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"Don't you wonder what it would be like? A life with meaning – with purpose?"

"I…have a purpose. I have Hawke."

"Lucky you."

–– –– ––

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Those damned words…The pirate still couldn't believe those words (of all the bloody words in her exceptionally colorful vocabulary) had actually managed to slip from her head, let alone her lips. If anything, she was positively brilliant at keeping things well in place whenever her mouth was involved – but, this…The stupid statement had come out all wrong. Well…not entirely wrong – in fact, there was a chance it had been a bit too right – but it wasn't supposed to come out as it so painfully did.

Not in some dank, vermin infested cavern.

Not in front of lady man-chin, of all people.

And certainly not in some needless fuss to make a point to one blasted elf whose opinion shouldn't have mattered.

And just when I was beginning to think there was a Qunari out there I could actually stand….

Isabela scoffed, pacing the stern of her anchored beauty, a hand unconsciously trailing the wood of its polished curves as the rich rays of a setting sun painted their forms. Despite her anxious motions, the gentle sway of the waves below…the sweet lapping against the sturdy hull, still managed to soothe her. It was one of the reasons she retreated to her ship (her ship – it was still sweet on the tongue) as soon as they arrived in Kirkwall – she needed to be away from Hawke, needed to be away from this woman who made her want to blurt such utterly pathetic things.

But thoughts were a different creature. Buzzing, prodding – she simply couldn't get those words to leave, couldn't stop the incessant loop of them rebounding in her head again and again.

Couldn't stop the memory of Hawke's face when she had said it…Not wanting alcohol to burn the image away.

It was simple: just a smile – but her smile was everything. The softening of her features, the glint in those auburn orbs…. The smallest hint of surprise before being so utterly drowned by appreciation.

When Hawke looked at her that way, as if she were the only one who could ever matter…It was worth it. The constant edginess, the cursed fumbling, the prickly little bastards that tightened her throat – it was now all nauseatingly familiar, managing only to confirm a second thing in her life she wouldn't trade for the world.

But it was still hard. The pirate couldn't just become something she wasn't – something she'd never even known she could be. And 'deserve' had never been a word she had any use for. She took what she wanted because she could, caring nothing for the consequences that cared so little for her. She simply couldn't be bothered waiting for happiness to fall in her lap – not when pleasure was always at hand's reach – just as good. Then strolled in Hawke, over the course of ten years, breaking every rule she never knew she had without her even realizing it…Forcing her to acknowledge what this 'deserve' truly meant:

Hawke deserved everything she had and more.

She deserved nothing at all.

Now the pirate had all these tiresome expectations of herself…Things pushing her to give more than the bare minimum she gave everyone else. To care more. Share more. Be more.

Because she wanted Hawke to stay.

The other woman had become an extension of herself, as tangible as a leg or an arm. When separated, it became almost a physical loss, a slow, dull ache until the other was near. But even still…it was more than that – more than one-sided, as if they were somehow a fit for one another.

As if they somehow…belonged.

It was a thought that in equal bits terrified and thrilled…She'd known her feelings for Hawke, had eventually come to terms with them, but that Hawke could actually feel the same way, need a person like her…

Be her purpose.

Balls. What have you gotten yourself into this time, Isabela?

A tsk. "Now, now: you'll run a groove into your pretty, new ship." The city's 'Champion', Gaile Hawke, approached with her signature grin. "And Castillon just doesn't seem the 'refund' type."

"Hawke…" their eyes met and that electricity, that feel, that only came with her made its course down her body.

Her grin grew. "Surprised?"

Isabela shrugged, regaining a composure she'd never admit losing. "You don't board a person's ship unannounced, is all. In fact, it happens to be grounds for a good keelhauling." A shiver threatened to take her at the thought of that particular 'punishment', the other naked, tied, and writhing about her deck…A slender brow rose, her arms crossing. "Beyond that, it's just rude."

