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Kuroshitsuji III: Forever with You

Chapter 1: His Butler, Chained

Two figures walked through a field of white and black flowers, the taller man holding a boy, no older than thirteen, bridal style in his arms. The boy looked around.

"Where shall we go?" the raven-haired man asked. The boy looked him in the eyes and then quickly averted his gaze.

"I don't care," he said quietly, a soft wind taking his words to the man's ears. "Because where we'll end up, for both demons and humans, is that place where all are equal." The boy smirked and closed his eyes as they reached the end of the field and approached the abyss.

"It feels nice. As if I have been released from a long curse."

The tall man looked down at him, "Yes, and in exchange, I have been given an eternal curse."

The boy gripped the man's shoulders tighter at the statement before he opened his mismatched ruby eyes and looked at the man.

"You are my butler."

"I am your butler…for all eternity," the man replied.

"From now on, you shall give me only one response. You know it, don't you?" the boy asked him.

The man held the boy closer to his chest and jumped into the abyss, the black and white flower petals surrounding them in the darkness.

"Yes, my lord."


The sound of a rolling tray echoed through the dark halls of the manor. A dark-haired butler took out his pocket watch and checked the time, nodded and then settled his watch back into his vest pocket. The man walked along the corridors before arriving at two big black doors; he knocked softly and entered the room. Once he'd closed the door behind himself, the raven-haired man turned and walked over to the curtains.

"Young master, it's time for you to wake up." He pulled back the curtains, revealing the reddish-purple sky. The figure addressed as "young master" groaned and stretched his arms and back.

"For today, I have prepared My Lady tea," the butler said, pretending to pour the tea before handing the cup to the other. The dark-haired boy sniffed, taking in the aroma, and then proceeded to "drink" from the teacup. The raven-haired butler watched him emotionlessly.

After moments, the butler walked to the wardrobe and pulled out a black coat, vest and pants. He placed the clothes on the edge of the bed and then began to dress his master, removing the boy's night shirt and dressing him in a gray shirt, black short-pants and grayish socks. But as the butler proceeded to tie a ribbon around the boy's neck, a black nailed finger stopped him.

"I don't want to wear a ribbon."

The taller man simply stared at him impassively before he placed the ribbon on the nightstand and began to lace the boy's boots. A smirk came to life on the short boy's lips as he set his teacup near the ribbon.

"What is the schedule for today, Sebastian? You woke me rather early, is someone visiting?" the young master asked.

The man, Sebastian, looked at his master, "Mister Damian Armageddon and Lady Odette have come for their weekly visit."

The boy's smirk grew wider at the words. "Oh! Yes, I was wondering when he was going to come… Sebastian, I want you to go and prepare the guest room; make it look perfect for our guests. After all, you know he is a fine gentleman."

Sebastian bowed emotionlessly, took the tray and left the room without a word. He sighed deeply once the door clicked shut behind him and headed downstairs to the guest room, wishing that someone other than himself could handle this task.

But as it was, the demon was the only servant in the manor currently; Ciel always assured him that he didn't need anyone else, not as long as he had Sebastian. Sebastian, though, was sure the boy got some sick enjoyment out of making his life a living Hell. Every day it was the same routine, the same discussions, the same game; he couldn't imagine a fate worse than this.

Hatred begin to bubble within the demon as he went about the task that had been set to him, a hatred that wanted to burn uncontrollably as he thought of his humiliating situation. He was such a powerful demon, but now he was forced to spend eternity reduced to nothing more than a child's servant—a brat's toy! He loathed it all, but most of all, he loathed Ciel.

Sebastian honestly didn't know why he hadn't looked for a demon's sword; he could have stabbed the brat in the stomach long ago and ended all of this.

His thoughts quieted when he heard a small noise from the doorway. Unbeknownst to the butler, a small spiritual figure of an ocean eyed boy had been watching him by the door with a smile, dressed in only a white nightshirt.

