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Chapter 4:His Butler,Accomodating

The sound of shoes clicking through the still dark hallways of the Andone mansion was the only audible sound in the morning. Sebastian made his way through the mansion to get to the kitchen where Anis-chan told him to be.

The butler went down the main stairs and went to the left part of the mansion where he assumed the kitchen was. As the demon butler was nearing the kitchen, he heard Tardinni's voice singing heartily an Italian song.

"La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento
Muta d'accento

E di pensiero.

Sempre un a mabile
Leggiadro viso,
In pianto o in riso,
è mensognero.

Tardinni started to taste several sauces, his black moustache moving as he continued to sing.
"La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento
Muta d'accento…

His voice died with the last words and he resumed his singing happily.
"E di pensier!"

The cook darted happily around the kitchen, knocking down some things with his fat belly.


The cook turned and faced the other servants with a big smile on his face while singing some complicated scales with the two words.

The cook stopped singing, took a deep breath, "Penisier!"and finished with a loud, powerful high note, causing for Ion to whistle, for Mara to laugh and even for the dark haired butler's mouth to escape a deep chuckle.

Tardinni gasped heavily after the note and bowed to the two clapping servants.

"Applause for grande (1)Tardinni!" Ion cheered.

Tardinni laughed and wiped his tears of joy. "Ah! Mille grazie! I swear I lose two pounds only hitting that final note, ohohoho!" The cook roared with laughter.

The other servants laughed as well and cleaned the kitchen.

Sebastian cleared his throat to catch their attention. The trio's eyes rested on the dark silouhette of the butler. He entered the kitchen.

"Good morning."

Mara stood up and approached him. "Good morning…Mister…?"

"Sebastian." The butler finished for her. She nodded and smiled warmly at him. "Pleased to meet you, Mister Sebastian. My name is Mara, that blond retarded pole is my brother, Ion." She pointed at the boy who stuck his tongue rudely at her.

"And the fat one is Tardinni. He's our cook."

The cook strode quickly to Sebastian, knocking the blond twin with his belly accidentally. He looked at the tall butler, grinned at him and spoke in his loud and high voice.

"Buon giorno(2), signore Sebastian! We welcome you to the Andone mansion. You don't need to worry, Romanian people are very kind. I myself was in your state. As you probably figured out…I am not from around here. I come from bello e magnifico Italia!(3) I was a total stranger to Romanian servants, but luckily signorina (4)Anastasia helped me to get accustomed."

Sebastian raised a brow at the fat one's behavior.

"Thank you, I appreciate your hospitality." He approached the main table and took in the kitchen sight.

"So, I guess that in the morning you usually prepare the master's breakfast, am I right?" Sebastian asked the other servants. They all nodded. The butler looked around the kitchen and started to gather things to cook a breakfast.

The three servants watched him in admiration as he took care of everything very careful. He smiled. "Well, well, Anastasia takes care of her kitchen very well; I can find everything I need."

"Si! Signorina Anastasia is very talented at everything! I still wonder why signore Vlad still employs us. Ohoho…" Tardinni's moustache wiggled as he laughed. "I still remember how he employed me…"

"You fat swine! You ate all the damn food! Get out! NOW!"

A tall man kicked the fat cook out of the restaurant.

"No! Please wait! I'm sorry! I can't help it when it comes to food! Please let me in! Mi dispiace!(5)" Tardinni wanted to get back to the restaurant, but the man slammed the door right into his face.

Tardnni's small black eyes welled up with tears and he started to wail and to roll onto the ground, crying.

"Nohohoho!" Tardinni continued trashing and rolling his fat body on the street until a boy bumped into him and fell near him.

"Oi, what the hell?!"

The small brown haired boy stood up and glared at the cook. Tardinni looked up and attempted to get up. The fat cook groaned because his belly was too big for him to roll over.

Vlad laughed rudely. "Haha, he looks like a fat cockroach."

Tardinni's eyebrow twitched in annoyance and he hauled at the small boy.

"You brat! How dare you stumble over grande Tardinni?! The greatest cook in Transylvania!"

Anastasia growled and grabbed Tardinni by the shirt. "No, fat boy! The right question is how dare you make my master trip?! Answer me!" She brought her face very close to his.

Tardinni looked at the woman and his small black eyes twinkled." Haaa….such an angelic face! Sei così bella, signorina!(6)"

The fat cook complimented her and blushed even redder than his usual color.

"Come Anastasia; leave the fat one to wail in peace, we have a lot of things to shop…"

Anastasia shoved the cook to the ground and smiled at her master.

"Yes master!"

She followed him happily. The cook glared at the boy and followed them silently behind. Of course, Anastasia noticed him, but she didn't pay attention since he presented no threat to her master.

They both arrived at a shop. Anastasia turned and smiled down at Vlad.

"Master, I am going to shop the things you required, it will take me some time. You just sit here little kitten and don't move."

She petted his head. Vlad's face heated in embarrassment and he slapped her hand away.

"Respect you master, servant! I do not tolerate for you to call me that name!" He glared at her. She simply chuckled and winked to him.

"Damn demon…" Vlad leaned near the wall and waited patiently. As soon as the maid entered the shop, the fat cook rounded the corner and growled at Vlad.

Vlad looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

" You? What are you doing here? Why are you following me?"

Tardinni started to call Vlad some rude names in Italian language. The cook wanted to grab the boy, but Vlad started running away. The fat Italian ran after him. The cook was breathing very heavily as he tried to keep up with the kid.

A few people were laughing and pointing at the sight of a fat cook running after a skinny small boy.

"Come here! Get here, è insopportabile bambino!(7)"

Vlad suddenly got to a very narrow hiding and slid in there. Tardinni growled angrily and pushed himself into the hiding, but he was too fat to get in and to get out. Vlad's face was squeezed by Tardinni's belly, while the cook was squeezed between the two walls. The fat cook clenched his teeth and tried to get out but he was stuck.

"Merda…" Tardinni sighed heavily.

Vlad groaned and sighed as well. "Oh well, I guess we are stuck here until Anastasia finishes and finds me."

The cook nodded and stood helpless. Vlad's stomach rumbled from hunger.

"Oh great, by the way fat guy, you said you were a cook?" Vlad asked the Italian.

"Not only a simple cook, in my country I was a chef! They sent me to Romania for me to study their traditions and cooking style. I instantly fell in love with the Romanian food and I managed to open a restaurant, but they kicked me out of my own restaurant because I was eating the food for the customers!"

Tardinni started crying again. He hiccupped and blew his nose loudly in his cook apron. Vlad stared at him emotionless.

"But I don't understand why you are mad at me? Why did you follow me?"

"I lost my job and you made a rude joke at me! I just had a bad day!" Tardinni wailed and sniffed his tears.

The cook's eyes suddenly widened as a hand grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the ground.

"Oh, Master! I Are you alright?" Anastasia hugged the boy very tightly to her chest. Vlad spoke in a muffled voice.

"Anastasia …you are squeezing my face with your…breasts…"

The demon maid let him go and giggled.

"Pardon me, well, now that I found you, it's time for us to return." She took the bags from where she left them on the ground and started to walk forward.

Vlad turned around and looked at the crying fat cook on the ground. The child rolled his eyes and spoke in a firm voice.

"What is your name?"

The fat cook looked up at him and whipped his nose with his sleeve.

"Mio nome(8)? Tardinni, signore...(9)"

Vlad nodded and walked after Anastasia.

"Well Tardinni, if you want a job, follow me..."

The Italian's eyes instantly sparkled with hope. The cook stumbled as he followed the boy and the white-haired maid.

"You have a very kind heart!Grazie tanto, signore!" The cook cried happy tears and squezzed the boy.

Vlad grimanced. " Oi! Fat one! Get off me!"

Tardinni whipped his tears of joy as he remembered the memory. Ion simply rolled his eyes at the dramatic cook.

"I was so happy. Signore Vlad is one of the kindest masters! I grew to love to cook for him!"

Sebastian watched the human in fascination as he boiled up the water for the tea.

"I see, Tardinni. Well, what does Master Vlad usually eat for breakfast?"

"Oh, he usually eats sweets, un sacco di dolci!(10) Ohohoho!" the cook laughed and joked.

Sebastian's eyes widened as the cook mentioned Vlad ate a lot of sweets. The demon butler's mood suddenly darkened as he remembered that his young master enjoyed sweets as well.

The demon maid suddenly entered the kitchen and greeted everyone.

"Buon giorno, signorina Anastasia!" The fat cook kissed her hand politely. Ion glared at the cook and pushed him away. The blond twin grinned and batted his eyelashes at the maid and grabbed her hand.

"Angel! My darling, light of my life! The weather today is so gloomy, but since you came, I feel like the sun came down on earth to me, my sweet angel!"

The maid rolled her eyes.


"Anastasia! You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life! I still remember the day you and Master Vlad rescued me and my sister from the terrible circus…"

"Stop hurting him, please!"

A younger Mara screamed and hit the caretaker in the chest with her fists. The tall bald man slapped her hard across the cheek, causing for the girl to stumble back and to fall on the ground.

He then resumed his actions. Ion was chained to a wall. He was wearing only his pants, his bare back was filled with bruises and whip marks.

"I will not stop beating him until you agree to become a prostitute!" The man hauled at the girl and sent a firm slash at her brother's back.

Ion clenched his teeth in pain and turned to glance at his sister.

"Mara, it's okay, it doesn't hurt that much. Your pride is worth it. I love you too much to see you being used."

The blond girl looked at him with blood-shot eyes.

"Shut up!" The caretaker yelled at the blond twin and continued whipping him. Ion closed his eyes and endured the pain.

The bald man stopped and admired his handwork. He unchained the blond twin and threw him in a cage together with his sister.

"You have half an hour to decide if you are willing to be a prostitute….if not, I swear I will skin your brother alive." He sneered into the girl's face and left the tent.

The girl looked at his brother and hugged him close. The twin ignored his bleeding back and fumbled with the locket from the cage.

"Don't worry sister; we have half an hour to figure a way to escape. We will get out, don't worry." He hugged his sister tight.

"You know, Mara. If we escape…will you marry me, although I am your brother? I love you, Mara."

The girl's eyes widened and she looked at her brother amazed.

"Ion…what do you-"

"Anastasia, I really need to use the rest room. Damn it! I thought there was a toilet around here…" The young skinny boy and the white haired maid entered the tent. Vlad glanced around.

Anastasia's eyes rested on the both blond twins bodies in the cage.

"Hm, Master…look there…" She pointed at the cage. Vlad turned to look at what she was pointing. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Why are you showing me two caged blonds? I need a toilet!"

Mara yelled at them. "Please! Help us! Get us out, I beg you! They will kill us if we don't escape!"

Vlad raised an eyebrow. "Who is threatening you?"

"The owners of the circus! They are mad! Please, we beg you, help us out!" The twins yelled and wailed at the boy.

Vlad growled and rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine! Anastasia, help them out and do it quickly because I really need to find a toilet or else my bladder will blast!" Vlad crossed his legs and hissed.

Anastasia smiled. "Yes, Master!" She quickly kneeled near the cage. The demon maid grasped firmly the cage door and ripped it off from a single pull. The two twins stared at each other and then at the woman. She smiled at them and helped the girl out first.

When Anastasia held her hand to Ion, the blond twin grabbed it and started to plant kisses all over. The demon maid stared at him with a disgusted look.

"You are an angel! You are so beautiful! I met the love of my life!" Ion's eyes sparkled as a string of saliva dribbled down his chin.

His sister slapped her forehead. "There goes his love for me…" She rolled her eyes as Ion continued to compliment the maid.

Vlad was getting really pissed off. "Well, fine we helped you out; let's go…"

"Wait! Can't we come with you? We are really hard workers. I can cook and clean, Ion is a very good joiner!"

"No thanks, I already have Anastasia, I don't need useless servants." Vlad waved them off.

Mara grabbed his arm and turned him around to face her. "Please…we don't have where to go, we don't have any parents." She looked at him with pitiful eyes.

Vlad looked at her appearance and thought over. The blond girl used to remind him of his sister…his beloved dead sister.

"Master?" Anastasia called out.

Vlad gave a last glance to her and the twin. He sighed and removed his arm from her.

"Fine, but don't expect me to pay you, I will only offer you shelter and food, in exchange for your services."

Mara smiled and nodded. "Of course…young lord, thank you."

Ion bumped into his sister and started to drool at the maid again.

"I am going to work at the same place with this angel? This must be the best day of my life!" The twin grabbed her hand again and nuzzled his cheek into her glove.

Ion continued to nuzzle his cheek into the maid's glove, just like he did in the memory. Sebastian, Tardinni and his sister simply stared at him emotionless.

Anastasia smiled. "Ehem, Ion…?"

Ion lifted his sparkly eyes to meet the gaze of the taller maid. "Yes, my angel?"

"Let go of my hand….now!" She snatched her hand away and glared at the twin. "Now get back to work! "

Ion whined and started to repair the chair he broke.

While Ion had been sharing his memory, Sebastian had already finished breakfast. He prepared a couple of light sandwiches, apple pie and cinnamon tea.

The two twins watched the butler in fascination as he decorated the mouth-drooling pie.

Ion's eyes widened at the size of onions. "Waaa, Mister Sebastian! It smells delicious! Oi, Tardinni, he's better than you." The twins turned to look at the cook.

The fat Italian's face reddened in jealousy mixed with anger. He walked to Sebastian and petted his back.

"Signore Sebastian! You learned so fast form me! Ohoho!" The fat cook gave a fake laugh.

"Tardinni….you didn't even cook in front of him…."

A heavy silence grew around them.

Tardinni hauled at the twin. "You bastard! Come osi insultare il grande Tardinni?! (11)I am the cook in this mansion!" The fat cook started to cry and to stuff himself with biscuits.

"When I am despressed, I eat!" The cook cried even harder, his tears mixing with the crumbs from the biscuits.

Anastasia rolled her eyes at the fat Italian. "Tardinni, you eat all the time,this time is not an exception."

Sebastian set the pie on the tray and petted Tardinni's back.

"Sir, I was only doing my butler's duties, since Ion was sharing his wonderful memories, I just didn't waste any time, since the Master's breakfast has to be served at 8 am. I would never try to replace you ,sir."

Sebastian smiled at the cook. Tardinni's eyes sparkled as a big grin spread across his fat cheeks.

"Ohoho…such a fine gentleman!" The fat cook whipped his tears.

Anastasia sighed tiredly and cleared her throat.

"Right, Sebastian, you will serve Master Vlad the breakfast while I get to finish the other chores. This way you will also have some time to get to know him better." The maid smirked at him. "Here is the Master's schedule…" She handed the butler a paper.

Sebastian simply nodded and arranged the breakfast smoothly on the tray. He excused himself and left the kitchen. The butler walked through the long corridors of the Andone mansion.


He wandered to the Master's quarters and walked past the study. The butler knocked politely at the double doors. He soundlessly entered and set the tray near the bed. He glanced around the dark room and noticed the skinny and small form of Vlad.

The boy was curled beneath the thick layers of blankets. His shoulder length brown hair was tangled and messy as he was sleeping peacefully.

The butler went to draw the curtains. "Good morning, young lord." The demon pulled the curtains, letting the warm sunlight reach Vlad's face.

The boy groaned and threw a pillow at Sebastian.

"Five minutes, Anastasia…." He mumbled and pulled the covers over his head.

"Young lord…I know I am one hell of a butler, but I can't be Anastasia."

Vlad's eyes widened as he recognized the deep male voice. He pulled the covers of his head and met the crimson orbs of the demon butler.

The Romanian boy blinked and stared at him as if he were a dog with four heads.

"Good morning…Sebastian?" He greeted the demon in a question way.

The demon butler grinned. "Ah, so you do remember me. For today I have prepared sandwiches and a traditional English apple pie and cinnamon tea." The butler spoke as he poured tea into a cup.

Vlad inhaled the sweet scent of the tea and smiled. The butler placed the tea cup on the nightstand and turned to place two sandwiches on the plate.

"Here young lord-"

"Neh, give me the pie!" Vlad cut him firmly and looked with sparkly eyes at the pie. Sebastian raised a brow at the boy.

Vlad blinked and coughed. "Sebastian, will you hand me the pie…please?"

The butler shook his head playfully.

Human children these days….he is so much like my young master….

The butler felt his heart drop as he remembered how he used to wake his little master up, to dress him and to cook for him. He realized how much he missed his master.

"Oi…I am hungry!" Vlad's yell interrupted Sebastian's thoughts.

"Forgive me…" The butler bowed and cut a slice of apple pie for the Romanian master. He handed the desert to the boy, who greedily accepted it and ate it in silence. Vlad finished eating and whipped his hands on a cloth.

"So, what is my schedule for today, Sebastian?" The boy asked him as he sipped on his sweet tea.

"Well, for today you have nothing particular-"

The butler was abruptly cut as someone knocked at the door. Vlad looked behind Sebastian to the door.

"Yes? Come in…"

The demon maid entered the room wearing an emotionless expression.

Vlad raised a brow at her.

"Yes, what is it?" He asked her and drank from his tea.

Anastasia blinked a few times and tugged a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I am not sure how to put this Master…well….err…you see, Damian is attacking…"

Vlad's eyes widened and he chocked and spit his tea, however Sebastian remained calm.

"WHAT! HOW?!WHEN?!" Vlad spat as a string of tea ran down his chin.

"Now…he is like two kilometers away from the mansion, I can sense his aura. There is enough time to get you and the others as well." She quickly took the cup from him and took him bridal style in her arms.

"Anastasia! Hold on!" Vlad blushed and held on her tight. The demon maid looked at Sebastian.

"What do we do? We need to get out of here…" She held her master and glanced at the demon butler.

Sebastian rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Hm, I have an idea…"

The butler hurried and took a bed sheet.

"We need to distract Damian, to think that the Master is somewhere else. Young lord, I will need to take your nightshirt and Anastasia, I will need your gloves so that he can track the smell."

Anastasia set the boy on the bed and exchanged gloves with Sebastian. She kneeled in front of the boy and undressed him. Vlad blushed furiously and tried to hide his nakedness. The maid wrapped him in the bed sheet and scooped him in her arms.

"What will you do, Sebastian?"

The butler arranged the gloves and held the boy's nightshirt under one arm.

"I will distract him so that he will follow me instead of you, that should give you time to get out of Romania, head to France and sent the servants to Hungary. I will come back to you once I am finished with him.

The demon maid nodded and turned to leave the room. She suddenly stopped and glanced at the butler.

"Sebastian? Take care…okay?" She looked at him with soft eyes.

The butler smirked. "Of course, after all I am one hell of a butler."

She laughed and nuzzled her nose in her master's hair.

"Hold on tight, Master."

Vlad blushed and looked away. "How could I not?"

Anastasia left the room and headed downstairs.

Sebastian waited upstairs and looked how the three servants left and how the demon maid ran with inhuman speed together with her master.

The butler nodded satisfied and headed downstairs as well. He left the manor and headed into a complete other direction.


The demon butler suddenly stopped running as he noticed and old abandoned cottage.

This will do…

He approached the cottage and entered through the front door. The small house was filled with dust and old covered with white sheets furniture.

Sebastian set the nightshirt on the table and took a seat.

He waited patiently.

After a few minutes he heard footsteps approach the open front door. The butler waited calmly for the demon to come.

The footsteps neared and stopped at the door. Sebastian arranged his gloves calmly and looked up. However he was a little shocked not to see Damian.

A small thirteen year old girl peaked shyly from behind the door at him. The butler looked at her intensely. She was dressed in a long green summer dress. The girl had dark long straight and curled at the ends. Her eyes were a dark reddish color. As she made eye contact with Sebastian, she blushed and hid more behind the door, only half of her face could be seen.

Sebastian smiled at her kindly and chuckled.

"Young lady, you better leave this house, I am not sure this is a safe place for you to play."

The girl slightly calmed down at his deep and soft voice. She entered shyly the house.

"Um….l-lady? I am a lady?" She asked in a gentle and shy voice. The demon butler raised a brow at her.

"Well, you certainly look like one to me…" He stood up and approached her.

The girl instantly panicked and backed away from him.

Seeing fear in her eyes, Sebastian stopped and smiled at her.

"I am not going to hurt you, young lady…who would ever wish to hurt a sweet lady like yourself?" He approached her slowly.

She blushed at the compliment and smiled back at him. "Tha-That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me…W-Who are you, mister?"

"Oh, please forgive my rude manners, my name is Sebastian Michaelis, I am currently the butler of the Andone household." He offered his hand to her.

The girl looked at his hand and blinked for a few seconds. She then smiled brightly at him and shook his gloved hand with her tinny pale one.

"Nice to meet you, Mister Sebastian…my name is Coralia Armageddon."


(2) Buon giorno= Good morning

(3)bello e magnifico Italia = beautiful and magnificent Italy

(4) Signorina = Miss

(5) mi dispiace! = I am sorry!

(6) Sei cosi bella signorina! = You are very beautiful, miss!

(7) é insopportabile bambino = you unbearable child!

(8) Mio nome? = My name?

(9) Signiore= Sir

(10) Un sacco di dolci = a bag of sweets.

(11) Come osi insultare il grande Tardinni ?!= How dare you insult the great Tardinni ?!

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