"Ack – my heart! She grieves!" The rogue preformed extravagant arm gestures, using the Orlesian accent she'd taken a liking to ever since Château Haine. "Madame, I assure you, I am the very height of civility!" She began to sashay near, motions as teasing as they were deliberate until only a small gap lay between them. "Permission to come aboard, mon Capitaine?"

The pirate smirked, seizing the brim of the metal plate at the top of Hawke's chest and yanking her forward to capture those lips, losing herself in their softness – their taste…Tugging, nipping on the lower puff of flesh before finally releasing her. "Granted."

"Mm…" it rumbled low in her throat, desire darkening brown orbs; Gaile's arms made their way around her waist, squeezing while simultaneously drawing her near, "What were you thinking about?"

"Hm?" Distracted: the only thought she held now was the other's full lips and, perhaps, indulging herself once more….

"You had quite the grim expression before." One hand began to wander, trailing the curve of her corseted back. "I'll have you know, you scare half of Kirkwall when you pace like that. And, then, my 'Champion senses' start to tingle…"

Isabela rolled her eyes. "Because I'm actually thinking?"

"Because you're actually thinking." Gaile echoed, grin still in place. "Woe to us all when the mighty pirate queen takes the time to properly form a plan. Force of nature, indeed." She gave the rogue a light swat on the arm, the woman merely chuckling – until Isabela felt that subtle shift, seriousness where there was once humor. "You always run to your ship when something's troubling you. What's on your mind?"

"It's…nothing." She was instantly met with a familiar look, one that clearly told the other thought she was full of shit. "It's silly." Isabela amended with a sigh.

"And, in our relationship, 'silly' is strictly forbidden." Mirth danced in her eyes. "Dammit."

"Not that kind of silly, you goose. Silly as in…well, stupid." The pirate was always amazed at how difficult yet easy it was to talk to Hawke, how she tore these words from her and, somehow, made it all right. "It shouldn't be bothering me like this."

"'It'?" Even by itself, it was entirely too earnest – that bloody tone of hers filled with…that thing that always made her stutter and act a damned fool.

"You and I – what we…are. Now." How different it was from what they had 'been'; her brows suddenly furrowed. "That blasted Qunari elf mucking it all up."

Gaile looked confused. "Tallis?"

"A woman who just happens to be a rogue needing your help to recover some valuable item or other for her completely virtuous reason. This all before she caught sight of your ass." It was too similar – and she had found the hard way what had taken her years to realize took far less time with a person like Tallis. "And what about you?" The pirate shot her an accusing glare, detaching from the other's hold. "Do you have to charm absolutely everything you come into contact with?"

"Yes." A broad grin. "But it's most fun charming you."

Isabela's eyes narrowed. "You're a peach."

"And you're serious about this." Her expression fell as fast as it had appeared. "I'd like to think I'm an equal opportunity charmer, that I happen to be this way with everyone – it's certainly nothing new. Tallis merely had the advantage of making me laugh along the way; call it…a little something to outweigh her flagrant betrayal. But you –" she scoffed, incredulous, "I can't believe I'm actually asking this…Is this you jealous?"

The pirate's gaze flicked away. "It's just principle: like having this ship." She turned, making her way toward the back of the stern, fingers, again, gliding along the wooden edge. "Sure, others want to ride her, scrub her decks, and polish her mast, but only the captain can give them permission to do so. Otherwise, it's off limits." That wasn't jealousy, it was…Hawke was hers to…You didn't let others borrow a good thing unless you fancied it stolen – it was as simple as that. "She wanted you for herself, Hawke."

"Oh?" The rogue smirked. "Any person with a working pair of eyes wants you."

"That's…different." She stressed, not having a better word. "Lust's what they're after, a need for a bit of fun."

"'Fun' is what I thought we were all having – barring, of course, the many, many murder attempts and the…unfortunate necessity of both my hands lodged deeply within a steaming pile of wyvern shit." Gaile visibly shuddered before shaking her head, that seriousness taking over yet again. "But that's not what this is about; I can't imagine you saying all this because you're worried I led Tallis on." The other followed her trail, each word marking a step closer. "So, what, Isabela? What did I do or say that has you so angry? Because I can't apologize for it until you tell me what it is that's really bothering you." The pirate felt the woman behind her even before her first touch, Hawke securing a firm hold yet again – pressing her against the railing – lips ghosting an ear. "Tell me."