Now that Sebastian was aware of the other's presence though, he turned and smiled, remembering that this was why he didn't—why he couldn't kill his master.

Being unable to go onto Heaven or Hell upon Ciel's birth as a demon, this was what had remained, trapped between worlds for as long as demon boy lived. This was what had stopped him, because this soul was far too precious to him now; this soul was the only thing that could keep him sane.

"Young master, what are you doing down here, I thought I told you to wait upstairs?"

Ciel blinked and stepped closer to Sebastian. "But it's rather boring up there all alone, Sebastian, so I thought I might come and cheer you up."

Sebastian regarded the spirit thoughtfully, with a soft smile on his lips. These were the moments he lived for now, the small snippets of time, usually during the night, where he could spend time with the boy's spirit. Of course, though, this was done without his master's knowledge; if Ciel were to find out it would certainly be bad for everyone involved.

"So when will you be finished with all of this?" the boy before him asked, effectively distracting him.

Sebastian turned away from the spirit with a slight sigh, going back to his work. "I can't be sure, that will depend on the length of Damian's visit."

The boy smiled sadly from behind Sebastian.

"Can I stay near you during the visit at least? I really am getting bored, locked up in your room all day long."

"I don't think that would be wise, considering Damian…"

"Please?" Ciel reached out to Sebastian, getting the man to look at him. "You put that protective aura around me," the boy reminded quietly, "and it's worked so far. I've been here for such a long time and the demon version of me still hasn't felt my presence."

Sebastian sighed; Ciel had a point, and he didn't want to keep the boy locked up forever, regardless that that was the safest approach to their situation. "At least…" he shook his head, "stay out of his sight, alright?" Ciel smiled.

"Sebastian!" The younger demon entered the room and glared at the space in suspicion. Ciel looked at the demonic form before him and felt hatred and disgust boil in his veins.

The small demon started to circle Sebastian, studying him from head to toe. "What are you doing, Sebastian?"

"Just preparing the guest room, my lord," he said with a bow.

"I can see that," the demon snorted, "but I heard you talking. Tell me, Sebastian, just who were you talking to?"

Sebastian remained emotionless even as the lie left his lips, "No one, my lord."

The smaller demon raised his nose at the response as he walked to one of the two couches set in the middle of the small, crimson colored room and sat down. Sebastian watched as the boy turned to face the fire burning in the fire place; he seemed fascinated by the dancing flames.

After a few moments of silently watching his master, Sebastian turned and set back to work, nearly dragging his feet across the dark gray carpet as he moved toward the large Victorian windows. He pulled back the long black velvet curtains and tied them so they'd stay parted. Once he'd allowed some sort of sunlight into the otherwise dreary place, Sebastian moved swiftly through the room, dusting each of the dark, ugly gargoyles that stood in each corner of the room.

But when he came to a stop underneath the big, black chandelier that loomed over the center of the room, he heard his master become startled by the ringing doorbell. It almost made him laugh, his master, who boasted about being so fearless and powerful, being frightened by the chime of a bell.

Sebastian hid his smirk as he bowed and left the room, moving quickly round the corner and down the large, gray, marble staircase to come to a stop before the door.

"Michaelis, what a pleasure to see you again," the cheerful tone greeted Sebastian before he could even meet the tall, smirking man's poison green eyes.

"Mister Armageddon," Sebastian bowed politely to the other man, whom was dressed very alike to himself, save for the dark poison green/black shade of his uniform, before gesturing for him to enter. His greenish-black hair reached his chin and framed his handsome face perfectly. Behind the pale butler stood a young blue eyed girl, about the same age and height as Ciel, waiting patiently to be recognized.

"Lady Odette…" the girl blushed when Sebastian bowed to her and she curtsied before entering the mansion. The Phantomhive butler looked outside as he closed the door, noticing how the sky continued to change in appearance.

It's going to be a long day… the door closed with an audible click.

