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Scene 1:

Thomas wasn't sure what he was going to do when he walked into DAYZEES. He just knew that he couldn't avoid her anymore. He had to see her and before he realized it, he was opening the door.

He heard the slight roar of the customers as he walked in. The crowd noise quickly disappeared when he saw Dayzee. He was still mesmerized by her. He watched as she floated from table to table. Such grace, he thought. God, she was beautiful. Her laugh. Her easy going smile. The way she had her hair up today highlighted her playful eyes. Those lips...

Thomas exhaled. How he missed those lips caressing his. One mistake, one decision had cost him the most dearest thing in his life. He was not prepared for the onslaught of memories that surrounded him. They engulfed him. What he wouldn't give to touch, to hold her like that again.

Fight for her, his inner voice screamed. Didn't you say she was worth fighting for?

"Too late," he answered aloud, the melancholy in his voice matching his feelings.

"Thomas?" a deep voice sliced through his thoughts.

He broke his gaze from Dayzee and looked to see who was speaking to him.

"Anthony," he said half smiling. "How are you?"

"That's funny... I was about to ask you the same question," Anthony said as he slightly guided Thomas to the left, so customers could enter. "Are you alright?"

Thomas set his radar on Dayzee again. She was poetry in motion, he thought.

"Sure, I'm okay." he answered halfheartedly. "Just stopped by to get the best coffee I know."

And the woman you love, his inner voice taunted.

Thomas knew his conscience was right. He loves this woman. She consumes his thoughts day and night. Without her, his heart isn't whole.

"Would you excuse me for a minute, Anthony?" Thomas asked as he started to walk away.

Anthony grabbed Thomas' arm, stopping Thomas in mid stride.

"Not yet, Thomas. Patience. Let fate finish her work. Fate can be a cruel mistress when she's messed with."

They both turned their heads toward the figure as he walked through the door. The figure didn't notice them, but kept moving toward Dayzee. Thomas attempted to struggle out of Anthony's grip, but Anthony only held on tighter.

He looked at Thomas and whispered: "Didn't you hear me before, son? Let fate do what she has to do."

Thomas stared at Anthony like he grew two heads and three arms. That's all he had been doing. Waiting. He had given her space, given her time and each day was torture. He saw her, felt her everywhere- it was too much. And now, here was the moment he prayed for. And he promised himself that he would not let it slip through his fingers again.

"Look," Thomas started.

"Trust me. Have faith." Anthony answered, loosening his grip a bit. "Fate and Destiny has heard you."

Thomas saw the person trying to talk to Dayzee. She seemed to be ignoring him. A glimmer of hope rose to the surface in Thomas. He had to get closer. To make sure that she was safe, he told himself.

Anthony released his grip. Thomas believed that was his cue. He slowly strode towards her. He decided that he would hover near her, just enough to stay within earshot, but close enough to protect her. His angel had been there in his times of need, now it was his turn.

"I"m here, Dayzee," Thomas spoke softly. " Always."

Scene 2:

She made him dizzy, with all this following her around.

"Come on, Dayzee, stop it now. We need to talk."

Keeping her back towards him, Dayzee placed the coffee cup in front of the customer and smiled. She headed to another table.

"I thought we talked about it earlier, Marcus," she answered as she wiped it down. "when I found Amber in your bed. I hope she got home okay-I was so worried."

The look she threw Marcus shook him to the core. This was way beyond a "I messed up speech" and he knew it. Still, he had to give it a shot.

"Dayzee, is there somewhere where can talk privately? No one needs to know our business."

"We have nothing to discuss." she said, still wiping at the imaginary stain on the table.

She looked up and cocked her eyebrow.

"You still here?" she asked sarcastically.

Marcus rolled his eyes. "I am not going anywhere until we talk about this."

Dayzee gripped the towel in her hands tighter. Marcus felt her starting to waiver.

"Please," he begged.

She stood motionless but he saw it in her eyes. There was a chance.

"Please," he asked again, edging closer.

Marcus reached for her hand, she moved away.

"Five minutes." she said gesturing with the towel towards the back office.

Thomas intently watched them. However, he chose to bide him time for now.

Scene 3:

"Okay, Marcus, " she said, checking her watch. " Five minutes starting now."

Think fast, he thought quickly. " Dayzee-"

She held her hand up. "Let me guess. It's not what I think, right? It was a total misunderstanding. What are you gong to blame it on? Oh I know, it was the Jamie Foxx defense? Was it the wine? Oh no, she must have drugged you. That's it-"

"Will you let me speak?" Marcus asked.

"To hear more of your lies? No, I don't think so. I got the truth this morning."

Marcus released a frustrating sigh. Why the hell did he give her a key?

Thomas paced nervously a few steps away. Enough was enough. Time was ticking. He'll be damned if he let this moment... wait, did he hear glass breaking? A few seconds later , there was no denying Marcus' voice bellowing: "You cold hearted bitch... you gave it up on the streets , so what's wrong with me?"

Thomas rushed in and glanced quickly at the glass on the concrete floor. Then he saw Marcus holding Dayzee's arm in a crippling hold.

"Let her go!' Thomas yelled, forcing Marcus' grip to loosen on Dayzee. Thomas turned towards her and cupped her face in his hands.

"You alright, angel?" Thomas asked. He began to inspect her up and down while caressing her face.

He saw the tears brimming in the rims of her eyes.

"Dayzee, you alright? Did he hurt you?" he asked, his concern in full view.

Marcus scoffed. " Of course, here comes the knight in shining armor to the rescue."

Thomas placed Dayzee behind him. Marcus laughed in disbelief.

"This don't concern you, rich boy... so I suggest you leave." growled Marcus

"You first." Thomas countered.

Marcus peered over Thomas's shoulder at Dayzee. "We were just having a friendly discussion, right Dayzee?"

Thomas felt her shiver.

"Seems the lady thinks otherwise." he answered.

"What's going in here?' Leilani asked standing between Marcus and Thomas.

Marcus pointed at Thomas and Dayzee. "Nothing. Leilani. Dayzee and I were talking when he showed up..."

He tried to lunge at Thomas but Leilani held him off.

"Marcus," Leilani yelled as she restrained him again. Leilani saw the wildness in Marcus' eyes.

"Marcus! Calm down!"

Thomas knew something was wrong- he turned around and Dayzee had disappeared.

When Leilani felt that she had Marcus at a more rational state, she set her focus on Thomas.

"You want to fill me in?" she asked.

"I... I have to find her." Thomas mumbled. He started to walk away. He stopped halfway and glared at Marcus.

"This ain't over."

"Say when and where, rich boy." Marcus said vehemently.

Scene 4:

Where is she? He tried everywhere. Her apartment, the soup kitchen she volunteered at, the day care. So far, nothing.

Marcus had really outdone himself today, Thomas thought. He felt his anger bubbling. Thomas listened to the melodic sound of the wiper blades against the windshield, forcing himself to calm. Not his main focus now, he rationalized. Dayzee was alone and it was starting to rain. Hard.