Isabela brokenly exhaled, nails digging into wood. Damn her…

It shouldn't have been a surprise – the sudden change in course, the utter loss of control; the infuriating woman always had the uncanny ability to see right through her. "It's not…It isn't anything you said. Or…did. It…" a breath, "Do you remember what I mentioned back in that cavern? To…" another, "to Tallis?"

"…Those vile, little buggers were scuffing your boots?"

"Hawke." The woman could be insufferable at times.

"That you have me." Turned around as she was, the other's stare was still piercing; Isabela could only nod wordlessly, thankful for small mercies as she felt heat touch her cheeks. "You do know how to surprise a girl, I'll give you that."

"I'm not saying that I own you." Quick– she didn't want the other woman getting the wrong idea.

"I never thought that."

The pirate exhaled again, the gnarled ball inside her chest a little looser. "Good."

Her eyes settled on the rippling sea, the myriad of colors that came with sunset reflecting off its surface like countless diamonds, giving her solace. Before…It hadn't needed words – what she and Hawke were, their…feelings – it hadn't required an explanation. But now that someone had actually challenged what she had felt, what had given her meaning…there was an ache inside. And she had defended it more vehemently than she had ever thought possible….

She closed her eyes.

Hawke was still silent.

Another shaky breath.

"What…do you think?"


Isabela gritted her teeth: insufferable. "About…what I said."

"That you have me?" She would kill her – whip around, take her dagger, and stab her in the heart. Dump the body. "Hard to say." A short pause. "Did you mean it?"

The pirate suddenly spun round, aggravation clear in every line of her features. "What do you think, Hawke?" The other woman's face was stone, those auburn orbs still burning – piercing, until she was forced to glance away. "I…wouldn't say something I didn't mean, all right? Not something like that."

"Isabela." Hawke called her name, but her tone was an order: 'look up', 'meet my eyes' – she couldn't. She just… "Isabela…" a warm hand cradled her cheek, "Say it now."

Confusion made her chance a glance up, the other's lips as far as she could go. "What?"

"Say it."

Realization dawned on her, that same tone telling her everything she needed to know – even as her eyes began to tremble. "I…" she bit her lip, "have you."


The pirate was about to protest, curse the other woman to the very second she ran out of breath…Until she finally saw the look in Hawke's eyes, the orbs damp with close to a…crazed desperation. Pleading. Waiting…Ten years. All in her eyes.

Isabela felt her chest clench and her heart leap all at once.

Another breath.

"Gaile…" amber met auburn, "I have you."

The rogue exhaled sharply, as if the air had been held captive for years, seizing her hand – her fingers – and placing them on the inside of her wrist. "Look…" breathless; her eyelids fluttered closed, "Look what you do to me…."

And it was too much. The look – that thing – swirling in those brown eyes, the pulse racing beneath her fingertips, how warm she was – the squeeze of the other's hand, how she couldn't let go even if she tried, how everything seemed to disappear…How all the sounds faded besides the rapid 'bum, bum, bum' of Hawke's heart.

She could only form one coherent thought out of this complete overload of sensation.

No more talking.

Isabela pounced – crashing her mouth against Hawke's, the other stealing her breath as she eagerly responded in kind. A sigh left the pirate when their bodies met, her own melting into the supple form she could still feel through the rogue's pesky armor. Everything she touched was hard and synthetic – nothing flesh– having to peel back fitted leather before greedily caressing the exposed skin of her neck.

The brief taste was only enough to show how much she needed more. The ache inside now aware of what it had been so desperately missing.

Isabela immediately shoved Hawke backward, knocking her into one of the thick masts of the ship and pinning her with a kiss; she'd need leverage for what she had planned. Needy fingers searching for more of her slid through chestnut tresses, relishing the feel of the long, curly locks before pulling the woman's head back, Hawke's hot gasps sending a tremor down her spine.