Damian took off Odette's coat and handed it to Sebastian once he turned toward them. He took the garment as he spoke to Damian, "The young master is waiting for you in the guest room."

"Yes, yes, we know the way; let's go, my lady," Damian's soft, deep voice echoed through the dark manor as he waved Sebastian off and escorted the young lady to the guest room. They had almost reached the corner of the hall when Odette stopped dead, noticed that her bootlace was loose.

"Damian, fix my bootlace," she ordered. The green eyed demon stared at her impassively for a moment and nodded. He kneeled before her and set to his task, but his eyes began to wander as he repeated the motions.

Surveying the area directly around them, Damian looked from the carpeted floor to the dark crimson walls, slowly bringing his green eyes to stop at the marble staircase. He could feel that something was amiss, and so let his eyes move carefully from the bottom of the staircase to the top. Damian almost couldn't stop himself from smirking as he locked eyes with Ciel's spirit, whose eyes widened in alarm as he realized he had been caught. But the boy didn't move, and Damian didn't let his gaze fall. It was almost as if he were tasting the soul with his eyes, eyes which began to glow, turning from a poison green to a very electric shade.

"Is something wrong, Mister Armageddon?"

Damian's concentration was interrupted by Sebastian's curious voice, and the glow of his eyes faded as the crimson eyed demon approached him.

"Is there something bothering you about the décor of the manor? The young master would be upset to find out, as he was the one who decorated," Sebastian's voice was gentle, but the hatred in his eyes betrayed him.

Damian looked from Sebastian to Ciel as a wicked smile spread across his features. "Oh, no, in fact, it's quite interesting, so to speak."

He gave one last glance to Ciel's spirit before he tied a small ribbon to Odette's boot. The girl looked down and snorted just as Damian stood and brushed off his clothes.

"Took you long enough…" she walked off around the corner once she spoke, her soft brown hair, which had been tied up in two long ponytails, bouncing along behind her. After a moment, Damian followed her, leaving Sebastian alone in the hallway.

The crimson eyed demon waited until he heard the door close before he spoke in a harsh whisper, "What did I tell you, young master! Get into my room and stay there; don't come down until he leaves!" Ciel certainly didn't need to be told again, he rushed upstairs to hide in the butler's room.

After he was sure that the spirit was gone, Sebastian sighed and walked toward the guest room to join the others. He knocked upon the door as only a polite formality before he entered, closing the door behind him carefully. Aware that the conversation had stopped once he'd entered the room, Sebastian turned and approached the couch on which his demon master sat.

Ciel gave his butler an emotionless glance before ignoring his existence altogether, turning his attention back to his guests, who sat opposite him. "Continue, Damian, what of that soul you brought me?"

Damian's smirk widened as he began to reach into his pocket, "Yes… I saw that you enjoyed the last one I brought for you, Earl Phantomhive, so…" the visiting butler pulled a vial from his pocket, containing a gas-like substance.

"I assure you, this one will be even better."

Ciel smirked at the words and reached out his hand, quickly snatching the vial that lay in Damian's outstretched palm. He brought it closer and opened the glass container with a loud pop.

"My lord…" Sebastian began to speak after catching a whiff of the foul smelling soul, "I don't think you should—" Sebastian was silenced by his master's glare.

"Remember your place, servant…" Damian smirked at Sebastian as the word was hissed out; Sebastian glared back as Ciel gulped down the soul greedily and licked his lips.

"Ah, Damian… It seems you know me very well," the little demon smirked as he glanced at Sebastian. "What a fine demon he is, Sebastian, don't you agree? Getting into such trouble to get souls for me; such a gentleman he is."

"These souls he feeds you…" Sebastian looked disgustedly at Damian, "Are nothing more than foul human souls, which were taken by force. He merely casts a charm upon them so they'll taste good, but once they reach your stomach… It will only do damage to you."

Sebastian looked to Damian and smirked, knowing the man had to be more than annoyed with him, but Damian sniggered.

