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It had been almost a month since Teito and Frau had dealt with the zaiphon marks in the hotel bedroom. They had moved almost continuously since and more than once they had broken into a hay-filled barn loft to stay warm at night. Teito did his best to forget the incident, but the bite mark on his shoulder that clearly read 'Frau Birkin' made it hard. He'd filched some sturdy leather shoulder armor from a guard they'd knocked out and wore it beneath all his disguises to make sure the mark was never seen or touched. As much as he hated to admit it, even brushing it against something made his whole body shiver as though the bishop's lips were still there.

Stupid Frau, he thought venomously as they rode their hawkzile over the rocky terrain. He just makes it freaking worse!

"You're strangely silent, kid," Frau said and Teito snorted derisively, "What's eatin' ya?"

"Three guesses; the first three don't count." Teito said as the blonde laughed. "Die in a fire."

"I told you I'd remove it if you asked," Frau reminded him. "Just tell me and I'll take away you're only protection from Ayanami making his again. Go ahead!" when Teito said nothing, Frau made the big mistake of looking at the boy over his shoulder.

"FRAU!" Teito screamed and when Frau saw the impending crash, he threw them both off the hawkzile and down to the ground. They rolled over the harsh, uneven ground and Teito's eyes flew open when Frau cradled him to his chest. The bishop took the impact for him as they flew off a ledge and hit the ground solidly. Teito's lungs collapsed and he panted shallowly as he tried to get his breath back.

"Teito…" Frau groaned, "…izzat you?" Through the film of oxygen-starved delirium, Teito could see the bishop's face close to his but couldn't reply. His lungs didn't want to inflate and his vision was going fast. "Breathe, kid…" He heard the voice and felt the bishop move, but only when his lungs filled with hot air did he realize that Frau was giving him mouth-to-mouth. They parted and Teito panted harshly as his lungs went into overdrive to get his body oxygen.

"I…I…" Teito's head pulsed painfully as his scrambled mind tried to piece together a sentence. When he couldn't, he stopped trying until he had recovered his breath enough to function properly. "Idiot."

"Me?" Frau growled, "Why am I an idiot?!"

"What where you're going!" Teito snarled, "You just totaled our ride! How will we get to town now? We're miles out!" Frau just lay there as Teito finally got off his chest and dizzily scrutinized the flaming wreckage that was their hawkzile. From his angle, Frau could see the leather shoulder guard peeking out of the boy's rumpled collar and he glared at it.

Why the hell didn't I destroy it? He wondered, to which his mind conveniently replied: Because the little shit never takes it off. Frau slowly sat up and rubbed what would surely be bruises on his back and ribs.

"Our food's burnt, our water skins burst in the crash, and the map is in the food pouch." Teito told him, "Do you have any good ideas by chance?"

"Use the hot spring and build a fire before nightfall." Frau said calmly as he stood up. "then scrounge up some grub and get a good rest for the walk tomorrow." He looked down at the young prince of Raggs and saw distinct signs of their fall all over; he was dirty and a bit of debris had scraped his cheek on the roll down. "Sound good?" Frau didn't give him the chance to disagree and after a few steps he heard the boy follow him quietly.

"Yeah actually," Teito agreed, "but how do you know-? You planned to stop here."

"Ever since we got the map." Frau confessed with a crooked grin. "Now hurry up or I'll leave you here!" Looking at the rocky path the bishop had started on, Teito hurried to catch up with Frau and glared at the bishop until he helped him over the high edge. "Thought so."

"Shut up, Frau," Teito glowered and the bishop returned the look. They locked eyes and Frau hooked two fingers under the slave collar around his neck, pulling the young man close. Teito felt his collar twitch at the bishop's touch and squirmed, but Frau ordered 'bind' and he had to freeze in place as the bishop lifted him and threw him over his shoulder.

WHAT THE HELL, FRAU! Teito thought viciously, trying to direct all his killing intent at the blonde's back. YOU ASSHOLE! PUT ME DOWN! With no such luck, Teito eventually settled down and surveyed his surroundings, including the glorious view he had of the back of the bishop. As soon as his eyes settled on the bishop's rear, he averted his eyes and scowled inwardly at the warmth on his cheeks. DAMN IT!