"Naked." Her hands tugged in all the right places, already loosening the cushioned piece protecting her shoulders. "Now."

Gaile laughed, the pirate successfully ripping it off her and tossing it aside. "Here then?"

Isabela glanced around, as if just noticing they remained on the main deck of her ship. She certainly wouldn't have minded – neither would Hawke – but there was no way the landing workers were going to get a show of their Champion being absolutely ravished for free.

Besides: with what she wanted to give, it would be for Hawke's eyes only.

"Captain's quarters." Needy; the interruption was unwanted, but necessary. "Just below."

She jumped up, wrapping her booted legs around Hawke's hips and having her thighs instantly supported by strong hands. The rogue flashed one of her ridiculously attractive grins and Isabela felt another sharp pang of desire, hot and thick in her veins; the pirate rocked into the other woman, rubbing against the firm plane of her hips in an effort to alleviate a growing tension.

"Hawke…" she targeted an earlobe, grazing it lightly with her teeth, "Hurry."

The rogue swallowed thickly, no doubt descending the short set of stairs as quickly as she possibly could without seriously injuring them both. The very moment Hawke's feet hit the lower deck, Isabela released her hold, taking her lips again, a tongue slipping into her mouth while the other trapped and gently suckled it. The pirate moaned into the kiss, hands resuming their task of trying to strip the Champion of her many layers, while also leading her toward her cabin's door. Managing to unclasp the clawed gauntlets that prevented her lover from anything but the most careful touches, Isabela moved next to undo the metal strips covering her collarbone and waist, only to fumble on the clasps that held them.

She pulled away from Hawke's lips with a frustrated grunt. "Why is your armor always so damned complicated?" Her nails snagged on three, purely decorative cords adorning her leather jacket. "I swear, sometimes, you're harder to screw than an Orlesian."

"But don't I look fabulous?" Gaile winked when her brows knitted together. "The better to tease you with, my dear."

"Teasing is for amateurs. You would do best staying naked all day."

"A pity armor does such a great job of keeping me alive."

She smirked. "You and your needs."

"Yes." Her eyes, her voice – each took on a deliciously darker quality as Hawke suddenly reversed their positions, forcing her, face forward, against the cabin door. "My needs."

Deft fingers freed the clasp of her necklace as her lover buried her face into the newly bared skin, inhaling her scent before nibbling along the sensitive flesh of her neck – immediately smoothing each bite afterward with her tongue.

"In that cavern…every part of me ached. I wanted to have my way with you. Throw you against a rock and take you right then." She felt her headscarf loosen and slip away as Hawke brushed her hair to the side.

"Ooh…" Isabela ground against her, aroused beyond reason, "Why didn't you?"

"I thought we'd traumatized poor Aveline enough over the years." The pirate chuckled, closing her eyes when the other pressed a kiss to the nape of her neck, just breathing. "But it was hard – near impossible. Having to wait, and wait…" she claimed the area with her teeth, "Maddening."

"Well," she grunted; another bite, "you have me now."

"I do." Gaile spun her in place, their eyes instantly locking. "I have you, Isabela. No one else."

The searing look in those auburn orbs was enough to make her inner walls clench, it an almost painful reminder of her throbbing arousal. "Mhm…" she captured Hawke's free hand, bringing it to the wetness between her thighs, "Look what you do to me."

They both moaned, the rogue's fingers jerking upward, in what seemed an involuntary reflex, as a deep shudder wreaked havoc on the pirate's nerves from the fleeting touch alone. A low, needy sound escaped Hawke, the woman seizing her lips as she managed to twist the knob on the door and forcefully kick it open. They spilled into the room, kiss teeth and tongue as the other's hand stroked her inner thigh before completely slipping away from the part of her that so fiercely needed attention.

