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"Kid, hey, kid!" Frau was guiding in their hawkzile for landing, and Teito was doing his best not to cling to the Bishop as the rumble of the powerful engine sent jitters up his spine. They'd barely escaped from Ayanami's forces the day before, and Teito felt very exposed on the back of their little machine. "Are you listening to me?"

"Just land!" Teito grunted, jabbing the Bishop in the side. "I'm tired of sitting on this thing!" Frau growled at the cranky apprentice he had and landed, noticing how fast the boy got off and turned his green eyes to the sky. "Where to?' The teenager grunted, stuffing his hands into his pockets and hunching his shoulders.

"We need to find a place to stay, you dumbass." Frau replied shortly, "We can't have a place to stay if we just got off the damn vehicle!"

"Then hurry up! It's dark as hell out here!" Teito snapped, and Frau dragged him into the nearest lit building.

The inside of the tavern was dim and smelled of pipe smoke; there was little light around the counter area, and many dark figures sat hunched at tables with pints of ale before them. A pudgy man stood behind the bar, wiping a glass clean with a faded towel; he saw Frau and Teito, and set the glass away.

"What are you doing here, sir?' he asked gruffly, "We ain't into that sort of trade!" Frau let go of Teito's collar and growled under his breath, not wanting to be made a pedophile the first day in town.

"We need a room, old man." Frau snarled, "We're travelers, and I'm a bishop." The man quickly got out a key and handed it to him, apologizing profusely for the mistake, and explaining that a few men were trying to cause trouble around there by selling off sklaves. Frau barely listened to the man until he told them what their room number was and told them how to get there:

"Whatever- come on, shrimp." Teito followed him all the way upstairs, and he claimed the bathroom first as punishment for the boy's behavior before. "Don't piss off while I'm in here." Frau snorted, "I'm not going looking for you in this town; you'll be on your own if any child pimps catch you!"

"I'm not going anywhere." Teito muttered, dropping his small bag of possessions and curling up on the smaller of the two beds. "Hurry up, you pervy bishop, and don't use all the hot water…" Frau rolled his eyes, and by the time he'd gotten ready for his bath, he realized that his little apprentice was fast asleep.

"Now,Teito Klein,what do you say?"

A hand covered him and as much as he struggled, he couldn't dislodge the hand gripping him beneath the waistband of his shorts. Another squeeze and he mewled, cringing at the touch. Teito couldn't from a coherent thought against the man over him, toying with him mercilessly while he was tied to the four posts.

"Well, Klein?" The hand left him, and he sighed in relief, only to have the gloved hands return to his chest, playing with his abused nipples. He felt hot breath against his neck, whispered words against his skin, and the mouth at his collarbone left aching bites there.

"LET ME GO!" Teito managed to scream, and something hard pressed against the backs of his legs, which clenched closed as best they could in response.

"Still fighting, Klein?" Ayanami's deep voice teased, his mouth trailing down Teito's body and nibbling the flesh of his stomach and navel. The v of Teito's hips was tragically bruised from Ayanami's mouth, and Teito gasped as a hot tongue traced the line down too low. That sinful tongue flicked the tip of his erection and teeth followed, dragging down sensitive skin, and making Teito arch his back in pleasure. Ayanami pressed his fingers through that tight ring of flesh, forcing his legs forward so that his ass was exposed.

Teito shivered fully, his toes curling as the tongue traced his slit, which wept for his tormentor. Ayanami's lips glided over Teito again, drawing a moan from the boy, and the military official took him in his mouth. A hum bubbled up Ayanami's throat, and Teito practically screamed as a mixture of vibrations and suction worked to milk him of his seed.

Teito mistakenly moaned for more.

"More?" Ayanami purred, licking from tip to base and back again before he blew cool wind on the erect organ from behind. His five fingers opened and closed him painfully, allowing Ayanami's tongue to taste his insides. "It's my turn now, boy."