Thomas slowed the car down as he pulled around the corner. He parked it, turned off the engine and ran to the pier.

She stood there, looking out at the ocean.

"Dayzee," he called out.

She cried into the wind. "Go away, Thomas."

He stood behind her. The pain tore at his heart to see her like this. His first instinct was to hold her, to chase away the demons that darkened her thoughts.

"Let's get out of the rain." he said.

She said nothing nor did she move. He moved in closer, placing his hands on her hips. Thomas raged a battle within himself. Even with the rain falling, he could smell the sweet jasmine and orchid scent swirling around her. To be so near... to touch her and yet-

"Lady Day, please." he coaxed, a breath away from her ear, embracing her closer.

Dayzee faced him. Had she heard him right? His special nickname for her. Was this her Thomas?Not the impostor who had betrayed her trust, her heart, but the Thomas who moved heaven and earth to ensure her happiness? The same Thomas who causes her to catch her breath just a little when he looks at her? One like the look he was giving her now- the one where he lingers at her lips for a moment and then slowly surrenders his gaze to hers.

"God help me, Dayzee. I can't -" he said, reading her thoughts.

It was sweet. It was deliberate. At first, he was gentle, but when he felt her body melt against his, her arms wrapped around him, he deepened the kiss. As if that kiss was his lifeline, he quickly gathered her in his arms and rushed over to one of the gazebos near the pier. Thomas hastened his walk up the gazebo steps, located the bench and placed her possessively on his lap.

Right where she belongs, his inner voice rejoiced.

Dayzee broke the kiss first, feeling as if she had been swept up in a hurricane. She opened her eyes and wondered to herself: How does he do that to me? She had to get some distance. She lowered her arms and attempted to stand.

" No," Thomas said firmly as he tightened his hold on her hips.

Thomas didn't hesitate. He reached for her lips once more. The contact jolted him as it coursed through his veins. Only she can do this to him.

That was one hell of a taste and he wanted more. He will be collecting on that soon. No need to even question.

The rain pounding against the rooftop forced him back to reality. He ended the kiss but not before he dragged it out- savoring it like a man enjoying his last meal. Thomas greeted her with a devilish grin and cleared his throat. Back to the business at hand.

" Tell me what happened," he said, focusing in on her lips again.

Dayzee shifted a little in his lap. His fear heightened. She was trying to get away. When Thomas realized it was for her to get more comfortable; he accepted the small victory.

"You mean the announcement he screamed?" she asked sardonically. " I wasn't sure anyone had heard."

She looked away for a moment. After a few minutes, her tone went serious. " Thomas, it wasn't the fact that he said what he said or how he said it. People prejudge me all the time. That is nothing new, I've grown quite a thick skin...but that fact he believed it with such conviction, such hatred."

Dayzee shook her head and exhaled. " I won't sugar coat it...I have done some things I am not proud of. But that? That was never an option."

Her anger lit the fire in her eyes. "Did you know that I caught him today with Amber? I went over to surprise him this morning. Only the joke was on me. Oh, he tried the usual- it was a mistake, it meant nothing-"

Dayzee looked down at the ground, then locked her gaze on him.

"So the two men who promised to shelter and protect me from the storms that might overwhelm me, to be there when troubles encircle me-"

She paused.

" Shattered my trust. Left me without a haven, without direction. Any idea on how to recover from that, Thomas?"

Scene 5

Dayzee's words wrenched at Thomas' heart. The disappointment in her eyes spoke volumes. To know that he played a part in her unhappiness, assisted in her anguish brought no solace to him.

They sat listening to the rain as the question hung precariously in the air. Thomas knew she needed to hear the answer but to have her in his arms took precedent. He would make this right. He was lost without her and he would not lose her again. He lightly moved her hair away from her face. He moved her closer to him, caressing her.

"Dayzee, " he said as he brushed his fingers across her face. "I can't change the past. The choice I made caused you pain- I'm sorry for that. No words can ever ease it, but I learned, at quite a heavy price, it also cost me my best friend and the woman I love. All I know is that I want you in my future. And I will try my damnedest to make it up to you if you give me the chance."

"Oh, Thomas," she whispered.

He readied himself for another kiss. Instead he heard her say: "I think we should go."

She stood up. " I mean, if we stay in these clothes any longer..."

Thomas nodded. Maybe he confessed too much too soon. He didn't regret it though. He would do it again. Dayzee had allowed him a second chance and that was all that mattered.

He grabbed her hand. " Ready ?" he smiled. Dayzee nodded and they ran out into the rain towards Thomas' car.

Dayzee reached in her purse for her key. Thomas had walked her to her door and now was holding onto her as if they were joined at the hip. He told her that he lost once already, so that meant he had to keep an eye on her.

Dayzee smiled as he kissed her lightly on the cheek. After a few attempts (this one can be quite distracting, she thought to herself) she was able to get the door open;with a somewhat very determined Thomas at her heels.

"Ah- where do you think you're going?" she asked turning around to face him.

"Me?" Thomas returned, feigning surprise. "Well, when you said earlier.."

" Oh, no you don't Forrester," she pushed at him playfully. " I said I needed to get out of these clothes-"

"Correction," he teased, pointing his finger at her. You said and I quote 'if we stay in these clothes any longer' unquote. That meant to me you might need some assistance. Which I happily accept as my duty..."

He held her and slowly lowered his head. Dayzee sidestepped him. He could see the mirth in her eyes.

It made him proud he could do that.

"I'm sure one of the hundreds of showers you have in that big mansion of yours will suffice. However, my humble abode," she motioned her hands around the room with a flourish, " can only handle one person at a time."

He approached her. She could hear the sexy timbre in his voice. "You sure about that?"

Dayzee had to change the mood pronto. This man is too quick by half.

"Alright, Lady Day, I shall allow you reprieve for the moment."

Dayzee turned away and then suddenly he reached for her. This kiss left no doubt to who won this battle. He ended the kiss, smiled and closed the door behind him.

Dayzee stood frozen for a moment and then touched her lips as if they had been burned. Was she ready for this again? This time could be more dangerous than the last, her inner voice screamed.

"That's the chance I take," she said aloud as she headed toward her bedroom.

Thomas closed his car door behind him and reached for his cell phone. He punched at the keypad, then waited for a dial tone.

"Yeah?" the other voice barked.

"The Starlight. Seven am."

Thomas clicked off.

Scene 6

Marcus studied the morning fog. This has to be a trap, he thought, examining his surroundings.

Everything about this place screamed abandonment. The concrete stairs were crumbling, the bushes were over taken by weeds, the ivy crawling out of control, years of neglect shown on the face of this building. This can't be the right address. No signs anywhere.

He glanced down at his phone when he heard it buzz. The text message said "GO AROUND THE CORNER.". Marcus hesitated. What if someone was playing a joke? His phone buzzed again. "GIVING UP SO SOON?" Marcus looked around. Nobody. He had a bad vibe about this. But something inside him took it as a challenge. He was never one to back down.