Isabela whined from the loss as Hawke reached around her instead, expertly plucking the ties of her dark corset until it tumbled to the floor. Breaking for air, the woman began to nibble along her jaw, that illusive hand of hers now working on the steel pauldron at her arm.

"So…this is where you live." The pirate could hear the grin in her voice, despite her oh-so distracting actions. "Not bad."

It was the first time she had let Hawke below deck since acquiring her ship, the pirate needing time to rip out the horrid collection of mustard colored velvets and satins that once lined absolutely everything. Now, ebbing orange rays splayed about the cabin's wooden walls, the palate of her new fabrics deep, briny blues and rich, vibrant golds.

"It was a pain in the ass…but it is livable now, so there's something."

Her lips brushed the underside of her chin before firmly latching to her neck, tongue swirling the taunt, offered flesh. "It fits you well…"

"So do your fingers." A hitch in her breathing, the other sucking on her pulse point. "Did I mention you still have far too much clothing on?"

Gaile caught her hand, the fingers she mentioned making their way back up her arm while the rogue slowly – purposely – led her backward. "I want to give you something."

A complete shift: in that tone, no less; Isabela felt the start of another shiver at her spine. "What?"

"Everything." Her pauldron fell with a light thud. "This." Her elbow guard followed. "Me." One, two, three straps – the leather glove then tugged from her fingers. "But I need to take you first. Your body…" the other's touch only exemplified the nakedness of her arm, every brush of skin leaving goosebumps…Brown eyes flicked up, "You."

Desire pooled low and panic struck her all at once. "Hawke…"

"One night." A decree – yet, somehow, still begging. "Slow…" that electrifying hand trailed the length of her other arm, repeating the process and stripping it of everything, "Thorough…" her touch dipped low, settling on the knot of the wrap at her waist until only their bodies held it when she stopped, "Isabela. I want to give you…everything." Repeated, almost helplessly – as if there could be no other word.

The pirate's first instinct was to deny her – to get away from…this, as fast as possible – flip their positions, push her to the bed and straddle her until she forgot all about this silly, 'slow' talk – and the sex would still be fantastic, still everything she'd hoped…Only it wouldn't. Because of that look. Because of what was in that look. Shinning in her eyes more than anything else.


Always that damned patience, as if she would wait for her forever. And something deep inside said she would. That even if she did say 'no', and acted as if this never happened, the woman would still want to please her. Because Hawke was Hawke. Because Hawke…

Was so…good.

Isabela exhaled, biting a trembling lip before giving a barely perceptible nod.

And then came that smile of hers – immediate– brighter than the flickering candles, making everything in her chest too tight.

The wrap between them fell, a fleeting cascade of blue as Gaile resumed their pace, claiming her lips in a way she couldn't describe until the back of her knees hit against the bed. Daggers removed, the pirate allowed herself to fall back, exhaling again when she hit the mattress, fingers strangling the sheets. A dip of the bed and her grip tightened, a lump forming in her throat as her eyes darted to a wall, flicking back and forth between strips of wood – studying their grain as she attempted to shun memories of other nights. Nights bereft of choice with their unwanted advances. A slow, hovering form – conquering– as an uncaring knee spread her thighs….

"Isabela…" a mouth pressed against hers, kissing her with contradictions: hard and soft; rough and gentle, "Stay with me…"

That taste. Skin, hair, touch.


Fingers slipped through the gaps of her hand and the pirate sighed, hesitating…before settling on the intricate tattoo on her forehead; the other woman's dark mane draped her face, hiding the shadows of the room.

"There you are." Her smile was blinding.

"I'm…" the bridge of a nose, an eyebrow – until she finally met auburn, brows furrowing, "no good at this, Hawke."

"Shhh…" the rogue descended again, tongue tracing the bottom of her lip before lowering to her stud, swirling the orb, nipping the skin just below it, "Trust me."

