pups that have occupying our time recently, i know you guys love them very much and i love my Dax too, the big brute, but they are going to be the ones feeling the loss for the next two days not us okay. We are going swimming and before we to bed on Sunday we will tell each other what we are doing as far as the guys go, plus we have a party to plan."

She winked at us as she threw us our bathing suits. Bryn and i looked at each other than got up to go change with out a word. The three of us went out side to the pool in the backyard, It was circular and had a hot tub connected to it. The three of us stood at the edge, held hands and counted to three. When we jumped the water sprayed onto the edge. We rose to the top treading water and laughing. the Rest of the day consisted with us playing in the water and just laying out in the sun. I couldn't keep my mind off Ren as we laid on lawn chairs watching the sun set. I glanced over at the girls and could tell that their thought were going to the same place as mine. we were silent until we were ready to head back inside.

"You know tomorrow we have to plan the party" I said sliding the door open

"Yeah because we have to set everything up on Sunday" Bryn added

"I thought it wasn't until Monday" Faye asked

"No the unions Monday" Bryn and i said together

"Argghh fine so much for a weekend just for us, this sucks"

"Don't be upset Faye we had today"

"Bryn today wasn't even a full day it was a couple hours after fighting with the guys and skanky ass Sabine"

"I swear you two were getting along after lunch"

"Seriously i understand and admire what she does for Cosette for that kind of bravery i will always idolize her but she tried to get with my man, oh hell no"

"She also tried to hit on Ansel and Ren, Ren the man i'm getting married to in three days but they all said nothing happened"

"Look the last thing i want right now is to talk about Ansel" Bryn said turning to hide the tears that were threatening to spill over the barrier of her eye lids "I'm going to bed

"Bryn wait"

"No ill see you guys in the morning okay, i just need to be by myself" i said

"I'm sorry, I should have never brought it up"

"Its okay Faye i just want to go to bed"

Bryn put her head down as she raced up the steps, I herd a faint but sharp in take of breath before she shut the bedroom door and putting on music to muffle her sobs. i could tell she wanted to forgive him but she also wanted to be mad she wasn't sure if she was loosing him or if it she should give him him up. Either way the look on her face said she didn't want to have to choose between those two options and she need to convince herself that he was worth fighting for. I turned around and Faye had her head in her hands, when she moved her index finger slightly i seen the glistening of a tear. She said a hasty good night her voice was thick as she to bounded up the steps and locked herself away in the room for the night.

I hated to admit it but Faye was right, with the union and the party we don't actually get to spend anytime just being three teenage girls having fun together for a weekend. Sometimes i wish we didn't have all this responsibility but than i think of all the things i love about being what i am and no matter what i would never want to be a human; especially when there are humans like Shay in this world. I sat down on The couch and turned on the fire place. It's electric so all i had to do was flip a switch and beautiful gas fire warmed the living room. I curled up under a comforter, resting my head on one of the throw pillows and just watched the flames dance around in the artificial fire. It was mesmerizing but it did little to occupy the mind, although it did entice my imagination. I seen wolves running in the flames, It was a pack, my pack and we were a real family. I fell asleep trying to think only of the positives and fighting hard to push all the negative thoughts about Ren, Dax, Sabine and even my own little brother out of my mind.

"Calla, Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey" Faye sang in my ear, i swatted at her causing her and Bryn to fall into a giggle fit.

"Come on Calla we really made eggs and bacon, wake up"

"Bryn go away"

I guess the got tired of me brushing them off with my hand because the next thing i know they are jumping me telling me to wake up. I guess crying really did them well cause they were in great moods. Me on the other hand i was still pissed off over everything that happened yesterday. Remembering why we came here i pushed the both off causing them to drop on the floor.

"Ha, don't mess with me"

"Blah, lets eat"

Faye jumped to her feet giggling and pulled Bryn off the floor than grabbing y hand also towed us behind her to the table where she than proceeded to shove us in chairs. We ate happily and than i went to shower and get dressed, scrubbing the bacon taste from my mouth with my tooth brush. When i went down stairs the girls had out a lap top with a bunch of different color combinations on one of the open tabs.

"Planning time?"

"Planning time" they said

"Fine, lets do the white with the light blue, that looks really pretty"

"It looks like wedding colors" Faye said

"Technically its a part before a wedding"

"But you have to wear white literally the day after and i'm sure our mistress is going to have everything there white to" Bryn added

"No i think it might be black, the Bane Leaders helping plan" We all shuddered at that thought.

"Fine white and blue it is" Faye said

"What else do we have to do?"

