I can do nothing but apologise profusely for how long I've made you guys wait, but I'm hoping to be back with a vengence now! I've a lot to catch up on here, and loads more ideas for these two. So thank you, wonderful readers, for putting up with me and hopefully not hating me too much for making you wait, and enjoy. x

"I've been to alien planets and that was an experience and a half!" Amy muttered to herself as she clambered out of the taxi. London traffic would take some getting used to, she decided as she grinned at the Scotland Yard spinning sign.

"What was that, Amelia?"

"Nothing, nothing." Looking over her shoulder, she pulled Sherlock to her and linked her arm through his. "Let's go solve crimes." Amy's green-hazel eyes sparkled with excitement. Sherlock stiffly led her into the building. He hadn't linked arms with anyone in years. In fact, the last time he had had been when he was 20 years old, at Christmas. Smiling at the sudden flashback, he shook the memory from him as Amy started to skip ahead, dragging him along, now leading the way.

"No John today?" Greg looked surprised as Sherlock was accompanied by someone who wasn't the ex-army doctor.

"Does John normally come with him?" Amy smiled at Lestrade, eyes flicking to Sherlock briefly.

"Every case, normally." Greg confirmed, leaning his elbows on his desk. "So who are you, Miss Not-John?"

Amy unintentionally flinched, and she assumed it was that Greg assumed she was a replacement for the consulting detective's flatmate. The "Miss", didn't bother her, in fact, a certain thrill went through her when she heard it, though it was coupled with a tinged sadness she couldn't explain.

"Amelia Pond."

And at the same time, Amy spoke to introduce herself: "Amy Pond, I'm surprised Sherlock hasn't mentioned me." She joked, eyes flicking to the tall man next to her to gauge a reaction. She didn't expect the one she got.

"Actually, he has." Greg chipped in, and offered a hand out for her to shake, which she took in a small state of shock at the comment.

"You have?!" She wasn't talking to Greg now, turning to face Sherlock face on as he stared at her, just as he had been as she introduced herself to the detective. He simply nodded.

"You may have come up in conversation once or twice."

"And I see why that was the case." Greg smiled, looking over Amy.

"You're married, Lestrade."


"You still wear your wedding ring." Amy chipped in, and Sherlock fought a small smirk.

An awkward pause filled the office for a moment that felt like five minutes for Greg, but for Sherlock it was much less.

"Anyway, we've had a tip off. And we need you to go in."

Amy beamed, already excited, and her loose grip on Sherlock's arm tightening. Sherlock glanced at the contact again, but didn't push her away. Lestrade lifted his brow at the scene in front of him, but neither Sherlock nor Amy was aware of this.



"Oooh! Last time I was at Camden Market it was…" Amy stopped, realising that if she did, she would be cast out as crazy. "Let's go to Camden, Sherlock, please!"

"What's out there?" Sherlock ignored Amy's pleas and talked to Greg.

"There's a drug deal going on out there, and-" He frowned. Amy dropped Sherlock's arm.

"You're not going out there, Sherlock."

Both men looked at Amy, Greg's expression understanding, Sherlock's frustrated. Neither said anything, Sherlock pulling out his phone. Amy snatched it from him.

"Sherlock. Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"I'm right here."

"Can I talk to you outside?" Amy's words were through gritted teeth now, her happy attitude from being involved in solving a case evaporated in the haze of concern for her friend.

"Actually, I'll let you two have the office…" Lestrade stood, grabbing his coffee cup and nodding to the two of them as he left. Amy nodded in return, a small thank you, and she and Sherlock watched the detective inspector leave and shut the door with a click behind him.

"Amelia." Sherlock started, as Amy slipped his phone into his large coat pocket.

"Sherlock." Her response was delivered with a pinch of sass. She knew what he was going to say, and while she hadn't been around for long, she had heard more than enough from Mycroft about the time of Sherlock's life where he had turned to drugs. Hell, this den where Lestrade wanted them to go might have been one of his old providers. Amy didn't want that part of his life coming back.

"Amelia," Sherlock repeated, not letting her interrupt him. "I'm a grown man, and I can handle a case."

Amy didn't mean to look dubious as he spoke, but her concern was overwhelming at this point in time, and she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"I know. But let me go in."

"You're not a detective."

"I could be!"

Sherlock sighed. Amy folded her arms and looked him dead in the eye as she waited for him to agree, or to disagree so that she could argue some more.


"Yes, Sherlock?"

"If you think I'm not going to solve this case, then you're gravely mistaken."

"Oh, I know that's what you think, but you forget that you're the one who taught me."

"What you may or may not have picked up from me several years ago, before you-" He stopped before he added the comment about being engaged. It wasn't every day that Sherlock Holmes would be sensitive, and in fact, in this case, that wasn't what was happening. The door had opened and someone interrupted them.

"Lestrade needs you now, Freak."

Amy's head snapped around to Sally Donavon, glaring. "What did you just say?"

Sally was taken aback, clearly not expecting Amy to be there, or for her to stand up like that. John was more passive aggressive in his dismissal of the name calling, but Amelia Pond, the ferocious Scottish woman wouldn't stand for it. "I said that Lestrade needs you in the car, he's going to the crime scene."

"No, that other bit."

"Amy, stop." Sherlock was one step from staring open-mouthed at her.

"No, I won't. She called you a freak, and I want to know why that was called for. I'm sure that wasn't part of Greg's message, so why was there the need to add it? Hm?" The first part was to Sherlock, but as she turned back to Sally, her temper slowly rose, words becoming more aggressive and slightly louder. Sally said nothing, simply looking at Sherlock, then to Amy before shutting the door without another word.

Amy then turned to Sherlock, sighing. "Looks like I'm taking you with me, Sherly." She linked her arm through his again, tugging on him to pull him to the door. Her hand was on the door handle, and before she opened it, she turned to him. "Remind me to yell at her some more later. I don't like her." Then she swung the door open, and the two of them met Lestrade by the police car.

Sherlock had been silent since the altercation with Sally, but he spoke as he and Amy approached Greg. "Text me the postcode, I'll take a taxi there."

"And… Amy's coming with you?"

"Of course."

"Of course." Sherlock and Amy spoke in unison at that moment, and the grin that split Amelia's face was indescribable.

"Mhm-hm." Greg just nodded. "Hurry." And he ducked into the car, driving off, leaving Amy and Sherlock alone. There was silence between the two of them as Amy tried to hail a cab, failing this time, and Sherlock flagged one down for them. Getting in, and Amy following him into the back seat of the cab, the silence continued. Amy was not pleased with him going to what she suspected would be more complex than just a drugs bust, and Sherlock was uneasy. She had stood up for him. He stared out the window, letting Amy tell the cabbie that they were going to Camden, and would get more directions on the journey, but then her attention turned to the consulting detective and her childhood friend in the seat next to her.

"No need to thank me." She grinned, leaning in and pecking him on the cheek. Whether she was referring to accompanying him on the case, giving directions to the cabbie, or yelling at Sally, Sherlock would never be sure. He didn't like not being sure. But he he thought he liked that moment of intimacy a little too much.