Another hungry kiss: stealing her words, it everything all at once – biting, licking, sucking – an inferno against her lips, kindling her thoughts – utterly halting them – until all she could do was lie there and take it. A need for air had them both panting, her body tensing as the other trailed kisses along her face, leisurely and reverent…The pirate closed her eyes, not knowing what to do with this…heavy, thick feeling within her chest – it making her irritable – and restless – and edgy – and…and…



This wasn't sex. Sex didn't do this to her. This was…It was too deep. It was too close.

She hadn't


She'd never


She didn't know what to do.

"Breathe." A heated whisper at her ear, Hawke following its curve with her tongue.

And out of the pure sensation, it was as if only her word gave permission to do so, the air leaving her in three, shaky gasps.

And when she inhaled, she was taking Gaile in.

The tightly wound coil in her body slowly began to unfurl, focusing on that scent. Focusing on the woman who carried it. Strong. Heady…. How its effect on her was always indescribable.


One– Hawke traveled her body, leaving kisses wherever her fingers touched.

Two– her eyes fluttered, the moon brighter as the other's hot mouth burned through her clothes.

Three– hands slid up her skin, a fizzy, electric thrill as her tunic was bundled to her waist.

Isabela gasped, heat surging beneath her skin as that thick, heavy feeling only continued to grow – it now something…strange and wonderful. No longer paralyzing– allowing her to just…



She just had to keep breathing.

One– the last of her tunic peeled upward and discarded, the rogue's mouth on hers again – it slow and deep as their tongues twisted and writhed.

Two – the process repeated, the other's lips everywhere – but now, there was no barrier – it so much more: just Hawke, and her skin and…sensation.

Three– her leg lifted, boot straps, one by one, unbuckled as burning sucks and nibbles branded the newly bared flesh revealed with each downward tug.

The rogue nestled herself between her legs, a single finger deliberately trailing her hip until snagging against the thin, black material of her smallclothes; she lazily inched them down, her other hand securing the pirate's leg to her mouth as she hummed appreciatively against the flexed skin behind her knee, the sound vibrating right through her body.

Isabela shivered. "H-Hawke…"

Gaile stopped, sultry gaze dragging up her body like a physical touch before halting at her face, the look in her eyes making her squirm like a damned virgin.

She faltered, for once, not knowing what to say or how to say it. The pirate knew what she felt: the mounting urgency, the finely taut tension – all of it coming to a boil and begging for release…But this was different. Something else needed attention, that thing that only the other touched.

And, whatever that was, she needed it. She needed it now.

"Just…" she couldn't handle teasing – not after all of this – the utter attention lavished on her body, "do it, all right?"

Gaile smirked, and Isabela wanted to kick that sexy, smug expression off her bloody face – until fingers firmly pressed against the soft flesh between her thighs, the brushing digits easily slipping past her slick folds.

A sharp jolt of pleasure and her hips shot up from the mattress, moans spilling from her lips as her thighs involuntarily clamped on those delicious fingers, head tossing back into her pillow.

Maker, yes.


Two fingers slowly circled inside her only to change their pace and pump into her faster – the other woman teasing even now as she continued to litter what skin remained in her reach with burning kisses. A leg unconsciously locked around Hawke's back, pulling her – needing her – closer, her pelvis frantically rocking back and forth with the movement of that hand.

Without warning, Gaile apprehended the leg still lying against the mattress, lifting it with her free hand and placing it on her shoulder. She gasped, the rogue nibbling along her raised thigh before slipping a third finger in, tugging her near, each thrust of her fingers driving even deeper than the last.

Isabela cried out, a long, throaty moan positively ripped from her as those long fingers began to curl.

A startling rush took her, the hand lying on her breast, pinching her nipple, now trembling – an inexplicable need to catch the other's gaze smoldering within. Hawke said nothing, focused on watching her, taking in her every reaction – auburn orbs piercing. And her senses couldn't keep up.

Her back arched.

Her toes curled.

And it's…too fast.

Too fast.

But even she can't deny how every touch is…stronger than usual, leaving her shaken and breathless. Her mind blanked. The thick, heavy feeling that plagued her before was now remarkably lighter, brighter– filling her chest like a flaring light, moving to meet the tremendous heat traveling up from the apex between her legs. She didn't know what would happen when they did – only that the light inside her began to spill outward, bleeding into her fading vision.