"Oh really? So can you find better souls, Michaelis? Perhaps like the one in your main hall?"

Sebastian tensed at the words, but kept himself looking otherwise calm, as he knew that Ciel would be watching him carefully. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he spoke calmly.

"Oh, but I think you do, Michaelis."

"It's him, isn't it!" the demon master growled suddenly, grabbing Sebastian by his tie and yanking him down so their faces were close.

"That brat is still here; I knew I heard you talking to someone! You lied to me…!"

Sebastian pulled himself free of his master's grip and stood tall, fixing his tie but remaining silent as he watched Ciel's eyes widen. A dark aura started to form around the small demon's figure as he clenched his teeth and revealed his fangs.

"Why you…" Ciel's sentence was cut short, though, as he began to scream, paining piercing through his stomach.

Sebastian, Damian and Odette watched impassively as the demon fell to the floor and thrashed about, letting demonic cries rip from his throat as he tried to get some sort of help. After a moment standing idly by, Odette grabbed onto her butler's arm.

"Damian… I think I'd like to go home," Damian looked at Odette and offered her a fake smile.

"Of course, my lady," he stood and held out a hand for her. Odette took it and stood, glancing one final time in Ciel's direction before she headed to the door without a word.

"Well then… Goodbye, Earl Phantomhive; Sebastian." Damian nodded at the man before he smiled triumphantly and headed out of the guest room after his master.

Sebastian was left, standing and watching emotionlessly as his master howled in pain.

"Sebastian… Sebastian, I-I can't…" the butler seemed slightly intrigued by the smaller demon as his tone of voice changed, becoming more human. Becoming the voice of the master Sebastian had grown to love.

"I can't see, Sebastian… I think… I think I'm blind…"

Sebastian approached the boy slowly, almost unwillingly and took his arm, helping him to his feet carefully. As soon as the man had touched him, Ciel's head whipped around in his direction, his empty, blind eyes growing wide as the boy began to laugh.

"Hahah! Sebastian, Sebastian…" Ciel shook his head, a wide grin spreading across his pale features. He gripped Sebastian's arm tightly and pulled himself closer to the taller demon, his white eyes glaring.

"I know you love him," he spat quietly, "But you are mine! And for what you did earlier, Sebastian; for lying to me… I will have to punish you."

Ciel pushed the raven-haired demon away from him before he shouted, "On your knees, servant!"

Sebastian glared hatefully at his master, but obeyed the order. He grimaced when Ciel ruffled his hair before grabbing his chin.

"Hmm… Seems I've gone blind, Sebastian," Ciel whispered between them, letting his free hand trace the demon's features blindly. "That's not good at all, is it?" he asked the question mockingly, "I suppose I have no other choice but to take your eyes."

Sebastian's glare grew harsher as he stared into his master's blind eyes. Ciel snorted and patted the demon's head.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle, I wouldn't want to hurt my butler…too much," he let out a dark chuckle.

Sebastian could only watch as the little demon grinned, his fingers coming closer and closer to his eyes. Within moments, the demon butler felt nothing but an intense pain as darkness surrounded him.


Darkness brought by the night haunted the manor with its silence; perfect silence which was interrupted by the sound of footfalls dragging across the floor. Sebastian walked through the corridors to his room, still trying to get used to the black void that surrounded him. He grabbed onto the wall as he walked carefully, almost tipping over a small table as he felt along the wall until he found the frame to his bedroom door.

After a few moments of simply standing in front of the door, Sebastian managed to locate the knob and open the door, knowing that Ciel's soul would be somewhere beyond the threshold.

Ciel's spirit sat on the bed, brightly smiling as Sebastian walked into the room. He hopped off the bed and approached the man, but his smile faded as he caught sight of the bloodied white cloth that was covering the butler's eyes.

Horror struck the child as he watched a drop of blood run down the demon's cheek, dripping off his chin. It looked as if Sebastian was crying.