Marcus put his phone away and went around the building. He stopped at the big iron black door. He checked around one last time and pounded on the door. He pounded again. Marcus heard the swish of the peephole opening; two black eyes staring back at him. The stranger closed the peephole and Marcus heard the clicks of the locks loosening. A big burly gentleman was blocking the entrance.

Definitely security muscle, Marcus thought. This guy had the military haircut, muscular build and a look in his eyes that hinted if provoked- he would not be responsible for the consequences. The gentleman nodded for Marcus to come in. The stranger motioned to follow him.

Marcus entered into a dimly lit hallway and felt the dampness of the place. He could hear the buzzing of the light as it swung back and forth on the cord. He looked around for any exits- one can never be too careful. To his disappointment, the door he left a few feet away was the only chance at salvation.

The stranger led Marcus through a few more dark hallways and stopped. He cocked his head toward the stairs and waited.

" Thanks man. You've been a gracious host." Marcus placed his hand out.

His new found friend remained silent and folded his arms across his chest. After a few seconds, Marcus accepted the slight and proceeded to walk down the steps. He heard the creaking and tried to still his breath. He turned his head only to find his friend still standing there; legs slightly apart and his

arms still folded against his chest. No turning back now, Marcus thought.

He reached the bottom and except for the one light bulb hanging dangerously on a cord, the room was shrouded in darkness.

"Thought you wasn't gonna show." a familiar voice chimed in.

He stepped out of the shadows. Marcus shook his head and smiled.

"Figures," Marcus said. "Nice place. But tell me, how would a rich boy like you know about a place like this? I thought guys like you like to keep your hands clean."

"You ain't the only one who had a misspent youth, Marcus." Thomas answered. "How's Amber?"

Marcus removed his coat and started to roll up his sleeves. "Oh, you got jokes? I take it Dayzee told you what happened."

Thomas nodded. He rolled his sleeves up as well. "Among...other things."

"First some ground rules." Thomas said, cracking his knuckles. "One- first knockout... it's over. Two- Dayzee will have no knowledge of this."

"Lying to your girl already? Oh, wait- you already did that." Marcus taunted

Both men circled around each other, like gladiators preparing for battle.

Scene 7

Dayzee checked her watch. If she didn't motor, she won't make work at all. She felt awful about leaving Anthony and Leilani in the lurch yesterday. She grabbed her sweater, purse and headed for the bus stop.

As she opened the door, her foot kicked something. A huge white tube with a gray cover appeared at her feet. She looked down and picked it up. She carefully removed the cover and a daisy fell into her hand. She tipped the tube to get a better look. An antique parchment paper peeked through the edge. She slowly unrolled it.

Encircled in the left corner was a couple kissing. The right corner circle displayed the couple swept up in a night embrace, the stars swirling around them. It was the center of the portrait that took her breath away. An elderly couple standing on a pier enjoying a sunset. Heads resting against each other; holding hands. The caption read:

Can I just spend my life with U?


He was not going to make this easy. She locked the door and began her walk.

"Morning, guys," Dayzee sang sweetly as she walked into the shop.

Leilani met her first. " Uh huh." she said as she pursed her lips.

"What?" Dayzee asked.

"What do you mean 'what'?" she threw back.

Dayzee didn't need to guess. However, if she refused to acknowledge it...

"Oh that?" Dayzee waived her hand. "That was nothing. But I do want to say I'm sorry for leaving you guys shorthanded."

Dayzee walked around Leilani and headed to the back office. She placed her drawing on the desk along with her purse.

"You call that nothing?' Leilani asked while Dayzee was getting ready to sit down. "Two men were ready to recreate the Tyson versus Holyfield match in here for you and ..."

"Leilani, please. I don't want to talk about it."

"You're right. There is a bigger issue at hand." said an unexpected voice.

Both women looked up.

"If I can have a few minutes of your time, Dayzee, alone?" Amber asked.

Dayzee looked at Amber and sat down. She didn't need this today.

"I'm sorry," Dayzee stated in her best annoying business voice while she shuffled some folders, " Now is not the best time. As you can see this is our busiest -"

" It won't take long I assure you. Besides, I'm sure your knowledgeable staff can handle the rush." she retorted.

Amber sauntered closer to Dayzee's desk. Leilani stepped in front of Amber and threw her one of her "I dare you" looks.

"It's okay, Leilani. I can take care of it."

"You sure?" Leilani asked as she sized up Amber.

"Yeah. Of course." Dayzee answered.

Leilani stared Amber down as she slowly walked away.

"Let me know if you need me to take out the trash." Leilani let the threat hang in the air as she gave Amber the once over.

Amber watched as Leilani walked out. She now focused her attention on Dayzee.

"Such loyal employees," Amber deadpanned as she sat down.

Dayzee exhaled. "Amber, what do you want?"

Amber crossed her legs. "We need to talk about Marcus. Wait, let me correct that. I came to talk about us, you and me."

"Us?" Dayzee asked as confusion set into her facial expression.

Amber nodded. "That's right. Us. I mean since Marcus and I – by the way, I am sorry you had to find us in such a state. As you are well aware, sometimes passion and true love can overrule the senses..."

This heifer is truly one piece of work, Dayzee thought to herself. She started to stand.

"Look," said Dayzee as she stood at her full height, "I have better things to do than to hear you pat yourself on the back. As you can see, I have a business to run-"

Amber stood up also. " Then don't let me keep you. You understand that Marcus, Rosie and me are a family now."

Amber gave a slight pause. "I am asking that you respect Marcus' choice and let us begin to explore what we have for each other."

Oh, Dayzee had to laugh at that one. She did.

"His choice, huh?" Dayzee scoffed. She had to make sure she heard this chick right. She had a feeling that Amber wasn't playing with a full deck but this one was too much for words. " He told you that?"

"He loves his daughter. He would do anything for her and for me."

"I see," Dayzee answered, nodding her head. "Well. Let me be the first to help."

She reached into her pocket. She rested the key on the table. " Actually, I am glad you decided to drop in. You can deliver that personally." Daisy pointed at the key. "You should suggest to Marcus to be more careful... don't want the past to just sneak up on you ."

Amber leaned over the desk and scooped up the key. "Something tells me you know a lot about that."

Amber flipped the key back and forth between her fingers. "You know...the better woman won."

Dayzee 's blood was starting to boil. The hint of triumph in Amber's voice set her on edge. She leaned in and zeroed in on Amber.

Dayzee raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. "You think? Let take a look at this, shall we? First, you tricked two men into sleeping with you so that you could have an 'in' on their fortunes. When Marcus didn't pan out, you got your hooks into Liam and that was a good gig until the birth of you child. When that blew up in your face, you suddenly realizedMarcus might be the better ticket. Cause after all, the Forrester name carries a lot of clout in this town. One little snag, though. Marcus had moved on with me and we couldn't have that, could we? Of course not... it now became a matter of pride and principle. I mean, to lose face twice?"