"Figure out how to get the things we need for it, duh"

"Come on Bryn do you not know my mother all we have to do is make a call"

"Oh oh oh, see if she can get those enchanted candles i love those ones"

"Yeah Faye's right not to mention the right ones will really go great with our colors"

"I think my mom is friends with the Watcher that makes those" i said nodding. I dialed my moms number and put it on speaker phone. My mom picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Mama wolf" Bryn and Faye called out

"Hey mom"

"Hey girls, how is everything?"

"Good, we were wondering if you could get us some things for tomorrow?"

"Yeah, what do you need?

I listed off the actual things we need, while Faye went into detail about the decorations and our color scheme. Bryn focused on the food. My mother listened intently and promised to have everything that we need by noon tomorrow so we could swing by and get it any time after that. She said the only thing was the Candles she would have to call in a favor and get a rush order, especially when Faye requested two hundred and fifty. We were just about to click off when my mom asked Bryn to hold on a second. We all knew what was happening and Bryn looked nervous and hopeful at the same time. I could see her eyes light up a little and harden as my brothes voice came on the line.

"Hello?" He said unsure of himself "Bryn?"


"Um, are you okay?"

"Honestly Ansel?"



"Baby i am so sorry, i love you so very much and i would never do anything to hurt you please don't be mad you are the foxiest wolf i have ever laid eyes on and i have never looked at anyone else the way i look at you. I was helping her out but if you want i do not have to have contact with her ever again"


"Yes Bryn?"

"I can't talk about this now i have to go. Tell Mama wolf i said thank you and i love you. Good bye"

She hung up. I knew she had told Ansel and not my mother that she loved him only knowing him he wouldn't realize. Faye and i wrapped our arms around Bryn hugging her tightly. She squeezed us back hard.

"Don't worry, Calla and i are here"

"Honestly you guys, I forgive him i just need some space. I believe him when he say nothing happened"

"so we're doing this now?" Faye asked. Bryn nodded and Faye took a deep breathe

"I forgive Dax to. He went on and on about how sorry hi was yesterday and all night he was sending me texts about how much he loves me. I feel bad for not replying, but i just couldn't"

"I turned my phone off yesterday but before we called my mom i notice twenty one miss calls from Ren. I don't know if i can truly ever forgive him though. with the way her treat the Shay situation and than the whole Sabine thing i don't think he trusts me as a leader"

"Calla you know he complete respects you as alpha"

"But Bryn its not the same as trusting me"

"Here's what you do. Do you love him?"

"Yes about as much as you love Dax Faye"

"Than fight him, after the union in wolf form and when you win he will know that you are a strong leader and his doubts should be erased"

"What if i loose?"

"You're faster and you know it, stay low and move fats and he won't know what hit him and if all else fails give a little puppy yelp and i bet he'll yield"


"Yes Bryn?"

"How do you know this?"

"Dax and i play fight all the time, When he get the upper hand i pull the pain card. He always thinks im so defenseless when i yelp. Men"

"Um have you ever, um, ya know, done it?" I asked sheepishly

"You mean in wolf form?"

"At all"


"Wait in wolf form?" Bryn said spitting the water she was just drinking all over my left side.


"Faye!" we both shouted

"Well you asked"

"Aren't you scared?" i asked

"Of what?"

"Getting knocked up idiot" Bryn said finishing my earlier thought. Faye sat there for a moment.

"I never thought about it we always use protection and i know you cant when you're a wolf but we only did that once. What about you Bryn, you and Ansel ever gotten hot and heavy?"

"Ew" i said than i looked at Bryn "EW! oh my heavens you did, Ew, Bryn that is soo gross"

"Calla don't even you were all over Ren The only reason you didn't sleep with his is because of the union and that whole being pure concept"

"That my brother"

"My future mate"


"Its just sex"

"With my brother Faye" We all busted out laughing after minute. I guess i shouldn't be that shocked.
"Please tell me you never did it as a wolf"

"Oh no, besides we only ever had sex twice anyways. You were always around so it was hard finding alone time"

"Didn't need the excessive details"


"its fun as a wolf" Faye said causing another round of laughing.

The rest of the day we sat around and talked about our relationships and a bunch of girl stuff. It was the closest I've felt to my friends in a really really long time. With my mom doing all the actually planning it gave us the time to bond that we didn't think we were going to get. It was nice and relaxing and just the break that we needed. We Swam, and played video games, watched chick flicks, and just talked and talked and talked. By the time the three of us headed up to the rooms we were going to bed happy and feeling more sure about our relationships and about our future pack. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face. This was a much need break from the real world and i loved it. If only tomorrow goes as smoothly. Bryn wants to address the guys at the same time together so we have to figure something out when we go to get the supplies from my house. We'll cross that bridge tomorrow.