Ciel struggled to find his words, "Wh…What? W-why?" he finally asked, his voice shaking.

"He knows…" The raven-haired demon sighed heavily and made his way to sit on the bed."The soul he ate tonight didn't sit well with him; he's getting more angry with each that he eats," Sebastian was quick to try and change the subject.

"I… I'm so sorry, Sebastian," Ciel whispered, reaching his white hand out to caress Sebastian's cheek. "It's entirely my fault that you… That your eyes…" The demon smiled and leaned into the boy's touch just slightly.

"Don't worry, I assure you that, by tomorrow, I'll have my eyes back and I'll be able to see your lovely face again."

Ciel smiled a little. "Does it hurt?" he asked, his fingers twitching closer to Sebastian's eyes.

"A little bit, nothing serious."

Ciel nodded as Sebastian lay back on the bed. "It really is torturous not being able to feel your body. To know that it belongs to that horrible creature… It makes me sick."

The boy lay near Sebastian, looking up at him, "I know… But we are together, at least." The demon smiled at the words.

"Yes, together… Forever."

And although Ciel no longer required sleep, he closed his eyes, finding joy in just laying near Sebastian.


Cobalt eyes opened at the sound of clothing rustling. The boy blinked lazily and glanced around the room after a moment, seeing Sebastian standing in front of the mirror, wiping dried blood from his face.

"Sebastian, are you alright?"

"Of course," Sebastian answered, turning around to look at the boy who had gotten off the bed to approach him slowly. "My eyes are perfectly fine." He smiled at the child before checking his pocket watch with a sigh.

He didn't want to go and wake the demon, disgust crept up his spine at the mere thought of seeing the foul creature again.

"Young master…" the demon set his pocket watch back in its place, "I'll be tending to my duties now; I will be back at the usual hour." Ciel nodded and looked to the floor as Sebastian moved and opened the door.

"Please, for your own safety, do not leave this room…"

He shut the door, not waiting for a reply, straightening himself once he did so before he walked to the young demon's quarters, his impassive mask coming to slip back over his features easily. His thoughts, on the other hand, were something he could not mask.

I must find a way… I have to; I will. I will find a way to release him. I have to find a way to free my master from that vile demon… He'd been thinking the same thing for far too long, but he'd yet to come upon an actual idea.

His thoughts were pushed away though as he headed straight toward the large black doors at the end of a dark corridor. Sebastian paused momentarily, taking a breath before he knocked softly on his "master's" bedroom door.

"Come in," the demon's voice echoed softly from inside the room. Sebastian did as told, closing the door behind him silently, his eyes widening just slightly as he looked upon Ciel, surprised to see the boy up and fully dressed.

Pausing from his packing, the boy looked over his shoulder at Sebastian, noticing the butler had his eyes once again before he turned back to his task. Though after a few moments of intense silence, the small demon pulled out a letter and threw it behind him at Sebastian.

"It came this morning; Damian has requested that I come and stay at Lady Odette's mansion for a while."

"You accepted?" Sebastian asked, glancing down at the letter on the floor between them.

"Of course; you, on the other hand, will not be accompanying me," the dark-haired demon replied emotionlessly.

"To keep you safe is one of my duties as your butler, my lord. I think it wise that I come with you."

The younger demon growled and quickly took off his eye patch, allowing his marked eye to be seen as he turned and glared at Sebastian with his scarlet eyes.

"Sebastian, this is an order! Stay in this mansion until I say you can go elsewhere."

The butler stood, allowing no emotion to break his mask as he felt the urge to jump at the boy, take his slim throat between his hands and strangle him until he breathed his last breath. All Sebastian did do, though, was bow to the child before him.

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel smirked at the words before waving him off. "Go back to your duties now; I expect for the mansion to be in its current state when I return."

The crimson eyed butler nodded and left the room, clenching his fists in anger as he strode back to the servant's quarters.

This wouldn't end well, Sebastian could see that clearly. Ciel's spirit was trapped, cursed to follow his body wherever it happened to go. The idea of Ciel alone and near Damian only angered him further. It was like sending a sheep alone into a forest full of hungry wolves.

"He received an invitation today," Sebastian began the moment he entered his bedroom. Ciel looked at him, curious; the butler approached the bed and gave a long, tired sigh.

"He'll be visiting Lady Odette's for a few days; he ordered me not to follow him there…"

Ciel sat up, surprised. "What! No, I'm not going alone, Sebastian! Especially not if Damian is there… I have a bad feeling about him… Don't leave me alone!"

Sebastian looked at the boy, his eyes shining with a sort of sadness. "I can't; I am under orders."

Cobalt eyes looked down at the ground sadly, "I don't like this…"

"Neither do I…" the butler said through a sigh, "Our bond is strong though, I will be able to speak to you through telepathy. If you are ever in danger just open your mind; I will always hear you."

Ciel nodded and dread coursed through him despite the reassuring words. "…When is he leaving?"

"In just a few minutes."

The boy groaned. "I… Goodbye then, Sebastian. I'll see you in a few days…"

The butler watched his master leave the room through a wall without waiting for him to reply.


By the time Sebastian checked his watch again, an hour had passed, and he finally proceeded with his daily routine, though he still hadn't stopped thinking about his little master. It was driving him mad, his Ciel, alone. Alone with the vile demon he was forced to call master. Alone with Damian. Odette was no threat, he knew that, because even though Damian was a butler—her butler—he was the one who had control over the mansion. He held control over Odette.

And although she was a good person, her infatuation with him caused her to fall so easily and Damian used that to his advantage, for his own interest. An interest which now reached to Ciel; Sebastian would never be able to forgive himself if something happened to his master's soul.

The demon sighed, his thoughts only depressing him further as he finished polishing the silverware before quickly cleaning the kitchen. By the time he had finished that, half of his duties had been finished and he checked the time, going to clean the library after he deposited the watch back into his pocket.

The library…

Sebastian leaned against the heavy wooden door once he'd shut it and simply looked around the room. It was one of few places he enjoyed spending whatever free time he had. He'd always come and sit, reading books for hours with Ciel's spirit after the sun had set.

The butler smiled softly, looking at a book near the couch. It was Ciel's favorite.

Sebastian walked over, took the book in his hand gently and set it carefully on the bookcase once he'd made sure there was no sign of dust on it anywhere. He stared at the book for a moment longer before turning around and picking up the few other books that lay scattered around the room.


The butler started slightly, almost dropping the books in his arms as Ciel's voice rang in his head.

"Young master? I can barely hear you…" Sebastian concentrated, trying his hardest to not lose his connection to the boy.

"Listen… I'm in danger; it's Damian… He wants me; he's after me!"

"He's after you? Did he hurt you?"

"No, but I can't guarantee that he won't… Sebastian, please, I need you!"

Sebastian looked around the room helplessly, his grip tightening on the books in his hand.

"You know I can't leave here…"

"You're my butler as well!" Ciel shouted suddenly, "I order you, Sebastian, come and protect me! Hurry, before it's too—"

Suddenly, Ciel was gone.

"Young master…?" Sebastian tried to reach Ciel's mind, but his attempt was in vain. The books fell from his grasp as he stormed out of the library.

"Young master!"

Pain pierced through Sebastian's mind abruptly, almost making him tumble down the marble staircase before him. After a moment a deep, familiar voice accompanied the excruciating headache.

"Too late, Michaelis…" Damian chuckled.

That… That bastard!

Sebastian growled demonically, a dark, dangerous aura coming to loom over his shadow. His pupils turned to slits as his eyes glowed a demonic red.

"No. I will not let this happen!" Sebastian ran, with speed only a demon could possess, toward Odette's mansion.

Hold on, young master, I'm on my way…

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