"You okay, brat?" Frau asked and Teito wondered whether he was asking to be a dick or because he'd forgotten to unbind him. "Oh, yeah! You can't talk!"

To be an ass. Teito decided, and suddenly the bishop shifted his grip and unbound him. Now he was carrying him like a baby; Teito sat on his one forearm while the bishop's other hand rested solidly on his back, spreading its heat across his skin.

"Put me down." Teito squirmed, and Frau gave him a look that threatened him being rebound and carried like a sack of potatoes. Teito hunched his shoulder moodily and adjusted the collar of his clothes carefully, not looking at the bishop as he leaned against his shoulder and stared back the way they'd come. "Are we there yet?' he asked and the bishop told him to stop being a pain. "Just asking. No need to be so snappy…" He turned his head to the side and exhaled deeply through his nose, ready for a nap.

A nap would be good…

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Why the hell does he have to be such a little prick? I thought harshly as I threw his frozen form over my shoulder, feeling the killing intent radiating of him without trouble. That's what I get for taking this punk to the best hot spring around! I shouldered him, sighing grouchily, and trekked on up the rocky hillside on the way to the hot spring. I tried to think hot spring-y thoughts, but the boy on my shoulder made it a little difficult considering the leather shoulder guard he wore smelled. When I realized it was the guard that smelled, my mood worsened and I decided that the runt would need another lesson. He just needed to take off that stupid guard and I could…

I chuckled under my breath as his intent lost the killing edge and began my little plan to get him out of that stupid leather armour. I knew he'd like a dip in the spring, so my mood lightened and I cheerily said,

"You okay, brat?" I felt the edge return, but only annoyance and I wondered why.

Then it clicked. "Oh, yeah! You can't talk!" I would have smacked my forehead had I been in better company, so I just adjusted his position a little and unbound the twerp. He slid off my shoulder and his butt landed heavily on my arm, making my mind whirr devilishly; I quickly placed my hand on the small of his back and pressed him a little closer to make sure he didn't squirm away.

"Put me down." He said as he squirmed and I shot him a look.

I can always bind you and carry you like a sack of dirt, kid. I thought, Don't push it. He locked eyes with me and, seeming to read my mind, he stopped struggling and hunched his shoulders. He pulled at his collar, flashing the leather cover at me unconsciously, and I did my best to hide the naughty grin I got.

Hehehe, you wait, Teito. You won't want that by the end of tonight! I thought as he leant against my shoulder reluctantly and turned his head to the side. He left the unmarked side of his neck open to me and, looking down a little, I felt my jaw twitch with the desire to bite him there too so that he couldn't hide it. I shook the desire out of my head and looked away, almost drooling at the expanse of milky skin under my nose. He relaxed in my grip and I nearly jumped the kid right here when he seemed to fall asleep.

It was so tempting not to just bite him and use the collar to make him submit, but that was just low. Besides, he wouldn't like the pain… would he?

I thought about the idea of bringing pain into it the hike up as he snoozed against my shoulder and, when I finally made it up, I saw a whole bunch of icicles hanging from the plants near the pool.

"Hey, Teito," I said as I shook him awake. "wake you, runt, we're here." His head shot up, nearly hitting me in the face, and I nearly dropped him in the spring. "Holy crap, kid! Calm your ass down!"

He blinked drowsily and shook himself awake, "What?" he breathed sharply, "What's going on?"

"We're here!" I snapped, "The hot spring!" He blinked rapidly, looking around, and he licked his lips as he leaned back and yawned, gripping my shirt tightly for balance.

"Right…" he nodded, getting down from my grip and dipping a hand in the water. "That's warm!"

"It's a hot spring!" I said, rolling my eyes. "If it was cold, I'd want a refund! Now hurry up and get in, you smell like a dead animal." He looked a little offended as I began stripping off my clothes, careful to flex as my skin crawled in the cold air. I knew he was watching and smirked as I pulled off my shirt, tensing my stomach a little for vanity's sake. He looked away red-faced and I didn't tease him because he began to strip too; I smirked at his pale unmarked stomach, knowing his thin body hid a lot of power. I turned my back as he fumbled with his belt, slipping into the hot spring and drifting off across it lazily with a sigh.

"Frau?" I disappeared into the fog, smirking at the small 'thunk'. "The hell? Where'd you go, pervy bishop?"

"I'm behind the rock! Jeez!" I said, "Calm down! I waded out from behind the rock, the water easily up to my elbows. "What?" He was sitting in the water up to his neck, making me realize how small he was, and I chuckled, "You're almost too small to be in here, pipsqueak!"

"DON'T CALL ME SMALL!" he snarled and I laughed heartily when he dunked himself by accident. He surfaced, coughing, and I snickered, "SHUT UP, FRAU!" I sunk down to sit beside him, sighing at the heat of the water, and he managed to find a good spot to sit without drowning. I could easily lean over and bite the mark again, which was very tempting, but I bided my time and closed my eyes.

"Frau…" He said quietly, and I lazily cracked open one eye to look at him.


"…Earlier…" he began, "you'd said you'd take it off…"

"Yeah," I nodded, knowing where he was going.

"Well," He paused nervously and I couldn't help the smirk at one side of my lips. "c-could you take it off? The bite on my shoulder?" I leant my head back again, pretending to think, and I eventually nodded,

"Sure thing, brat." I agreed, "C'mere." He scooted across the rocky ledge he was sitting on and I bent my head to remove the mark from his shoulder.

"Nngh…" Teito bit hard on his finger as the bishop's mouth moved over his bare shoulder, sliding over the mark to send the shiver down his spine. Teito was dismayed when the shiver went to other places as well and clamped is eyes shut tight to try to fend of the pooling heat. When Frau's teeth dug into his skin, the feeling intensified and Teito felt his breath coming in meagre pants.

Frau pulled away, "You okay, kid?" He sounded almost smug.

"Just get rid of it." Teito bit back and the blonde shrugged as he started all over again. Teito gave a small pant into his hand and clenched his jaw in unison with his thighs.

Don't think about it! Don't think about it! Don't think about it! He told himself, but the feeling didn't go away and he felt the urge to whine when it only got worse. Why me?! Teito wrapped his free arm around his own stomach and his mind raced, trying to come up with a solution before the bishop could notice. Nothing came to mind and he cursed.

Suddenly, Frau's bite became a bit harsher and Teito jerked at the stab of pain, unable to totally hide the moan he gave. He swallowed, hoping Frau would dismiss it, but he moaned again when Frau's rough hand gripped his most sensitive place and kneaded.

"F-Frau!" Teito gasped, leaning back and pulling his hips away from the touch. "D-Don't!"

"Shut up, brat," Frau murmured into the crook of his neck as he buried his teeth there painfully. "You know you like it." At the nip, Teito sighed with pleasure and shook as the hand found his groin again roughly. "This is proof enough." Frau squeezed Teito's nether regions harshly and the boy, feeling the touch all over, moaned loudly. "See?"

"Stop it…" Teito grunted, trying not to buck against the hand that cradled his hardness like a pleasurable vice. "Now!"

"Pssh." Frau scoffed as he slid in behind him, his legs on either side of Teito. "No. You like pain?" Teito shook his head, but the bishop pinched his inner thigh and made the boy buck his hips. "Thought so." Leaning his mouth close to Teito's collarbone, the bishop whispered something that made Teito quiver to the device. "You little pain in the ass."

An ache blossomed over Teito's rear and he groaned loudly as his head lolled back. It felt as if something much too big were pressing against the entrance there and he squirmed uncomfortably.

"Frau!" he groaned and the bishop's other hand grazed his nipples like a feather.

"These should hurt a little too." He muttered and the collar, as if knowing what he meant, made it happen for the blonde bishop. The sting of a pinch blossomed on either nipple, which were already sensitive, and Teito cried out throatily. His arms spread out, reaching for a hold on anything around him as his legs involuntarily spread at the pain. His breath was fast and he let his head tilt back in ecstasy as the sharp pinching pain on his nipples echoed as a throb in between his legs. He bucked slightly in time with the ache and moaned.

"You little masochist." Frau chuckled as he let his unoccupied hand roam Teito's exposed body.

"St-Stop!" Teito panted through the pleasure and Frau's fingers suddenly gripped one thigh tightly, pinching in places Teito didn't know could make his body so hot. He squirmed and whined, the pain in his hole and nipples combining with the pinches to make his penis solid as the stone he was sitting on. Frau's large legs were on either side of him, but he was still up to his neck in warm water. "AAAH!" The bishop nibbled along his neck and dragged his left hand down the young prince's hard-on to milk a scream out of him.

"Does it hurt yet?" Frau asked mildly, running a single finger down the underside of the boy's erection. Teito shook his head, grinding his teeth, and the bishop said: "It does now." The collar responded and Teito thrust up heavily when the pain in his rear spread over his groin and made the tightness in his belly grow monstrously. He writhed pleasurably and the bishop pulled him flat against his chest until Teito could feel the bishop's erection against his back.

"God, Frau!" Teito finally shouted, his face hot. "Please!" Frau adjusted their position a little, asking the collar to increase the feeling in his entrance, and sat Teito on his lap, just pressing inside the slightest.

"Pardon?" Frau said lightly as he continued stroking Teito's penis, spreading the heat through the boy's whole throbbing body. Teito writhed on the very tip of the bishop's cock, trying to press down, but Frau held him in place. "What is it?"

"P-Put it –AAA- in!" Teito's plea was broken when the bishop squeezed his dick without mercy. He tensed as the grip loosened, but gasped and panted when the bishop lifted him right out of the pool and into the winter air. "AH! IT'S COLD!"

"That's why you're even harder now." Frau chuckled, "Since you're a masochist, will you enjoy this?" The bishop had his hand out of view and, while he prepared the boy with one hand, the other broke something out of sight.

"Frau?" Teito moaned, "What-?" Pulling his creamy thighs apart, Frau leaned in and masked his hands from sight as his fingers scissored the shivering boy one last time. A point of burning cold pressed against his hole and pressed through as he arched and clawed at the bare ground. He let out a lewd scream as the long piece of ice slid endlessly into him until it pressed against his prostate continuously. He thrashed and Frau pinned him with both hands, leaving the ice in place to torture the boy.

"Throbbing pain," He purred, sliding his slick hands down the young boy. "but only in his prostate." The feeling he described appeared and he screamed even louder, feeling his end draw near as the ice against his throbbing prostate made him see stars without the bishop even moving.

Unfortunately, the ice was melting and Teito whined, feeling his body clamp tightly around the slippery icicle. The bishop removed it and, before the boy could complain, buried himself inside him to the hilt without regards to Teito.

"FRAU!" Teito screamed and the bishop groaned lowly,

"God, you're tight." He told the boy and he thrusted twice against the boy's prostate, aiming for the pain. Teito loved the bishop's length inside him, cringing at the force against his swollen and aching pleasure. He twisted and bucked against the feeling of being speared, screaming as the pain in his nipples increased from another husky order. The pain in his groin disappeared, as well as what pain was inside him, and he breathed heavily as the bishop pulled out all the way. "Clench."

Teito did as told for once and shook with anticipation as Frau lined up and dug his fingers into his thighs.

"Bind." Frau growled and Teito, suddenly unable to move, felt a sliver of fear. In one foul swoop, Frau stabbing through his entrance and they lay together, chest to chest, with the boy tight as he could be. That sent the bishop over the edge, and Teito choked on his scream as he felt the hot fluid fill his icy insides.

The clash of temperatures left him spinning as his orgasm rocked his entire world and left him near fainting with pleasure.

"Unbind." Frau murmured, regaining his composure as he released the orders he'd given the collar and lifted Teito up again. The young prince blushed when he realized Frau was still balls-deep inside him and he swallowed, trying to get off the man's softening organ. However, the blonde bishop simply carried him back into the bath and cleaned him up, pressing little suckling kisses to his chest and neck. Teito felt embarrassed at being so utterly dominated by the bishop but, seeing as he was almost too tired to keep his eyes open, he let the man wash him and curl up with him to sleep.

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