Dayzee smiled inwardly when she saw Amber 's crest fallen face. She could smell Amber's fear in the water. Well, Amber threw the gauntlet first.

Dayzee shook her head. " You went back to what you know. You schemed, manipulated, lied, conjured every little trick you can think of to get him back. You thought by me catching you and him in bed together would bring you two closer. He would probably be so distraught that he had no choicebut to reach out to you, to hear your voice. Except- he came looking for me. My voice mail is full with all the begging and pleading he did last night. You can listen to them if you like."

Dayzee came from behind the desk and stood toe to toe with Amber "So in this case... yeah, I guess the better woman did win."

Dayzee turned her back on Amber in disgust, adding a dismissive wave. "We're done. Don't ever come here again."

"Leilani!" Dayzee called out.

"Yeah?" Leilani answered.

It was Dayzee's turn to give Amber another look of dismissal. "Make sure the trash gets out."

Thomas saw stars with that last punch. He can't let Marcus get the drop on him- he needed to focus. How many times was he told to anticipate? Get into your opponent's head? Think smarter, think faster?

He knew he had to change this around quick. Thomas moved back a little and forced his mind into overdrive.

Think, Forrester, think, what's his weakness? What are you not seeing?

Thomas saw Marcus' left hand approaching and ducked. They moved around each other bobbing and weaving. Thomas threw a right. Swing and a miss. Then Marcus. Same result. Marcus came with a left/right combination catching Thomas in his stomach and then a shot to the jaw. Thomas swaggered a little, then recomposed himself.

"Anytime you want to call this, " Marcus said between breaths.

Thomas shook his head. " I'm...just.. getting...warmed up."

Thomas dodged another punch. They danced around each again, but Thomas noticed something. Marcus was leaving his left side unprotected. Thomas felt the jab at his side. But Marcus was not protecting his left.

Thomas became a man possessed. He began throwing all kinds of jabs- right/ left combos, some right, some left creating confusion and it was weakening Marcus. Marcus was confused and Thomas knew what he had to do.

Thomas threw the reverse combination Marcus used and Marcus fell backwards. He stood over Marcus and waited. No movement yet. He waved for the guy to come over.

The guy examined Marcus.

"He's alright?" Thomas asked, wiping the sweat out of his eyes.

The stranger nodded. Thomas walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed a towel. He threw it near Marcus.

"Good. When he wakes up, let him know that the meeting's at ten am."

Thomas walked up the stairs.

Scene 8

"Marcus knew about this meeting, right?" Thorne asked. He sat down. " You told him?"

Thomas nodded. "Yeah, we talked this morning. I'm sure he's on his way."

Thorne fidgeted in his seat. "What happened to you?"

The beginning of a smile tipped the corners of Thomas' mouth.

"Nothing major. My workout this morning. I zigged when I should have zagged. But I handled it."

Yes, you did. That was a good old fashioned-

"Sorry," Marcus said, whisking himself through the door. He sat down across from Thomas.

Thorne surveyed the two and cleared his throat. "Well, I guess we can get started then. As you two are well aware, Hope for the Future has been doing quite well. But we need something to balance it out. Forrester needs to corner the edgy, rebellious market- and that is why I am spearing the reissue of the Taboo line."

Thorne focused on Thomas. "Congrats, nephew. You have your line back including a new woman's line and I want a new line for teens as well." Thorne smiled. "Think you can handle it?"

Thomas beamed.

"Good, now Marcus this is where you come in. I will need your best people on these campaigns. I'm talking full frontal media blitz. I want the media so saturated with Forrester PR that they won't know what to do with themselves. You guys working together won't be a problem, will it? I suggest you telltell me now."

Both men shook their heads.

Thorne leaned back in the chair, hands behind his head and asked "Anything you two need to hash out? Better yet, anything I need to know?"

They looked at each other. Another confirmation of head shaking sealed the deal.

"Good." Thorne said as he rose from his chair. "I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with."

Thomas extended his hand. Marcus paused and then accepted it. Both smiled, but it was obvious that Marcus' smile stopped at his eyes. Thomas saw they displayed a type of cold, calculated stare.

"Marcus, come with me. I have some ideas I want to throw at you regarding Hope. Thomas, clock's ticking." Thorne relayed as he was getting ready to leave.

Thomas picked up his sketch pad. He touched Throne's shoulder and Thorne turned around. He acknowledged Thomas' thoughts with his own nod.

"It's your time to shine. You don't need me to tell you make me proud. But someone else might. Make it quick- I mean it, back in an hour."

Thorne smiled. "Oh don't forget my sandwich. Tell Leilani to make it with the works, this time. I skipped breakfast."

Thorne walked out.

Thomas' mind was racing as he walked through the hall. Where should he start? Maybe he should give the teen line a different name-then he saw it. The arena that hosted many a battle. The habitat that almost wiped out a legacy. He hesitated. Thomas raked his hand against the heavy birch oak door and pushed.

He walked in and analyzed the room. These four walls with its many secrets. He thought how this place seduced you like a succubus weaving its evil magic on its next victim; only this vixen enticed with power. The most dangerous of all. She left no survivors in her wake, his father being the latest sacrifice.

It was empty now, exhibiting no trace of any activity. His father's possessions were removed- the next Caesar prepared to take his place. Only the mahogany desk remained. The space seemed to cast its own bewitching spell. The damage this room personified. To think one little area laid carnage to his family- the backstabbing, the lies, the secrets, the mistrust.

Mistrust- Thomas' mind replayed the day his father "retired". To the naked eye, everyone was entertained by Ridge Forrester... the larger than life public persona. But Thomas saw the private man. He saw the defeat in Ridge's eyes, the weariness in his stance. His dad's hurt of betrayal as Uncle Thorne announced his confirmation as new CEO. Thomas saw a man who finally realized that he could no longer keep the wolves at a distance. Time had made him extinct. He saw a man who struggled with his own mortality. The only way he knew how to combat it was to crush it under his grip. His father had no idea that it would crush him in the process as well.

I must not let history repeat itself. I mustn't waiver. And my angel won't let me.

He exited, closing the door.

Thomas stood in the doorway. The sweet jasmine and orchid combination encircled him. She's such a dangerous mixture- too impossible to escape. He could never get enough of this woman.

He moved in closer, hands behind his back and whispered: "So,what's your answer?"

Thomas heard the short gasp. The papers went flying.

"Oh, Dayzee- I'm so sorry." Thomas stammered as he crouched down to help.

He stopped. He couldn't help it with this magnificent beauty in front of him. If she can leave him speechless standing...

Dayzee turned her body around.

"Thomas? You scared me to death..." She saw the cuts and bruises and dropped the papers. "Baby, what happened? Are you okay?"

Thomas winced as Dayzee touched one of his bruises. He sucked in a breath. "I'm fine."

She cupped his face in her hands. "Are you sure? The hospital's not too far. Let's go get you checked out."