The pirate shut her eyes.

Sparks burned at the back of her eyelids, body growing heavy and numb to everything but those fingers, still furiously pounding within her. Only feeling the need for them to push her over.

A drawn out second where everything stopped.

And then the brilliant light and searing heat crashed, their explosion engulfing her.

An otherworldly shout exploded from her mouth, Hawke's name heavy on her tongue.

Isabela shuddered, small jerks of her hips beyond her control as tiny thrills still shot throughout her body, her breaths quaky and erratic.

"Not too bad, hm?" Gaile withdrew her fingers, voice clearly conveying she already knew the answer. "I especially liked the part where you screamed my name. Fantastic job there."

A smile took her lips without her even realizing it, a chuckle bubbling within her as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

And with the woman before her, it was.

What she felt now…something beyond pleasure. Something, before Hawke, she would have never thought possible. Happiness: the light still inside her, comfortably settling in her chest. The pirate opened her eyes, looking up to Gaile's face, seeing the grin there but there something behind it, something genuine and unexpected…And she needed…She needed to-

Isabela reclaimed the leg that was propped on the other's shoulder, joining it with its twin still wrapped around Hawke's back and tugging her forward, forcing their lips together as she met halfway, slipping a tongue in her mouth.

Pulling back for air, she hesitated, remembering what she promised. "You're…satisfied, then?"

Gaile chuckled. "For now. I'm surprised you held out as long as you did." The rogue went in for another kiss, their tongues engaging in a slow dance. "Thank you."

The pirate smirked, flipping them over and straddling the other woman, reclaiming her rightful position on top. "I'll be having my way with you now."

"I'd be sorely disappointed otherwise." Hawke's hands fell to her sides, two audible clicks heard as she effortlessly undid the latches holding the metal plates around her torso, propping up while she pulled the straps that held them from under her; she shot the woman a dirty look. "What? I'm a helper."

Isabela scoffed as she tore the piece off, flinging it in some unimportant direction before her hands pulled at the leather pauldrons cradling her arms, untying the strands that held them bound about her shoulders. The rest of the rogue's armor was mercifully simple: her fingers easily freed the newly revealed buttons of her jacket lined at her throat and clavicle.

"You're getting warmer…" Gaile whispered, amusement apparent.

The pirate peeled back the released lapel, finally exposing flesh as she bit down on the meaty part where her shoulder and neck met, Hawke grunting. Her hands found their way under the other's patterned shirt, sighing as the woman under her gasped, delighting in the simple feel of her, the small spasms of muscle. Bunching the tattered ends of the patterned cloth, both shirt and jacket were rolled upward, the other lifting her arms and allowing it to be dragged over her head.

Smallclothes removed like the deterrent that they were, her eyes devoured the smooth, caramelized skin, quivering, waiting for her touch. The pirate hadn't the patience for teasing – she couldn't handle it herself – but she would give her lover a fleeting pleasure before pushing her to her edge.

A hand cupped the soft mound of her breast, a long, slow sweep of her tongue gently caressing an already hardened nipple. The effect was immediate: the other cried out and arched into her, fingers tangling in her hair, scratching at her scalp and pressing her closer. Her free hand massaged its lovely twin as the pirate continued to lick, nip, and suck, pausing only to repeat the same process on her other breast, the sighs and moans flowing from Hawke's mouth only growing more urgent.

Giving one last nip and swirl, Isabela released the swollen nipple, chuckling from the deprived whimper that left Gaile.

"There's something much better I can do with these lips of mine. Just you wait."

She trailed said lips down the other's toned stomach, pausing only to lick a small bump of a scar right before the hem of her cloth pants. She yanked the fabric down, tearing off the leather greaves wrapped around her thigh and knee before sliding the remaining length of the pants down her legs.

Isabela settled between her thighs, holding her gaze before lowering her head to kiss the highly responsive skin and then, very deliberately, licking the length of her slit.


