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Prologue: In which everything goes pear-shaped

It was rather unexpected. The rain that suddenly poured down on the young women soaking her in seconds. Although the clouds had been brewing, they were normally ignored as it rains quite a bit in Manchester and so it was a rather unpleasant and unwelcome shock to the young woman waiting next to the closed bakery.
"You've got to be kidding me?" She wailed ignoring the few people who rushed by her giving her strange looks. "This isn't funny! First my train is late, then it gets stuck outside bloody Wolverhampton, then my boyfriend decides to dump me, my friends are all with their boyfriends, I'm reduced to calling my ex to get a lift and then just to top it off, the heavens open and decide to make my already fabulous day even better."

Throughout her monologue the small woman, about 5 foot, had rushed down the street towards the nearest wide doorway which just happened to be the church. After dumping her small bag on the step she took off her beret, which was now dripping, and shook her hair down.

Now to a normal Mancunian this woman wouldn't have seemed particularly odd. Indeed to any modern city or town dweller in England she would have been classed as odd or eccentric. Clad entirely in black, coat, skinny trousers, boots and all she appeared fairly normal until one reached her hair. White, silvery hair which was soaking wet, hung limply down her back reaching the tops of her boots despite the high pony-tail the young woman had put it in. She shook her head hoping to shake off some of the extra wetness and ruffled her fringe which hung just into her eyes.

"Of course, this would have to happen to you Teru." She continued talking to herself. "You're just bloody lucky Matthias is around and agreed to come rescue you." She peered out into the rain hoping that her rescuer would appear soon. "What an arse! Jack could have at least picked me up from the train station and then dumped me before going to the pub. 'Sorry Teru. I just don't think things are working out between us babe. I need time.'" Her voice had dropped in the last bit whilst she mimicked her now ex-boyfriend.

The rain by this time had died down and was now a gentle trickle. Teru placed her drenched beret and back on her head leaving her hair hanging out from the edge. She could see car lights approaching the bakery where Matthias had said he'd pick her up. Quickly grabbing the handles of her bag she ran towards the bakery. She skidded to a halt beside the stationary car and pulled the passenger door open and dived in.

"Oh my god! Thank you so much Matthias! You have no idea how grateful I am. I completely forgot that I'd need a lift tonight. I was planning to get Jack to pick me up but then we broke up a couple of days ago and I didn't feel I could ask him to pick me up. Thanks so much!" Teru fiddled with the bag pulling a towel out and began to towel her head.
"You're a bit quiet aren't you Matthias? Cat got your tongue?" she teased him.

"I ain't Matthias." Her head shot up and she peered at the driver from under her fringe.

"Shit Jack! You scared me... Wait this is Matthias's car. Why are you driving it?" Teru asked suspiciously.

"Well Matthias and I were getting a drink at the pub together. And then you called and asked him for a lift. Unfortunately he's had slightly too much to drink. So I came to get you." Jack's voice was slightly slurred and he appeared to be sweating heavily but so far he didn't seem to be having trouble driving the car navigating it easily through the empty streets and out into the countryside.

"Maybe I should drive Jack. You've been drinking too. You don't need to get pulled over and breathalysed by the police." Teru suggested gently. Ideally she'd rather not have to drive, she had been working all day at Chester Zoo and after spending a day inspecting animals she was pretty tired. But if her driving for a few minutes meant that she would live to see another day then she was all for it.

"I'm not drunk!" Jack whined.

"No, you might not be drunk but you've definitely consumed alcohol. And you don't want a point on your license do you? Especially when you've got that big promotion coming up?" Teru kept her voice soft and soothing as if she were talking to an animal. The last thing she wanted was for Jack to get aggravated and loose control of himself and the car.

"You don't trust me! You never trust me! Is that why you've been working more?! So you don't have to spend time with me?!" Jack began sobbing. Unfortunately in the category of drunks, Jack fell under the sad drunk. He didn't normally cry but he would get rather melancholic.

Sighing tiredly Teru rubbed her forehead. This was not what she wanted to do. All she wanted was to go home, shower, eat and then curl up on the sofa with her Giant Schnauzer. She had the day off work tomorrow and she was planning on sleeping in and then spending the day relaxing. Instead it looked like she was going to be putting her drunken ex to bed and then having the end of relationship talk, yet again.

"Look Jack. We've already gone over this. My work keeps me very busy, and I enjoy it. I'm not going to stop working to become your stay at home girlfriend. I have several years before I'll even contemplate settling down and starting a family. Right now I want to carry on doing my work and challenging myself. You want a family. And I can't promise you'll get that with me now, or ever. But let's talk tomorrow okay? You can camp over at my place tonight and then tomorrow morning you and I can sit and have a proper talk. Just, pull over and let drive."

Instead of pulling over Jack grabbed Teru's hand and began squeezing it. Yelping Teru tried to extract her hand as she could feel her bones grinding together.
Jack looked at Teru and began wailing as he saw her trying to get away from.

Finally retrieving her hand Teru turned her attention back to the road and all of a sudden there was a stag standing proudly in the centre of the road. It appeared to be almost black in fur colour and had an impressive pair of antlers. Jack was still wailing and staring at Teru so she quickly grabbed the wheel and turned, hoping to miss the deer.

Her heart pounded in her chest and her breath came short as they swerved around the stationary deer and just as she was about to let out a sigh of relief another car appeared on the road right in front of her. Screaming Teru swerved the wheel and the car went hurtling off the road.

There was a series of load noises, Teru felt her ribs crack as the seatbelt kept her from being thrown through the windscreen. Jack wasn't so lucky as he had taken his seatbelt off in order to cling to Teru more and so he went sailing through the windscreen and straight into the tree they had crashed into.
Shaking her head dazedly Teru began fumbling round trying to take of her seatbelt and get out of the smoking car.

As she reached across with her left arm she found there was an obstacle. A fence post had gone straight through the window and was now embedded in her chest...

Groaning Teru fumbled at the post and then let out a low scream when the slightest knock sent pain shooting through her body.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?! Shit! You're hurt! I'll call 999! What's your name? Hang on! Lady, lady look at me!"

Teru stared up at the stranger who had stripped his shirt off and was now pressing it to the blood seeping out around the fence post.

"What's your name?" His voice was low and agitated and Teru thought she could hear it cracking as the man held back tears.

"Te-ru." She moaned.

"Okay Teru. I've called an ambulance and they're on their way. I'm just going to go and check on your friend okay? Don't move or else the blood flow will increase."

Snorting Teru watched with glazed eyes as the stranger moved to the base of the tree where Jack lay.

As she breathed Teru could feel blood bubbling up her windpipe and she began to cry out to the stranger. He wasn't moving! Why wasn't he moving?!

God, I'm gonna die!

Slowly Teru's breath rattled out of her mouth and her gaze grew darker until there was nothing. Nothing but eternal darkness...

A/N: Don't drink and drive. I personally don't drink so I end up being the responsible adult. It's fine to drink but make sure someone knows where you are all the time and that you have a way to get home at the end of the night. I'm not saying don't drink, just drink responsibly.