"No, Dayzee. It's alright, I'm fine."

Thomas saw the concern in her eyes. That's what he loved most about her. Her compassion- the overabundance of concern for him and for others. He felt such pride that he was lucky to know and love this woman.

Dayzee was hypnotized by those blue eyes gazing back. Suddenly, they transformed into the deepest sapphire blue she had ever seen.

Thomas wasn't prepared for the kiss to knock him backwards. It did though...with Dayzee partially covering his body. He wrapped his arms around her.

The way this woman kisses is a sin. A sin that I would gladly commit till my last breath. .

He quickly rolled them over; eyes locked as their breathing escaped in unison. He almost became unhinged when she wet her lips. He swore he saw her say "more". He accepted his fate as a condemned man and began his alluring engagement with her lips.

They didn't see or hear Anthony when he walked in. Anthony retreated and chuckled to himself when he thought he was out of earshot. His conversation played back with Thomas and himself regarding fate and destiny.

He looked upward. "You sure got your hands full with these two."

Anthony shook his head and smiled.

Thomas gently grazed his hand against Dayzee's stomach and felt her shiver. A smile crossed his face as he surrendered to the passion.

It amazed Dayzee how one look, one touch still had the power to reduce her to cinders. Her body felt like half flame and half ice with every intimate contact. The more Dayzee's mind told her to stop this craziness, the more her body betrayed her.

Thomas moved from her lips to dropping slow, dreamy kisses on her neck. Her eyes closed against the new insurgence.

Dayzee's conscience fought through the seductive fog Thomas created and chided- "You know you're still in the office?"

"Thomas?' she asked, trying to shield herself from this new onslaught. The kisses feeling like a soft rain against her skin.

Thomas uttered some response, however he discovered another area of uncharted territory and decided that he needed to explore.

"Thomas." she said more sternly, praying it would stop the sweet torture.

"Thomas!" she yelled. He stared, complete surprise on his face.

"I need to move, baby. The floor is kind of cold." she spoke softly.

Thomas crashed from his love high. He hated to admit it, but his Lady Day had him so caught up. He nodded and shifted his body. Dayzee rose with lightning speed.

He observed she stood behind the desk, the papers from earlier abandoned. She was just as effected as he was. He smiled. Oh yes, his Lady Day was full of surprises; he couldn't wait to unravel each one. Thomas reassembled the papers, then pulled back.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Which was?"

Dayzee reached for the papers again. Thomas backed away.

"Didn't you get your present this morning.?"

"I didn't open it yet. Was it something important?"

She can't deny this bond between them. He 'll play, for now.

Thomas walked up to her with a grin of amusement.

"It's alright. You can open it now, but...I already have my answer."

Dayzee cocked her eyebrow. "Do you?"

"Uh hmm." he nodded. He closed the distance between them. " Should any questions arise, I just want to make sure we are on the same page. For clarification purposes only, of course."

He leaned in. Dayzee placed a finger on his lips.

"What you need is a hose for that five alarm fire you almost created in here."

Thomas saw the familiar spark in her eyes. He rested his hands on her hips.

"If I remember correctly, I was ambushed." he said, as he pulled her closer.

Dayzee's lips formed the shape of a small "o". " An ambush was it?"

She felt so good to the touch, Thomas thought.

"Knocked me for a loop," he said. "In fact, I think I feel another-"

"Dayzee. What's this?" an all too familiar voice bellowed.

Thomas felt Dayzee's body stiffen. She turned away from Thomas.

"Well, Marcus... that would be-"

She stopped. Dayzee looked at Thomas then back to Marcus.

This ain't good, Thomas thought. He didn't like the silence at all.

Scene 9

Dayzee slipped out of Thomas' arms.

"What happened?" she asked as she walked towards him.

Marcus nodded towards Thomas and pointed.

"Why don't you ask him?"

Thomas could feel the chasm widening between Dayzee and him. The fear gnawed at his insides.

"Dayzee-" Thomas began, searching for a explanation.

She held her hand up. "No, Marcus. I want to hear it from you."

"Oh, rich boy didn't tell you? I was sure that was why he rushed over. Yeah, I knew he couldn't wait

to tell you... cause our man was always about the truth... ain't that right, Thomas?"

Thomas drove his fist into the palm of his hand.

"Didn't get enough this morning, Marcus? We could take care of that right now."

Dayzee placed both hands up.

"The only thing that is going to be taken care of is telling me how this happened," Dayzee said, relaying an icy stare between the two.

Dayzee focused on Marcus. "What are you doing here?"

" I came to ask you what's this about," Marcus replied displaying the key. "And so that we can talk-"

"She has nothing to say to you." Thomas answered.

Dayzee threw a stare at Thomas. The daggers in her eyes wounded his heart.

"See, that's where you're wrong, Thomas," she responded. " I have a lot to say."

Dayzee turned toward Marcus and acknowledged his bruises with a nod. " Go on, tell me."

"This was just a little misunderstanding we had this morning. We're good now, right?"

Marcus waited for Thomas' confirmation. Thomas nodded as he nonchalantly relaxed his frame against the desk.

"It's a good thing you told her, Thomas. Cause it sure sounded like you didn't want her to know about this morning. Actually, it sounded like you said 'Dayzee will have no knowledge of this'. Come to think of it- that is exactly what you said."

Her silence loomed between them like a heavy mist.

"Dayzee, listen," Thomas attempted.

Her pain, her disappointment was in full view. How could you do this to me again?- Dayzee's eyes cried the accusation.

"Please, Dayzee-" he pleaded.

Sheer fright swept over Thomas. This can't be happening again. He could feel her slipping away.

"I need..." Thomas started.

Dayzee silenced him again.

"And?" Dayzee hurled the question at Marcus.

"That's it. It's done. I just want to know what this means." Marcus asked, holding up the key.

"Meaning?" Dayzee countered.

"Meaning this is yours. I gave this to you."

"And your bed to someone else." Dayzee said.

"Baby," Marcus cooed sweetly, " You're the one I want. There is no one else."

Thomas' head jerked up and he stood behind Dayzee. He rested his hands possessively on her shoulders then moved his hands up and down in a loving caress. He cast Marcus a challenging look.

Marcus' eyes sparked. "I explained it to you on the voice mail. Please tell me baby that you listened to the messages."

Scene 10

Thomas wasn't sure where this was headed.

Dayzee sighed. "Okay. Marcus. Yes I did receive the messages and I want you both to know my answer."

Dayzee reached for her phone. She created a little distance between her and Thomas.

You lost her, his mind panicked.

She scrolled through a couple more menus, located her voice mails and halted.

Thomas heard the beeping and he felt his stomach tightening with fear. A simple word flashed across the screen- "DELETE?".

The moments ticked away and Dayzee stood frozen. It was killing him. Can he truly begin to accept this life without her?

Dayzee pushed the button. The next screen popped up- "MESSAGES DELETED".

"There's you answer Marcus."

"So it's like that?' Marcus asked coldly.

