Enemies and Love

A/N:I was bored and this random idea came to me. Personally, not my best work.

Enemies. Love. Normally, they're opposites, but for them, the same. Lovers, Fighters. Same difference to them. Their lives change, simply by a sunset. Lovers by day. Fighters by night. Life would be easier if they parted ways, but that seemed impossible to them. They had grown too close.

One day, life changed, changed forever. When a little plus '+' sign appeared. Her heart began racing. She felt nauseas, the walls began to spin. The floor almost seemed to be swaying. She walked to from the bathroom and feel on to her bed. She inhaled the smell of the cotton bedspread. Her hands squeezed the comforter. What was she to do?

Flipping over onto her back, she stared up to the ceiling. Her head pounding. Wrapping her arms around her stomache, she thought. 'What am I supposed to do?' her eyes jetted around the ceiling. Its bland white color her to come her nausea. 'Life is never simple' she thought. 'How amI going to tell him?' she continued questioning herself.

She had always wanted a family, she just didn't beliieve it was happening. With him none the less. 'Batman might be harder to talk to. I should confront Bruce instead...'

She jumped from the car the best she could in heels. Rushing toward the estate. She made her way tot he gate, pressing the intercom button. The wait for him to respond seemed like it was lasting for hours. When someone finally answered, she was disappointed it was Alfred. "Who is it?" he asked.

Responding in a rather hurry, "Selena, please let me in Alfred." With the sound of a buzzer, the doors opened. She ran back to her car and made her way up to the mansion. When arriving in front of the towering house, she turned off the engine. Leaving the car yet again, she walked more gracefully up to the door. Just as she was about to knock, the door opened.

Bruce stood with a smile on his face as he held open the door for her. As she entered, the TV could be heard a few rooms away. "Tim," Bruce explained. "Not that I'm complaining at the chance to see a beautiful woman, but why are you her?" he asked, trying not to sound rude.

Just as she began to speak, Cassandra entered. "Bruce, can I get on the Bat-computer?" she interrupted Selena glared at her for the way she had interrupted. Bruce nodded at her, as to dismiss her.

When she left, Selena continued,"I really need to talk to you, Bruce. Alone." For the last part, she motioned her head toward the other room. He stared at her with a questioning look, before they continued to the next room over.

Entering the room, she found it was the old sort of memorial room where Bruce had lots of old pictures of his parents. There was a small fire going in the fireplace. Everytime she was in the room, she couldn't help but feel sad. Ignoring her feelings and continuing her urgency to tell the news, she began to speak. "So remember, how we..." she started, but was cut off.

"Selena, I'm really sorry we haven't had more time to spend together. I've been rather busy lately," Bruce apologized. Selena nodded her head and began to talk again, but she didn't get her word in. I've been running these charity events, working, fighting... I just have been having problems getting free times."

When he paused for a breath, Selena toke her chance. In the car, on the way over, she had devised a plan of what to say. But, when Bruce to speak again, she just blurted out the truth. "I'm pregnant!"

Well that was one thing off her chest.

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