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She was awake in the middle of the night, looking at the love of her life. Sometimes she wondered if he was the right one for her, if her choice was correct.

Then she looked at him, lying with his chest bare, completely lost in his dreams with a calm expression, breathing out and in slowly.

She loved him. She loved him so bad that even if he wasn't right, she couldn't care less.

She had loved in so many different ways, first, calm and safe, set in reality; then completely crazy and wild, living a fantasy and then, unaware of what she had was all she ever wanted.

Ethan, Kai, Adam. Adam, Kai, Ethan.

With him, she found reality and fantasy at the same time.

What they had was all they ever need, all they ever dream of. It was hard. They fought, they argue and get so mad at each other from time to time, but everything was worth it.

"Stop staring at me like that, half hour ago was cute but now, it just creepy." He mumble, wide awake.

"I'm sorry. It just…" she said, lost in his eyes. "I'm happy, and I was wondering how I came to deserve such happiness."

"Well, we have learned through therapy that we don't get anything unless we take risks and work hard for it. We took our risk and this is the result." He said, smiling brightly.

She smiled back. "You're right." He was right. Being with him was right. "I'll use that in my next session."

"And maybe you could throw a quote like: In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." He said.

She smiled, sadly. "It was Dr. Tom favorite."

"I know." He said, sympathetic and then, he took her hand in his.

They stayed like that for a while, looking in each other eyes deeply. "Now, since we're both awake…" He said getting closer.

"Oh," she said, catching the mood. She smiled softly at him. "Yes? What's on your mind, my dear?"

He chuckle a little before kissing her. They kissed until his lips traveled to her neck, to that point where he knew she just lost it.

"Adam…" she moaned. "I thought that… oh… that you were tired. Tomorrow, I mean, today… ah… we have to work"

"I'm never tired for this. Are you tired?" All Erica could do was said a simply no.

Right one or not, they belong together.

The ring on the nightstand was proof of that.


The End

I always have loved this couple more than I loved Kai/Erica. Sorry, but it's true. :)

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