A strangled moan left Hawke as she probed deeper, the other's hips twitching as she began to suck on the hardened nub deep inside her, a shudder traveling the length of the rogue's body. Isabela pulled away, adding her fingers where her tongue had been, wanting to witness what she did to the woman beneath her.

A clawed hand dragged down her breast, sliding down her belly with the obvious need to do something– Gaile moaning before licking her lips, eyes partly open and lids weighted with passion.

She'd never been more turned on by the sight of another's pleasure.

The same body, over and over – she thought she'd be bored with it. She had been bored with it. Before…But Hawke was nothing like that man, now was she? There was something different with her, something that didn't need a name. Not as long as the thrill was still there as the pirate used every bit of knowledge she had on the woman's body to give her the absolute best fuck possible.

She felt the other's inner walls start to ripple against her fingers.


"I know, pet." Another lick, her fingers flexing. "Let it go. You'll feel much better."

The other woman writhed and squirmed: rolling against her tongue and fingers, panting and then holding her breath before panting once more.

Wanting release. Needing only the tinniest push.

Isabela lowered a single finger, circling once before thrusting it in her ass.

Gaile screamed herself hoarse, hips lifting clear off the bed as uncontrollable tremors wracked her body, legs stiffening. She shivered uncontrollably, soundless cries as her hips gradually came to rest on the mattress, fingers writhing in her chestnut locks.


Desire spiked within her, a molten touch to her spine. "Once more…"

The pirate's hands dove beneath her, the other's gasp becoming a moan as their bodies pressed together, Isabela slipping between her legs so their cores touched. They both cried out, falling into an easy, primal rhythm as they ground against each other with a sensual force.

Isabela pressed closer, gripping the other's arm, her leg – reveling in the wonderful feeling of flesh on flesh, that golden, syrupy feeling trickling down as the other woman rocked and convulsed against her.

Fingers glided effortlessly across Hawke's skin, but touched something deeper.

Cries and breathless moans escaped them as they moved in sync.

Taking each other's air – thundering hearts beating at the same time.

And though a small voice in her head told her it was absolute rubbish, she can see stars….

As the edges of her consciousness began to fray, Isabela felt the other's lips pressing against hers, moaning, breathing in light– it more than enough, sending her spiraling into an ecstasy that devastated her senses.

Gaile collapsed, leaning heavily against her as Isabela managed to flip them again, falling back onto the bed with the woman on top of her, both of them panting until their breaths eventually slowed and evened out.



The rogue swallowed another gulp of air. "Holy shit."

The pirate laughed, burrowing into the crook of her neck.

Silence. Warm and comfortable.

None of the walls. None of the guards.

Just them.


"I'm sorry."

Isabela immediately lifted, brow raised. "What brought this on?"

"I did say I would apologize after finding out what bothered you." The easy grin on her lips faltered, her brows downturning. "Making you go through what you did – with Tallis…I…don't want you beating yourself up over how you feel." The pads of her fingers trailed her cheek. "I don't want you doubting if I feel the same."


The other's expression became almost pained, eyes glancing away. "There are…all these things I want to tell you – that are only for you, but…I don't. Because it isn't worth it. Because I couldn't stand it if-" that vulnerable flicker, "if I became that reason."

Isabela brushed away a sweaty strand of hair. "Reason for what?"

The other finally looked up. "You running off again."

A vice seized her chest. "Don't." The word was pulled from her before she even knew she had said it. "I…It can't be all at once. I'm not…used to that sort of thing. But…" a sigh, "I don't want you holding back because of me. And I don't want you thinking I don't want to hear them. Because…I do, Hawke." Even when the woman on top of her did well enough showing her feelings without words…She gazed into those auburn eyes, seeing the worries, kissing them away. "For now, just…know that I meant what I said."

That smile. "I'm glad."

Isabela wrapped her arms around her back as Gaile nuzzled against her, pulling her close.

She had a ship.

She had Hawke.

Her eyes began to close, breathing the other in.

Lucky me.