"Good bye, Hermione." Orion said, and kissed Hermione. And then gave her another kiss… He didn't want to let her go.

Hermione wasn't fully recovered from the explosion yet – but she needed to go. Grindelwald had defeated Dumbledore and found a way to send her home while she was on the Hospital Wing due to her wounds. The key is that the spells Dippet left were supposed to fix the time-turner and send her back. Orion, Tom and Abraxas were with Hermione in the Hospital Wing. Hermione called them to say her final goodbye.

"Good bye." Hermione said finally with tears on her eyes, as she slowly faded away.


Hermione woke up all of sudden. Once again, she had been dreaming… She brought her knees to her chest, and did what she always does when she's missing her world. She caressed her time-turner. The same Grindelwald fixed with the help of the Elder Wand. The same who brought her back to her world. But why she felt so empty? It had been two months since Voldemort was defeated. Hermione was staying at Hogwarts, helping to fix things up. But she wasn't happy. She had been, though, when she first hugged Harry and Ron, when she met all the Weasleys again… Something was missing.

Turns out that she didn't go back to exactly the day she disappeared. The amount of time that passed in the upside down world was the same amount of time which passed on her normal world, but Hermione haven't missed a lot… She had a crazy idea. She never turned her time turner again, ever since she was back, two years and a couple of months ago. And if two years and a couple of months had passed there as well… Well. Hermione was really thinking of going back.

"Hermione, I have something to ask you." Ron said, rather seriously when she appeared on the Great Hall. "Can we talk in private?"

Harry smiled to his cereal. Ron was up to something. "Fine." Hermione agreed. Ron took her to a rather beautiful place that wasn't destroyed of Hogwarts. He took her hands.

"I want… I want to ask you." He mumbled and showed a ring. "Will you marry me?"

Hermione took one step back. "Ron, I…" she hesitated. When she went back, she was decided to forget about Orion, but… She realized that she never could. "Look, I think… I think love someone else."

"What?" Ron asked, outraged. "After all this time, you tell me you love someone else? And what we have been through together?"

By "what you have been through together", Ron was implying the lost of virginity for both, only a few days after the last great battle in Hogwarts. But Hermione never shared with him that she wasn't… It had been Orion. All the time, it was Orion. It wasn't Ron the one Hermione loved, and she felt so guilty for... Everything. For not being sincere with Ron, or with herself at all. "I'm so sorry, Ron!" Hermione said. "But I really love someone else."

"Who?" Ron questioned, his lips pressed together. "Who do you love?" he insisted.

Hermione looked away and hugged herself. "He's not here for you to punch him, Ron." She replied. "He's far away."

And in that night, she wrote an extensive letter saying goodbye, and turned the time-turner.


"Hermione!" Orion called from the kitchen. "You are so very late that you should really… Wake up, you know?"

Hermione stretched her arms and woke up with a smile in her lips. She went to the bathroom to get herself ready to drop her two boys on King's Cross. There were lines in her face, and some gray hair, but she didn't mind those. "I'm going!" she replied. "Just taking a shower." She stammered down the staircase for the lower level of her house. It was a Sunday, so she didn't have to work… Which was nice, because it was Regulus' first year in Hogwarts.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." Orion said with snark and a kiss on her forehead. "It's almost ten, Sirius is almost flipping upstairs that we are going to be late. And I have to go to Hogwarts too. Transfiguration teacher, hello…"

"Go at once!" Hermione said. "I will take the boys to King's Cross."

Orion went to the fireplace and dropped a powder that generated green flames. He stepped in the flames. "Professor Black's office." He said before disappearing. Hermione took only a sip of orange juice.


Two young boys almost magically appeared in the first level with their trunks. Sirius and Regulus, Hermione's two children. Hermione got really surprised in the way Sirius turned out to be. With dark brown eyes, Hermione's eyes, and curly hair that were actually tamed, he was silent and observant though no less of a prankster, while Regulus was hyperactive. Sirius had been sorted in Slytherin, and Regulus was going for his first year… He had green eyes like Orion's, and so Orion's wild hair. Orion's hair never ceased to be wild, not even in his adulthood.

"But, mom, which house do you think I will be sorted?" Regulus asked, quite unsure, to Hermione when she was saying the final goodbyes for him before the train leaves.

"Slytherin, the house that rocks, maybe…?" Sirius suggested.

"Slytherin doesn't rock, Sirius." Severus observed. "Ravenclaw, the house where you actually have some brains, though…"

"Agreed." Lucius said. Lucius had been a surprise to Hermione. Tom and Abraxas got to adopt a baby boy, even if Hermione wasn't very sure if they did it legally… Anyhow, Lucius was a very smart boy, with light brown hair and deep blue eyes and turned out to be a ladies' man… Or boy. Apparently, he had been into a girl named Narcissa. And was a Ravenclaw much like Abraxas.

"Any house is fine, Reg." Hermione replied and checked her clock. "It's almost eleven, I think you should get going before the train leaves."

When the boys left to the train, Hermione turned around to meet two families, several feet from her. "Ugh, don't you hate kids?" Eileen asked as soon as Hermione got close enough to engage a conversation. "I swear to God I don't know how I put up with Hogwarts."

"Try to raise four children." Luc said, but she was actually smiling. "Fabian is graduating next year. He wants to work on the Ministry just like his father." And she tapped Ignatius on the back.

Tobias shook his head. "Engineering is much more fun."

"Working on the Ministry in not that bad." Hermione said. "It's just slightly… Chaotic."

"Too bad for both of you." Eileen replied. She was coaching the Chudley Canons, the most famous Quidditch team in the Great Britain. And very proud of it.

The Hogwarts' Express started to leave the station, and Hermione turned on her heels to say goodbye to her boys, waving in one window. "I bet one galleon my monster, your monster, and Tom and Abraxas' monster will blow up half Hogwarts until the Christmas' holidays." Eileen said while waving and – shock for Hermione – smiling to Severus.

"Two galleons." Hermione replied. "If it's before one month."

She never turned the time-turner again.




P.S.: Sooo, thank you everyone who put up with me all this time, I wanted to thank you for the support, and the lovely reviews, and… Anyway, just answering a few questions you might have… And sorry if the epilogue it's not very detailed. I tried to squeeze everything in less than five thousand words.

Dumbledore and McGonagall: Azkaban (Grindelwald didn't have the nerve of killing them. Duh.)

Grindelwald: Headmaster (Also duh)

Abraxas: Healer in St. Mungos. Created the cure of Dragon Pox (he died of that in canon).

Tom: DADA Teacher and Head of the Gryffindor House.

The real Marauders: All Slytherins. Including Lily.

Molly Prewett (Luc's youngest daughter): Slytherin

Arthur Weasley: Slytherin (Septimus was a coward and escaped Azkaban)

Narcissa: Ravenclaw

Bellatrix and Andromeda (also Regulus): Hufflepuff (yaay Black sisters!)

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