Author"s note: Once again, the rewrite has begun.

Many people who have just met Augusta Longbottom would find it hard to believe that Augusta Longbottom is anything but a prideful uncaring woman, but this is quite the opposite. In the wizarding world showing any emotion is to show your own weakness. Luckily, when around your family and friends a person"s humanity can shine bright for all to see, you can be yourself and remember that you do in fact have emotions. There are only 5 families aware of Augusta"s caring nature, only the Blacks, much to her chagrin, Potters, Lupins, and her own family, the Longbottoms, of course get to see this side of her. Though the Blacks, other than Sirius, saw what happened when you "tickled the sleeping dragon" a.k.a Augusta Longbottom.

On this particular day the "Dragon" was on her way to Gringotts for a very special, yet tragic, will reading. This particular will had been missing for about 6 years on October 31st, let it be noted that this is particularly odd for anything to go missing at Gringotts, but that"s for another time. The fact is the will was found, and the wrongs will be righted.

Taking a steely breath and counting to 3 the "Dragon" got ready to make her descent up the stairs of Gringotts Bank.

The first step left Augusta feeling a bit light headed, 'Everything is alright, you've got 1 down, now only 4 left.'

One more step and a head spin later, 'See, that wasn't terrible you can do it Augusta… alright.'

Determined Augusta continued up the steps until she was up the last step, her worry induced nausea seemed to fade as she placed her hand on the smooth metal handle, Augusta"s one way ticket into Gringotts. Allowing herself to take one final glance at the peaceful alley and feeling the golden sunlight warm her soul, Augusta pulled the handle.

Augusta stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind her and immediately missed the warmth the sun had provided her with, but this sadness could not continue because Augusta "The Dragon" Longbottom was on a mission. She scanned the room with a piercing gaze looking for an open counter. Quickly one was spotted in a swift concise manner way over to goblin named Fury Bolt.

"Oh noble warrior Fury Bolt, excuse this interruption, but I am here for the will reading of James and Lily Potter." Augusta stated in a proud and straightforward manner loved by all Goblins.

The Goblin eyed her for a moment before stating blandly "Right this way, noble wizard."

For a moment Augusta stood stock-still in shock, no goblin had ever addressed her as "noble wizard", but Augusta quickly realized her escort was waiting for her with a rather impatient look. Behind her escort Augusta saw a lavishly ornate door, which was quickly opened by the goblin escorting her.

"Borod will start the reading once everyone is present." Fury Bolt stated, leaving before Augusta could thank him.

Wearily the tired and nervous "Dragon" say down farthest from the door in case someone unsavoury walked into the gigantic room. 'I still can not figure out why I'm here.' Augusta thought, before she had time to think about the subject further Augusta"s attention was violently taken by a cry of "Gus!"

Augusta could not help but be shocked, "I haven't heard that name in ages!"

Seconds later Augusta was engulfed in a bone crushing hug from…. Remus Lupin? 'Well that was a shock.'

The " Dragon" gently patted Remus on the arm while murmuring "Oh I've missed you dearly, Remus."

Remus slowly let go and said in a sad tone "It has been forever, but after what happened... I just couldn't bare…"

"I understand it's been quite tough on us all, especially since Sirius…" Augusta did not need to explain the betrayal, especially not to Remus. After a brief moment Remus sat down, and just then the door opened for an old Goblin.

"Hello, I am Borod, on behalf of Gringotts I would like to extend a sincere apology about how long it has taken for this will reading to take place." The old Goblin stated in a severe tone before he sat down a recording, which began to play.

" I James Potter in body and mind declare that all wills before this null and void. Now that we are done with that, I have asked for you two to be here first so you know will know that Peter betrayed us to Voldemort, that's the only way we could be dead, unless I caught fire or something of that nature. With that in mind, to Remus Lupin you are my dear friend and my brother and have always have been my bother, to you Moony I leave 100,000 gallons and don't you dare try to give it back! Because all I can say to that is I am dead my dear friend its impossible. Now to August Longbottom you are like my second mother to you I am leaving Harry James Potter in hopes he has a wonderful childhood and he and Neville can still be close friends. I also leave you 10,000 gallons. To my dear son Harry James Potter I leave everything that is left to claim and my eternal love. Harry, you will be a great man and I am so sorry I am not there to show you all that I know. I love you son, never forget this. It is a truth, and I hope you never wonder if I love you. I' am sorry to say that I must go." James' face portrayed an emotion of deep sorrow as he said "The ones we love never truly leave us. Wait for the letters!"

The projection faded and left the room in a somber mood.

Bodrod then said in a soft voice, "Next is Lily Potter's will."

A projection of Lily popped up and said in the gentlest voice anyone in the room had heard

" I Lily Potter in body and mind declare that all wills before this null and void. To my beloved boy Harry James Potter I leave the title of Evans and my special trunk, guitar, and all my money. You were loved Harry, always remember this and be safe. Don't let your dad's genes affect you too much. To Remus and Augusta I guess this means I am dead and I am sorry for that but hope you give Harry all the joy in the world. Goodbye my dear friends I miss you and am waiting, and for once you better keep me waiting! I love you all."

As the projection faded all Augusta and Remus could say is "Harry!" They then asked Bodrod for the address of Harry Potter's current home.