Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la, la la la la! Hi guys! So, as I promised, I will update my OTHER stories after Christmas! So, this is the new story! Sorry the chapter is gonna be so short...I'm doing this in a rush! So, ON Christmas, that's when I'll type the last one. IN the last one, I'll include all of my fanfiction friends, and I'll ask permission. . . and if you don't reply, I'll STILL include you :P Enjoy!

"Deck the halls with - "

"Please, Amy, spare me!"

"All right, Grinch."

Dan sighed and put the lights on the tree.

"Just because I'm not in a chip cheery mood, like SOMEONE, doesn't mean I'm the Grinch." Dan smiled wickedly to his left. "Ian is."
"Do you think this is a good idea?" Sinead asked. "Having all of the Cahills decorating a tree?"

"Why not?" Amy asked.

"Well . . . if Ian and I can't even agree on who Vesper 1 is . . . " Sinead trailed off.

"We're the kids, homes," Jonah said. "Nothin' to worry 'bout."

"All right," Sinead sighed. "Natalie! The candy canes aren't - "

"This makes a horrible accessory!" Natalie complained. She put the candy cane on the tree. "Why are we doing this when there are 13 days left for Christmas?"

"So we don't have to work twice as hard on the day before Christmas," Hamilton pointed out. The Cahills finally finished the tree. Instead of putting the traditional star, they put an angel at the top.

"For luck . . ." Amy had said.

"Do you smell something?" Ian asked, sniffing.

"The pot roast! No! It's burned!" They heard Nellie shout.

"Guess dinners ruined," Hamilton whispered.

"Oh, no it isn't," Nellie said, standing in the doorway. "There's still two hours left before dinner. I can make another one."

"Why is everyone so happy?" Dan asked.

"What do you mean?" Natalie demanded. "If we are happy - because of each other - then there must be something wrong."

"We're not happy because of each other," Amy said, grinning. "Everyone feels like this when it's this time of year. You're supposed to."

"So this warm feeling - " Ian said. "It's because of December?"

"Don't you enjoy that warm feeling?" Amy asked.

"Yes . . . But no, I never want to feel it again."
"Oh, c'mon guys," Hamilton said. "Just because Amy is enjoying this month, doesn't mean we have to hate it."

"What?" Amy asked.

"Well . . . when you like something . . . it usually dampens our spirit. It's not you, it's us," Sinead said, gently.

"Well, if it weren't for me, Christmastime would be dead. Nothing exciting - " Dan was cut off by a huge CRASH.

Again, sorry for the short one. I know, it's lame, but I promise you it will get better! The next chapter will be long . . . an exciting! So, don't give up yet! Thirteen day's 'till Christmas! And fourteen day's 'till Kwanza! I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER!