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"Is this the sound of our demise
Or is it just the opposite?
I love you and I miss you
What else is there to say?"

Princess Serenity stood outside the throne room, tears streaming down her face. Her heart had just been broken by her mother, and she had no idea. The Prince of Earth, Endymion had traveled to The Moon Kingdom, located on the Lake of Serenity, to formally ask the Queen for her beautiful daughter's hand in marriage, and the Queen had declined, having already said yes to Prince Diamond of the Nega Moon in order to try and merge the two universes into one unified peaceful place. Logically, Serenity understood but her heart was aching. She loved the kind and fair Prince of Earth. She wished she was allowed to make her own decision.

She watched him step out of the throne room, and it wasn't until the door clicked firmly into place that he let his tough exterior fall. His shoulder's sagged and his breath became ragged as he tried to control the tears threatening to drop from his dark violet eyes. His hair fell into his face, so she was unable to read his emotions clearly but his posture said it all. He was as heartbroken as she.

"Endy." The one word was hard for her to say without her voice cracking and he looked up, making no attempt to mask his tears for her. Their eyes met her big blue ones watery and he opened his arms to her. She rushed into them, holding onto him for dear life as if they would never again see each other. She looked up at him, and peppered his jaw, his cheeks and his forehead with kisses as fervently as she could, hoping she was properly conveying to him her feelings.

"Serenity. I love you so much, I don't know if I can bear this." His voice whispered into her ear, his hot breath making her heart pound painfully. She nuzzled her face farther into his shoulder, feeling his metallic shoulder armor cold beneath her warm hands. The hilt of his sword was digging into her side but she did not care. All she wanted was to feel her Prince's embrace.

"Endy, will you come with me? I wish to spend just a little more time with you before you must go. But we must not be caught." She urgently tugged on his hand as she pulled him along the corridor. Her silken dress made very little sound as she rushed him by portraits of Queen's past and it was as if their gaze were staring upon him. The dress she wore showed off her back perfectly, the gold ringlets on the back and shoulders showed off her milky skin. The finally reached a wing in the Palace that nobody was going to come – the wing that had belonged to Princess Serenity's late father, whom had passed before she was even born. In her grief, the Queen had forbidden anyone from entering other than to do cleaning. Serenity often hid there when she wanted to be closer to her father.

As soon as they were safely in the room, Serenity turned to the man she had accidentally fallen in love with during a peace conference on Earth. He had been assigned the task of showing her around Elysion, the domain that he would one day take over, and it was that trip that sealed their fate. They had stolen a kiss before she went back to the Moon Kingdom. Since then they'd talked frequently over the communication systems. The Queen had thought it would pass in time, but when she realized it was not going to, she tried to force the couple to end all communications, not wanting to hurt either one of them more than needed. That was when Prince Endymion traveled to the Moon.

"Endy, I don't want to marry Diamond, but I fear I must. It is Mother's wishes, and I cannot turn my back on my kingdom." She dipped her head in shame as tears began to fall again and Endymion took his thumb and forefinger and forced her head back up to look at him.

"I care not about Diamond. You are my soul mate, and if we cannot be together in this life, then we will be together in another. I promise you. I will never forsake you my love, I will always guard you with my life." With those words out in the open, he leaned in to give the Princess one last sweet kiss. He found her mouth warm and inviting, and she took charge by slightly opening her mouth to allow him better access. His tongue traced her lips before he pulled away slightly.

"My Princess, I do not want to overstep boundaries." She placed one slender finger against his lips, silencing him.

"If this is the last time we are to see each other Endy, I want you to have what is rightfully yours. My love, all of me." He leaned back in for another kiss, this time wrapping his hands around her waist, pulling her to him. For the first and last time that night, Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity made love in the quiet, dark room. Her tears met his and as the tears became one, so did they. Afterwards, they huddled together in the darkness, just holding each other.

Several hours had passed before a word was spoken between the two of them.

"Endy, I love you. Forever. I'd give my life for you. This day has been perfect." She sighed as he stood up, reaching his hand down to pull her up with him.

"I must go Princess. If you ever need me, all you need to do is think about me, and I promise, I'll be right by your side." He said fiercely as they hugged one last time and she led him from the corridor. He gave her one last lingering look before stepping onto the transport pad and began to disappear.

"I love you Serenity. 'Til Kingdom Come" The words echoed in her ears and she dropped to her knees, her tears freely falling to the ground.

"Endy!" she screamed his name, and unknown to her, her mother was watching from the balcony, tears sliding down her cheeks at the scene unfolding in front of her. What she did had to be done, but it did not make it right. She had just broken her daughter's heart, as well as the heart of the Prince of Earth and for what? So their world could have a possibility of peace. But the one person who meant the most to her, her only daughter, would never know peace.

"'Til Kingdom Come". The Princess whispered staring at the round Earth.