"What's happening?", Hermione asked while fading away, looking at her hands. A few seconds before, a misguided Expelliarmus hit her in the chest, where the time-turner lay. "No! Please, call for hel-", she tried to say, but she was gone.

All the presents in the Room of Requirement for the DA reunion stood still, on shock. Only Harry understood what happened.

"I'll call for help.", Harry said. "You guys can go back to your dorms", he spoke loudly to everyone in the room." We will meet again soon. Keep your galleons!"

Ron and Neville approached Harry, while everyone was leaving. "What happened?", Ron asked, concerned.

"I guess the Expelliarmus hit the time-turner.", Harry explained. "I think it broke, and then…"

"So, where she is?", Neville asked, swallowing hard. At least he wasn't the one who cast the Expelliarmus.

"It's not where.", Harry muttered. "It's when."


"…help.", Hermione whispered while appearing in the same spot. Her mind said that it was impossible she was a few years back, but her sixth sense said she was in big trouble. She took a deep breath. "Everything is okay. It's impossible to travel more than hours in the past.", she said to herself, leaving the room of requirement.

The worst thing that could happen is Umbridge being around, and Hermione wasn't afraid of Umbridge at the slightest. She walked around, luckily it was class time and the hallways were empty. Indeed, she had traveled at least some hours back.

Something was weird. The castle was the same, but… It wasn't. There was something different with the walls. Hermione's spider senses were tingling, and she walked a bit faster, craving for meeting someone she knew. Even Malfoy would do.

She went outside, and the Whopping Willow wasn't there. "No…", she whispered, out of breath. "It can't be… I-it's impossible."

Hermione knew that the willow was put there because of Remus. If it wasn't there, means that she was a lot of years back. She fell on her knees, in the ice, which burned her skin. She didn't mind. Everything seemed so small now. The Order, the DA, Umbridge, Malfoy…

She heard the bell ring, and yet she didn't move, warm tears rolling down her face and falling on the snow.

"Hey!", a boy said, approaching her. "What are doing here? You might get ill!"

"N-nothing!", Hermione sniffed. "I was just…"

"I never saw you before…", he said, putting his cloak around Hermione and leading her back inside. "Who are you?"

He was average sized and very fit, as Hermione could see. He had blonde hair which fell on his face and warm grey eyes. Also, he was a Head Boy and Ravenclaw.

"Hermione Granger.", Hermione said, pulling the cloak tighter.

"Oh, I'm Abraxas Malfoy!", he said sympathetically. "Nice to meet you, Miss Granger."

Hermione flinched. "What's wrong?", he asked.

"I don't know. Something. All Malfoys were sorted in Slytherin. Why you are in Ravenclaw?", Hermione asked. Normally she would run away, but he was a Ravenclaw and so far, he wasn't a slimy bastard like Lucius.

"We are not blood elitists enough to be sorted in Slytherin, Miss Granger.", Abraxas answered. "Muggles are fascinating!", he whispered. "But it's not safe to talk about it…"

Hermione forgot that she was in trouble. Lucius' father just confessed that muggles are fascinating.

"Listen, strange attacks happened. Muggleborns are being petrified and some people say that the Chamber of Secrets is open again…", Abraxas whispered, pulling Hermione to a empty hall way. "The Slytherin Heir is on the castle. It's not safe to blood traitors like me, Miss Granger."

"But I know who the Heir is.", Hermione whispered back.

"How?", Abraxas asked, frowning.

"It's a student called Tom Riddle. He's a Slytherin Prefect.", Hermione said. "I know because I am from the future.", she spoke again, showing her time-turner. "A bit more than fifty years, I guess."

Abraxas looked puzzled. "But it's impossible, Miss Granger. Tom Riddle is a Gryffindor."

P.S.: Just a teaser, here. I am up to a challenge created by Evadne Riddle-Malfoy: Hermione and the Alternate Universe.

However, I'm not following all the rules. The colors remain the same, and Abraxas still a pureblood, but I'm following the remaining rules. Like, for instance, the fact that McGonagall will be a Slytherin and a blood elitist. Enjoy!