The time of war was upon them. Survivors from fallen planets had traveled to the Moon Kingdom to not only help defend it, but to also avenge the deaths of their loved ones. Men, women and children alike fought gallantly. The Moon Kingdom's inhabitants had also joined in on the fray, but their numbers were dwindling rapidly.

"Princess Serenity, it is not safe for you to be here. We need to get you on a transport! We can send you to Earth!" An urgent voice spoke quietly to her, and she slowly turned around, light catching her earrings and her crescent moon, making them glow. Anyone who could see her would call her an angel.

"I cannot leave my people. I can only pray we can stop Beryl before her troops conquer Earth." She said gravely as she went to the next person, stooping close to the ground, soothing a mortally wounded warrior. She had been doing this for days. Anyone who was not dead upon impact was visited by the Princess and thanked for their services. She used her great power to end their suffering as she touched their foreheads in a kind gesture. It was a wonder she hadn't yet been killed by Beryl.

"But Princess, you are the last hope for the future. If Beryl kills you, we have nothing left to fight for." The man said tearfully and Serenity pulled herself into her full height staring the man in the eyes.

"If she kills me, she'll kill me while comforting not only my people, but everyone who has sacrificed themselves for this Kingdom! I will not have died in vain. If I do happen upon my demise, please make sure Endymion of Earth receives this message: 'Til Kingdom Come'. I will not forsake my people for my own safety. Now I beg you, please get as many people on transport pads as possible and get them out of here!" Serenity shouted over her shoulder as she ran to a scene unfolding on the balcony. A young child of around two years old had been separated from his parents and stood on the balcony amidst falling debris. As she swooped the child out of harms way, and into the arms of a woman heading toward a teleportation pad, she froze, a cold feeling coming over.

"It's so nice to see you again Princess." The cold voice of Queen Beryl filled her ears as she slowly turned around. The once beautiful Queen had changed since allowing Metalia into her life. Her flame red hair stood straight up around her head like a fire halo, her long red pointed nails seemed drenched in blood but it was her face that was the most disturbing. Her beautiful smooth skin had been replaced by a ghoulish twisted face that spoke only of hatred and bitterness. Her black eyes narrowed at the fair princess.

"Oh yes, nice indeed. If I recall, last time we met, you killed my husband and tried to kill me." Her voice was cold, being whipped away from her by the strong winds being emitted by the Queen. She would not make the mistake of backing away from a fight again. This time, she knew she had to give it all she had. Since her mother's murder a few short hours ago, she had come into possession of the Silver Crystal, and she would do her best to either defeat Beryl and rebuild the Kingdom, or die trying.

"And I would have succeeded if not for that traitor Sapphire. I relished killing him. You just have no idea." The red haired witched smiled a cold smile as she replayed his slow painful murder at the hands of her Generals. It was a death that had taken several days, and not once would he reveal where he had sent the Princess.

"As reigning Princess of the Moon Kingdom, I demand you leave here at once." Her voice carried more authority then she felt. Her words were loud, and it was as if everything around them stopped and complete silence overcame the planet. Everyone turned to watch the battle between Queen Beryl and Princess Serenity.

"And if I choose not to leave?" The voice was devoid of emotion, except for the faint hint of amusement. Princess Serenity narrowed her eyes.

"Then I shall be forced to make you leave. Either way, one of us is not leaving this battle alive." With that she raised the Silver crystal as Beryl raised the dark crystal she had. White light met black light as each person struggled for the upper hand.

It was a sight to behold as Prince Endymion hurried off the teleport pad and saw the scene laid out before him. Thousands of dead warriors lay on the grounds of the Moon Kingdom and in the center of it all, his love and his enemy were locked in battle. He tried to edge closer but found himself unable to. The power of the Silver Crystal was keeping anyone from intervening. He saw Serenity start to struggle, having never used the Silver Crystal before.

Her white dress was flowing in the wind, as was her hair. Her crescent moon was shining a bright gold. She appeared to be a white angel of mercy, while Beryl seemed to be the dark bringer of death. He watched helplessly as the ghosts of her dead scouts appeared next to her, lending them their power, giving her the power to do what she needed to do. The white glow of the crystal grew brighter until a scream from Beryl was heard. A second later, the barrier separating him from her disappeared. The epic battle had ended in mere minutes. He saw her fall to her knee's, and he started to make his way to her. It was with horror that he saw what was about to happen.

"Serenity!" He screamed out her name before either one of them could react. One of Beryl's loyal subjects plunged his sword through the Princess's back before remaining guards were able to tackle him to the ground. Endymion watched the contortion of pain come across her face before she fell face first onto the ground, unmoving.

By the time he got to her and pulled her head into his lap, she was gone. She looked at peace, a slight smile running across her face. Survivors of the battle gathered around the fallen Princess and the mourning prince. A guard placed his hand on Endymion's shoulder. It was the same man she had asked to pass along a message for her if anything should happen to her.

"Your highness, I spoke with Princess Serenity earlier as she was helping wounded soldiers. She told me to tell you that if anything should happen to you, I should pass a message along to you. The message was: 'Til Kingdom Come'." At these words Endymion's resolve broke and he wept. He wept not only for his loss, and the loss of his Princess, but he wept for the loss of everyone who would never meet her. He wept for the future. He looked at the Earth, knowing he would have to rebuild, and he would help rebuild the Moon Kingdom as well. He would not let her die in vain. He kissed her dusty cheek and whispered 'Til Kingdom Come' one last time as he leaned down to kiss her lips. He meant what he said. If it took a thousand years, and a thousand lives, he would find her every time.

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