Summary: Danny is impatient with a stakeout, so Steve decides to speed things up, but it all goes very wrong.

A/N: There is no Lori Weston in my story as I really don't like her character. To quote Runner 043, this is a Bori-Lori free story. Set somewhere after Danny moved in with Steve.

This is a complete story three chapters long and I hope to post a chapter a day. As usual I'd like to thank my friend June for helping correct technical and grammatical errors.

Disclaimer: Hawaii Five-0 and its characters belong to CBS. However the plot and any mistakes are mine.

Chapter One

"Steve, we've had this boat under surveillance for hours and there's been no activity. Maybe Kamekona is wrong and this is just a fishing boat, nothing more."

"Danny, when have you ever known Kamekona to be wrong?" Steve turned to look at Danny and suddenly knew why Danny wanted to end their surveillance. "Wait, there's a game on tonight isn't there?"

"A ga… A game? What? You think I'd rather watch a game than spend quality time with you, in a car?" Danny tried to sound indignant but the smile on his face ruined the effect.

"That's exactly what I think Danny."

"I'll wear those nice headphones you bought me," Danny said hopefully, "or you could watch it with me?"

"You know what? Let's go check the boat out. If there's nothing there, we'll go home and you can watch the game," Steve exited the Camaro.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. . .wait a minute," Danny exclaimed as he too exited the Camaro.

"If you want to go home, we have to check out the boat. It's that simple Danny." Steve sighed as he took off down the dock.

"No. No it's not that simple. We can't go snooping around that boat without a warrant." Danny hurried to catch up to Steve who was almost at the boat.

"Don't need a warrant Danny. I'm sure I just hear a cry for help. Didn't you?" Steve smiled slyly at Danny.

"That line only works so many times Steven. Sooner or later it'll backfire on you," Danny sighed.

"Maybe so, but not today, come on let's go. We know the boat's empty. This will be easy." Steve was already climbing onto the boat and heading for the wheelhouse.

"Easy? Easy he says. I've heard that before. Nothing is ever easy with you around and what about back up?" At the look he received from Steve, Danny continued, "okay, okay. I know. I'm the back up." By now, Danny was on the boat and right behind Steve as they entered the wheelhouse.

They spent the next few minutes searching the boat, and were below deck when they finally found what they'd been looking for. At the very back of the boat was a false wall hiding a room full of drugs. Danny's keen eye had spotted the discrepancy in the length of the cabin and Steve had found the mechanism that opened the concealed door.

"Okay. Now we know it's here, we can come up with a legitimate reason to board the boat tomorrow and find it again," Danny closed the door and started to head topside.

"I told you this would be easy Danny."

Just as Steve reached the bottom of the stairs to the deck, and before Danny could answer, they felt the boat shift as someone boarded it. Steve turned and herded Danny towards the front of the boat.

"Come on we'll hide in that small cabin at the front, it looked unused." He whispered

"Didn't I tell you this was a bad idea? I knew this was a bad idea Steven."

"We'll wait a while and then we'll sneak off. Trust me Danny everything will be fine."

But as they hid in the small cabin they felt the boat shift as at least three more people boarded it. A few minutes later the engine started up and the boat moved away from the dock.

"Shit, now we're heading out to sea Steve. Could this go any more wrong?" Danny ran his hands through his hair then answered his own question when Steve didn't say anything. "Yes it could. No one's shot at us yet. So it can definitely go more wrong than it already has. Why do I do this? Why do I always follow you into this kind of situation? You'd think I'd know better by now. But no, I'm still following you like a sick puppy. We're out numbered two to one, and we're heading god knows where. Maybe you should just shoot me yourself. Save them the trouble, because I have a feeling that I'm going to get shot as punishment for following you onto this god forsaken boat."

"Listen Danny, calm down. I'll call Chin and let him know what's going on. He can have the boat stopped and everything will be fine. You are not going to get shot."

Steve pulled out his phone and filled Chin in on their current situation.

"Can you track the boat and see where it's headed?" Steve asked.

"Yeah Steve, I'm pulling it up now. It looks like you're headed straight out to sea at the moment and moving at a good speed too."

"Then I think it's time we get off, before we've gone too far."

"Get off? Get off? Are you crazy?" Danny's waved his hands around wildly, but he kept his voice low. "You may be a SEAL, but I'm not. There's no way I can swim back to shore."

"You won't have to swim far, Danny." Steve removed a bright yellow bag from the wall. Danny hadn't noticed it until that moment. "This is an emergency life raft. We get in the water, pull this cord and it inflates. We climb in and wait for Chin to pick us up."

"Brilliant idea super SEAL, but I see one big flaw in your plan."

"What's that?"

"How do we get from here to the water? We have to go through four men. Who, I'm going to assume, are heavily armed. After all, they are drug smugglers."

"Trust me Danny. I can get us to the water and you won't get shot. I promise." Steve put his phone back to his ear and spoke to Chin, "Did you hear all that? We'll be going into the water in a few minutes, Chin. Keep track of the boat so you can find us. I'm pretty sure this model of raft has an emergency locator, so watch for that too. The mood Danny's in I'd like to be found sooner, rather than later."

"Okay Steve and good luck. We'll see you soon."

Steve put his phone away and looked over at Danny who was standing by the door looking out into the main cabin. As he walked up to him, Steve put his hand on Danny's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"It'll be alright Danny."

"I hope so Steve. I really hope so. By the way I hate you, you know that? Now I'll miss the entire game, and I didn't set the PVR."

With a smile, Steve hefted the raft and left the cabin to slowly climb the stairs to the front of the boat. Danny followed quietly behind him. The stairs led to a small cabin where all the fishing gear was stored. That cabin, in turn, opened onto the forward deck. They'd seen all the fishing equipment when they'd searched the boat. Danny had marvelled at all the different types of rods. There was even a disassembled hand held travel spear for the dedicated fishermen. Just the spear itself, without the pole attached, was over two feet long with a wicked looking barb near the end. With the poles attached he estimated it would be over twelve feet long. That's what super SEAL Steve would use Danny had thought when he saw it.

Steve had planned to make a dash from the cabin to the side of the boat and slip into the water, but his plan was ruined by the man checking out the fishing equipment. Luckily, Steve was quicker to react and hit the man before he could call out and alert the others.

"Not off to a good start there, Steve," Danny whispered.

"Yeah, but now there's only three left. Come on, we need to get over the side before we run into anyone else." Steve crouched low and ran from the cabin to a large crate that sat close to the side of the boat, the raft bag slung over his shoulder.

Danny removed the gun from the man Steve had knocked out and made ready to follow, but Steve held up his hand, wanting Danny to wait. He'd seen a man making his way along the side of the boat towards them.

Danny stayed low in the doorway as the man passed by him and approached the crate Steve was hiding behind. They couldn't risk any noise if they were going to make it off the boat, so Danny crept up behind the man and hit him over the head with the other man's gun that he still held in his hand.

Steve came out from behind the crate and moved to the rail, Danny right behind him.

"You climb over and then lower yourself into the water Danny. I'll follow you."

Without a word, Danny climbed over and stood on the other side of the rail looking back at Steve.

"I'm not sure about this Steve."

"Just float on your back until I inflate the raft. You'll be fine,"

Danny looked past Steve and his eyes widened in alarm. The first man that Steve had hit was standing in the doorway of the cabin with the spear section of the pole spear in his hand. As he pulled his arm back to throw the spear, Danny yelled, "look out Steve!" and pushed Steve to the side, out of the path of the spear. However, that left Danny exposed, and as the spear struck him, Danny lost his hold on the rail and fell backwards into the water.