"Yes, it is. And my name is Dayzee to you."

She lifted her chin, and straightened her stance; all the while matching his icy glare. She felt Thomas rest his hand on the small of her back.

"Goodbye Marcus."

Marcus lingered for a few moments then gave a look of disgust as he took his leave. Thomas gently spun Dayzee around.

"Why Thomas?" she asked searching his eyes.

Thomas glanced at the ground and then matched her gaze.

"It was between Marcus and me. I thought you didn't need to know. Another bad decision on my part.

But understand this, I would never let any thing or any one hurt you. No one has the right to treat you like that. I had to defend you, Dayzee, and I would do it again. Because I love you."

Seconds ticked by.

"Say something, please," he coaxed.

Thomas pulled her closer. "Talk to me, Dayzee."

"Did you win?"

Confusion marked his features. "What?" he asked.

"You heard me." she said.

A smile crossed Thomas' lips. "What do you think?"

" I think the answer to your earlier question is yes."

Thomas gathered Dayzee in his arms and kissed his girl.

Scene 11

Six weeks later

He couldn't wait for this to be over. This office set his hives in high gear. He shifted in his seat.

"You sure this is what you want?" Thorne asked, as he leaned forward.

Thomas nodded. "This is the best decision. Trust me. I have never been sure in my life."

"Well, what can I say? I mean, I can't argue with the hottest young designer of the decade. Who stated that? Vanity Fair or was it Vogue?"

Thomas blushed. "That's not what it's about."

Thorne smiled. "You know that I support you in anything you do. But this... did you think it through ? Quite a big decision."

Thomas nodded. It felt good to have his big uncle in his corner. He has nothing but respect for this man. Since he became CEO, Thorne improved the company tenfold. Both domestic and overseas sales increased. The Taboo line turned out phenomenal profits. And the teen line soundly spoke for itself.

"Okay, then."

Thorne reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a set of keys.

" I think it would make Sally happy knowing that this old place will see daylight again. It's been far too long, Congratulations."

"Thanks," Thomas said as he reached for the keys.

"You sure about this?" Thorne asked, a look of pride and concern crossed his face.

" Absolutely."

Thomas' cell phone rang and he retrieved it. " Sorry, unc- I have to take this ."

Thomas walked into the hallway. "Hello?"

"Mr. Forrester?" the female voice asked sweetly.

"Yes, this is he."

Thomas checked the lock one more time before he walked away. This decision was right, he could feel it. He started for the car.

"Dad, what are you doing here?"

Ridge straightened.

"What? A father can't visit his son and maybe invite him to lunch?"

"Sounds great. But wouldn't you rather like to be with Brooke?"

Ridge shook his head. " I thought it would be just us today. What do you say?"

What are the chances that Lucifer is freezing in Hades right now?

Ridge held up his keys. "How bout we take my car? We can catch up."

"Sure, " Thomas answered with a shrug.

So this is how a lamb feels going to slaughter...


"Okay, Dad," Thomas placed the glass on the table. "Why are we really here?"

Ridge took a sip of his wine and paused. He glanced at Thomas and spoke. "I have a business proposition I want to run by you."

"Go head." Thomas answered.

"The whole thing with your uncle made me stop and think. Thomas, I lost priorities. I let that office consume me. I lost track of what was important."

Ridge leaned in closer. "I want to come back under my son's tutelage."

Not only is Lucifer freezing. I think he just fell into a coma.

"Did I just hear you correctly?" asked Thomas.

" Listen, son, " Ridge leaned back a bit. "I admit things hasn't been easy between us. Now, we have a second chance."

Ridge sighed. "With us, I always felt that something was missing. What better way than working together? My heart always belonged to designing, not corporate politics. You showed me that. Just think what we can do together."

This can't be the mighty Ridge Forrester before him? It's amazing what the imagination can conjure up.

"I believe this will bring us together in a way we never thought possible. What do you think?"

" I-" Thomas stammered as his cell phone rang. He glanced down.

"Sorry, Dad. One second." Thomas answered. " Hello?"

"Hey, 'Mr. Hottest Young Designer of the Decade'. Just read the article-"

"Sure I'll be right over." Thomas said quickly.

"Thomas?" Dayzee asked.

"Sure, give me five minutes." he said sweetly.

He clicked off and stared back at his father.

"Dad-" Thomas attempted.

"It's alright. Go head. We'll talk later."

Thomas saw the disappointment in Ridge's eyes. Did he really see some form of sincerity radiate from him?

"No, we decided on this lunch. We should continue."

Thomas reached for his menu. " I'm starved. What looks good to you?"

Pride rose in Ridge. It's small step, but it's something.

Scene 12

Dayzee stared at her phone.

"You okay?" Anthony asked.

"Oh, I'm fine." Dayzee answered, placing her phone in her pocket.

Anthony rested his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. He'll explain later."

Dayzee turned with the intention of asking Anthony what he meant, but decided against it. Anthony and his predictions.

"Of course," she said.

Thomas stared out into space. His mind replayed their encounter at DAYZEE'S. A warm glow flowed through him. Good thing she stopped him. He really did forget where they were.

He hit the intercom button. "Andrea?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Forrester?' she replied

"Please let everyone know that I am gone for the day. Why don't you take off too? I'll need you well rested for Monday."

"Yes, sir. Have a good weekend."

"You too, Andrea."

Scene 13

"I'll take that," Anthony relayed, as he snatched the tray from Dayzee.

"Anthony, what are..?" Dayzee asked.

"Hurricane's coming. I'll finish up these customers."

"Wha-" Dayzee looked up when she saw the door open. Thomas was in front of her in two quick strides.

He locked his eyes on Dayzee. "I need to talk to you."

Thomas took hold of her arm and headed toward his favorite area of the cafe. He heard Dayzee's cries of objection but he wouldn't stop; not till they were alone.

"What is wrong with you?" she asked as Thomas gently pushed her into the office.

"This." he said in that dangerous sexy voice Dayzee knew all too well. He planted one of his mind blowing kisses on her. Intense astonishment touched her flawless cocoa features and he besieged her again.

He had no clue how it happened. Without a conscience thought, he found himself here. The need for her overpowered him.

She heard his quickened breathing as he struggled for control. A tinge of possessiveness awoke in her. No other woman did that to him and she knew it.

Thomas ended the kiss; his lips a breath away, begging for his emotions to still. Why did it feel like he needed her to breathe? Thomas rested his head on hers.

"Feeling better?" she challenged.

Could she read minds now? He placed all his attention on those inviting lips and slowly nodded.

"Want to tell me why you nearly lost it out there?"

He inched closer to his prize. "Isn't it obvious?"

Dayzee's grin flashed briefly. "And the cryptic phone call ?"

"I can explain... have dinner with me."

"No," Dayzee shook her head. "I have plans..."

Thomas kissed her again. "Have dinner with me. I'll pick you up at seven."

Dayzee shook her head in protest, only to be greeted with another kiss. This time, much longer than the last as he slowly played with her bottom lip.