Before Teito could grasp what the man meant, Ayanami had flipped him over and unbuckled his pants before Teito's eyes. Teito thrashed uselessly as the pants fell away, and Ayanami pushed his knees forward until his rear was high enough, thrusting mercilessly inside. One of Ayanami's hands went from his hair to his groin, forming a ring around the base with his fingers, and Teito moaned repeatedly as…


The fingers fisted in his black hair tugged with each thrust, and suddenly that gloved hand snuck down to Teito as well and pulled harshly downward in time with his own thrusts. In combination with the lack of release, it left Teito seeing stars, which was only intensified when the chief of staff hit something inside him that made his body burn with pleasure.


Teito cringed, but that only sent the military commander over the edge, and Teito nearly choked as he felt the fluid that filled him next.


Teito sat up with a strangled cry, kicking and punching at the tall, blonde figure holding him by one wrist. He landed a solid hit on the man and sat up into a defensive crouch, shaking a little as his attack zaiphon flared to life around his hands. The words circling his fists were beaming blue, carved deeply into the very air by his anger and fear. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and saw Frau get off the floor, scowling deeply as he picked up his towel and continue rubbing his hair dry.

"The bathroom's free, you little jerk!" he growled, "That's the last time I wake you up!" The bishop stomped over to the larger bed and laid down comfortably, his hair messy and semi-dry. Teito hurried into the bathroom, clutching his collar tight around his neck until he got into the bathroom, and then he ripped off his clothes without delay.

What happened? Teito panicked, frantically scouring his body, counting the marks left from his nightmare. Black handprints of zaiphon letters covered his private areas shamefully, although you could easily read the words that were there. Teito scratched at the one on his navel and hissed at the tremendous pain that surged through the rest of them. He bit his knuckles and swallowed the scream soundlessly, in case Frau was listening, and pressed a damp cloth to it to soothe the stabbing pain. That hurt He panted, covering his face with a towel to hide the heavy breathing; if Frau came in and saw him like this, Teito would never live it down.

Alright he thought, Calm down, Klein. It's not so bad; you've been dream-raped by that bastard, Ayanami, and you have the marks to prove it. He paused in his thoughts for a moment, recalling the feeling of the rough cloth gloves, and shuddered. What am I gonna do? How do I get rid of these things?

Turning the taps as hot as they would go, Teito waited until the steam clouded the mirror before he got in and hissed aloud at the scalding water. This will get rid of them! All I have to do is rub a little!

~07-Ghost is not mine!~

What the hell? Is he tryin' to drain the whole building of its hot water? Frau glared at the steam rising from the cracks in the door frame and thought about storming in on Teito, just for kicks. And what the hell is he doing? Black magic?

Frau had been on edge ever since the middle of his shower, when the boy had suddenly given off a dark shadow. He'd felt it through the bathroom door, and touching Teito's shoulder to wake him up and nearly sent his scythe over the edge.

Kill, kill, kill! It screeched, and he kicked it with a snarl.

"Be quiet, you over-sized carving knife." Frau warned, "Or I'll get out a millstone and show you who your master really is…!"

KillKill! KI-! Frau mercilessly stomped on the blade, prompting squeals and screeches from the demon weapon he wielded until it melted away once more.

"Stupid scythe," Frau snorted, lying back on his bed as the steam started to fade. He frowned, closing his eyes, and shouted, "FINALLY DONE MILKIN' ALL THE HOT WATER OUTTA THIS PLACE, EH?"

"Sh-Shut up!" Teito replied, and Frau scowled at the stab of pain that made the boy's firm shout stutter.

"YOU ALRIGHT IN THERE?" Frau asked, and something smacked against the door heavily.

"PISS OFF, YOU PERVERT!" Teito shouted frantically, and a loud splash made Frau sit up. No reply came, nor did any sound and Frau knock on the door:

"You alright, Teito?"

No reply.

"TEITO?" He banged loudly on the door, and a splash came again.

"TEITO!" He reached for the handle and then heard the quick frantic steps of his apprentice on the floor.

"I SAID PISS OFF!" Teito threw a robe over himself and shouted more threats should the bishop choose to open the bathroom door. Frau frowned at the feeling of darkness again and had a deep unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach. Teito made the knot in the belt and turned around, surprised tremendously when Frau burst in looking angry.

~07-Ghost is not mine!~