"Have dinner with me." he urged.

"I told you I have plans."

Thomas showered kisses along her neck while caressing his hands against her hips.

"You don't have any plans. Beverly's out of town," he said, in between kisses.

Really? Dayzee thought as he continued his coup de main. Two can play...

"Oh, you thought it was with a girl?" Dayzee asked sweetly.

Thomas froze. He moved a fraction; his eyebrows lifted up in surprise

She then smiled and walked away.

"Be over by eight. Less traffic." she threw over her shoulder and readied herself for the new crowd shuffling in.

Scene 14

Damn, he can't concentrate when she looks like this... so breathtaking. This deep amethyst, strapless concoction was making him think. And not good thoughts, he admitted. It took quite an effort to keep his hands off her at the restaurant and he barely won that.

"Can I take this off now? Are we there?" Dayzee asked, slicing through his thoughts.

"No. Stop peeking." he chastised, while Dayzee tried to lift her blindfold.

It caused him to glance at her legs and her beautiful form.

Keep it together, Forrester... almost there.

"Can I get a hint? Something?'"

He smiled. "Impatient much?"

"Fine."she teased.

She fell silent and shifted in her seat. Thomas felt his restraint slipping. He turned the corner and exhaled when he envisioned his salvation.

"We're here." he said, cutting off the engine.

Thomas hopped out and walked over to Dayzee side and reached for her hand. He rested his other hand on the small of her back to help her balance. Dayzee stepped out.

"Ready?" he asked.

She nodded.

He released the blindfold and pride swelled in him when he heard her gasp.

"Thomas, what is this place?"

He embraced her, placing a quick kiss on her cheek. " You are looking at the new headquarters of the Forrester Creations Taboo Line. What do you think?"

She looked at the majestic six story building. It was extremely well lit. She could make out the soft coral that bordered around the building and the huge block windows. The new trees gave the parameter a welcoming feel.

"I like it. The vibe feels good."

"How did I know you would say that?" Thomas gave her another kiss. " I was thinking the same thing. Let's go inside."

"Right now?"

"Sure. Why not? I mean, I do own the building."

"Alright, Mr. Trump. Lead the way."

Thomas reached for Dayzee's hand and they headed for the building. He set the key to the lock and walked in. They reached the second set of doors and Thomas punched a few numbers on the keypad and waited for the door to buzz.

"First floor will be cutting rooms, design, et cetera. Second floor will be offices. Not sure what to do with the others yet."

Dayzee noticed the satisfaction on Thomas' face. He seemed at peace, content.

This is the Thomas she admires. Her Thomas. This Thomas can do anything.

He turned to her. "Something else I want to show you."

Still holding her hand, Thomas located the elevator. He pressed the button and waited for the doors to open. Thomas felt Dayzee's hand grip tighter on his.

"Lady Day, you alright? he asked, concerned.

She looked at the floor. She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded.

"Don't tell me." he laughed softly.

"What?" she asked defiantly, " I have a respect for elevators- they respect me. We show our respect by avoiding each other."

Thomas rolled his eyes. Dayzee threw one of her "you think you're bold, say something" looks.

The doors opened. Thomas relaxed into one of his casual smiles.

"Come on." he tugged at her.

She stood her ground.

"Dayzee." He soothed. " You can hold on to me."

He pulled her into the elevator and secured her tightly to his body. The elevator started its ascent and Dayzee moved in even closer. He felt the tenseness leave her. Which only caused his to heat up.

If I knew this was all it took, I would force us to use these more often.

"You can stop enjoying this now." she scolded against his chest.

Thomas laughed. He rubbed his hand up and down her back. The doors opened.

"See, was that so bad?" he whispered.

Dayzee said nothing.

"Open your eyes." he coaxed. They stepped out. Dayzee wouldn't let go.

"It's okay." he tried again.

Dayzee slowly opened her eyes.

"Wow," she said with her mouth agape.

Dayzee stepped down and completed a full three sixty inspection.

"Welcome to my new home." Thomas beamed.

Dayzee studied the place. The high ceilings were showered in skylights. A water sprinkler with an old Victorian chandelier attached gave it that vintage feel. The kitchen appliances were modern but fit in to the retro vibe. She loved how he split the room into a dining room slash living room. A simple rug covered some of the hardwood floor. She loved the built-in shelves overloaded with photography and fashion books.

"Wow. Thomas... this is- oh my goodness."

He walked up behind her and raked his fingers along her shoulders.

" hate it." he joked.

She lightly jabbed at his ribs. "This is incredible. I 'm impressed."

One section caught her attention. A bay window. She saw the skyline, lit up in all its glory. Entranced, she glided toward it.

"Thomas, this view... I' m speechless. I would love to see how it looks in the daytime."

He hugged her close. "Then stay."

Scene 15

Dayzee looked up at him. She saw the heart rending tenderness of his gaze.

"Don't go, Dayzee. Look, I 'm aware of what this means. This is a big step for you, for us. But there isn't anyone else I feel this way with. I love what we share... when we are apart, I want you near me."

He dropped a shower of kisses on her lips. Thomas rested her hand on his chest.

"This belongs to you. That is something you never have to question."

"Thomas," Dayzee attempted.

"No," he shook his head. "No, don't deny it. Don't deny us."

His sapphire eyes confirmed what she heard. He spoke like a man who could no longer be satisfied with only a dream.

His closeness was so male, so bracing, Dayzee thought. She found it difficult to breathe.

"Let me love you." said Thomas; his husky voice shattered the silence.

Thomas traced the full softness of her lips with his tongue. Dayzee saw his sapphire eyes flame to a cobalt hue. His gaze steady, he stated the request once more- "Let me love you."

Another kiss demanded an answer. She gave a slight nod. He swept her, weightless into his arms. His eyes caressed her again, asking the question he feared to say aloud. But Thomas, with full understanding hurried to the bedroom.

This is pure madness, but when he kisses me... it's divine ecstasy- Dayzee's body screamed at her. She couldn't fight it anymore... nor did she want to. She knew Thomas was her heart and soul and she his.

Through her bewitching induced fog, she caught a glimpse of the room. Daises and white rose pedals blanketed the bedroom floor, while two red roses laid across each other in the middle of the bed. Thomas eased Dayzee down gently, reached for the roses and then joined her. He placed one in her hair while the other... he gradually guided the rose down her left shoulder, brushed it up to her neck. His lips followed in the same direction. He completed the same exploration on the right. Thomas watched as her eyes closed, hearing a soft moan escape her lips. Quickly, he stood over her, inching her dress up a fraction. He reached for both legs and slowly removed one stiletto. Thomas grazed the rose along her left leg, the right leg was greeted with the same attention.

So beautiful, like an enchanting goddess.

Thomas laid down beside her. He watched intently as the rose continued its journey, stopping at her hip.

I'll take it from here... and he did.

Scene 16

Her eyes flew open and saw the white box with the letter "D" emblazoned on it; wrapped in a maroon bow.

She must be up by now, Thomas thought, as he prepared the coffee. He made a quick inspection of his shoulder seeing the light scratch marks. His Lady Day was a tigress. Oh, but she was so worth it.

Dayzee stood in the hallway and paused. It started innocently, of course. He seemed to be a mission for something in the cabinet. She took in his tempting, attractive male physique. His powerful well muscled body moved with an easy grace. The way those pajama bottoms contoured on the hips, that muscular back, those abs-

"As much as I love the attention- how do you like you eggs?" he said turning, lounging against the counter, arms casually folded across his chest.

Thomas drank her in. The most exquisite thing I ever saw wrapped up in my sheets. I could get used to this...

Dayzee's mind flashed on last night-good lord. As the old saying goes: "One must keep in practice." And she so does enjoy her lessons...

She cleared her throat. "Where is my dress?"


"Morning... where's my dress?"

His head dipped for a second and returned with a smile. "At the cleaners. Should be back this afternoon."

"And this?" she inquired. Dayzee held up the objects in question.

Thomas rolled his eyes. So sexy when he does that, she thought

"Why, Dayzee. I think that's what they call an outfit. You might need that to go outside. If you want stay here, though... it's optional."

Dayzee gave him one of her looks. He smiled again.

"It's from the Taboo line. You're the first to test it."

"Thomas, there's enough clothes..."

"Because today, my objective is to have you all to myself. Consider yourself kidnapped, Lady Day."

"Thomas, the cafe-"

He waved his hand. "Already taken care of."

"I have no other shoes..."

Thomas held his hand up. "Took care of that too. They are on their way."

He turned around and walked over to the fridge. He stood in front of it, when he heard:

"They? Thomas... it's Saturday."

He closed the fridge, looked at her, eggs in hand. "Dayzee, I 'm a Forrester. We make things happen."

Dayzee's brows arched mischievously at his smug satisfaction. "You give yourself a lot of credit, don't you?"

Thomas placed the carton on the counter and rested his hands on her hips. He was so envious of that sheet right now.

"You do so much for everyone else and you ask for nothing in return. I wanted to be the one to do something for you. That's why I wanted you all to myself for the entire show my appreciation."

He bowed his head and kissed her with all the love and desire he felt. He pulled her closer to concentrate on other areas. The sheet started to loosen. She moved and adjusted it as she turned toward him.

"How long before they get here?" she asked.

Thomas tried to recompose himself. " An hour, two tops."

He heard the whoosh of the sheet as it dropped to the floor. The suggestion of her nubile curves was evident in her walk back to the bedroom.

"Better get to work then, baby." She sighed seductively. "You know how impatient I can be."

Whatever the lady wants...

Scene 17

Her phone rang. "Hello?"

"Good morning, Miss Leigh." She could hear the sexiness ooze through the phone.

Dayzee looked over shoulder and moved to where she thought was more secluded.

"Morning." she answered.

"I was calling to inquire about your weekend- did you enjoy yourself?"

She smiled.

"Yes, it was quite... satisfying. And yours?"

"Ravishing. In fact, I didn't want it to end. Are you aware how beautiful you looked wrapped around me this morning?"

"Thomas!" she gasped.

"I only speak the truth, Miss Leigh. You have captivated me like no other."

So smooth. Oh, this man.

He continued. "The purpose of my call is to request your presence with me this evening."

"Did you not have enough of me over the weekend?"

She heard the provocative laugh. His voice dropped an octave.

"Oh, I can never get enough of you, Lady Day."

Did she feel her skin flush? Was she blushing?

Thomas grew silent for a moment. "I'm afraid I have to cut this short. My apologies. Perhaps we can take this up later?"

"Of course."

"Excellent. Oh, and Dayzee?"


"I plan to have you wrapped up in my sheets like that again very soon."

Thomas clicked off.

Dayzee shut her phone off and shook her head. She heard his words replay in her mind. This one is dangerous. Back to work, she decided and found herself in front of Leilani.

"Didn't he just drop you off?" Leilani asked.

"And?" Dayzee asked, flexing an eyebrow.

Now it was Leilani turn to smile. "Nothing. Just you two are too cute, that's all. Something told me that he was going to be your undoing... in a good way. Just one look at him and you can tell that boy knows how to relax a girl."

"Leilani." Dayzee warned.

She smiled once more. " Gotta go."

Dayzee stood there speechless. Was it that obvious? What if it was?, her mind challenged. She had someone who loved her, unconditionally. This one wasn't going to be just a tourist. She could finally let go.

She walked over to her new customer.

"Hi. How can I help you?" she asked, removing her pad from her mini apron.

The woman put her menu on the table. Dayzee froze. Surprised eyes met cold ones.

"Yes, you can. You can start by telling me where my daughter is."

Scene 18

What does she want?

"Let me get you another waitress," Dayzee remarked, as she started to walk away.

"Buddah," she began.

Dayzee whirled around, the hurt and anger clearly visible on her face. "No! Don't you dare! You lost the right to call me that the minute you pimped me out to foster care."

How dare she, Dayzee thought bitterly. One word, a kind act of compassion in that courtroom would have changed everything.

The stranger lowered her head as if memories and time could erase themselves.

"Dayzee, please." the uninvited person started and then paused. "Your mother... my sister. I couldn't interfere. Besides, how could I help you if I wasn't there."

Dayzee's eyes grew wide at the audacity of this woman.

"You weren't there? YOU weren't there? I saw you in the back of the room. The judge asked 'if there was anyone that might speak on your behalf?' I even looked in your direction. Hoping, no, praying that you would say something, anything and you didn't say not one word. He repeated the question and you said nothing."

Dayzee threw hands up and breathed. Forgiveness was asking a little too late.

"I will not have you cause me to make a scene by pretending that is just one happy family reunion. Get out."

She reached for Dayzee's arm and Dayzee pulled away.

"I said get out."

The woman reached for Dayzee again. Dayzee backed away.

"Listen, I know she talked to you before she left. You could always get through to her... just tell me where she went. Tell me if she's alright. Please."

Dayzee saw the tears fill the woman's eyes. Quite the actress. She almost sounded sincere.

"I can't help you." Dayzee said, disgusted by the fake concern.

The woman reached into her purse, rummaged a bit and then located a card.

"I'm staying here till next week. If you hear anything- please."

Dayzee watched as the woman walked away. The toll of worry revealed itself in her gait. Her shoulders were slightly hunched. Her high heels made a hollow sound as it struck against the hardwood floor. She watched warily as the woman caught her gaze. This person wanted to say something, but chose to stay silent and left.

Dayzee studied the card. The Cardinal Rohas Inn. The place was a good forty- five minutes from here. She flipped the card back and forth. She walked over to the trash can and hesitated.

She pulled her phone out and punched the numbers on the keypad.

"Hey, can you meet me in twenty minutes? Good. Same spot? See you in a bit."

Dayzee shut her phone and placed the card in her pocket.