AN: Longtime no see, aye? Well I am finially back with an update. So is the crew ready for Hogwarts and the great struggle they will have to endure? And what will people do when they find out that "The missing have been found?"

The group went down to the pet store to pick out an owl.

Harry stopped walking and asked "Hey Remus, why are we getting an owl? Dumbledork can easily intercept them."

"It's for appearances." Remus responded,"Since i made the mirror modification to your watches there really is no need to use and owl, but hey why not have a pet?"

"Mooney we still need to take the Grangers and Augusta their mirrors." Sirius reminded him.

"Lets go home and get the "Willow" first." said Remus.

"Alright i'll take Harry and Hermione, you take Neville and Luna." instructed Sirius.

Sirius grabbed Harry and Hermione, turned slightly and off they went. Harry always hated evaporating the feeling of being smashed and bashed was highly uncomfortable, but it was a staple in wizarding life. He comforted himself with the knowledge that it was a lot better than floo. Harry and Hermione stubbled as they landed, but we saved the embarcement of falling by Sirius. Remus, Neville, and Luna landed gracefully two seconds later. They all ran up the lawn excited to see Agusta, who had visted them quite often to keep them up to date on the events of the outside world.

When they finally reached the door they were all winded and puffing for breath.

Neville wiped his brow and huffed "Do we have to run everywhere guys?"

"No" they replied in unison. Causing Harry to smirk.

"Don't say it Harry." Neville gasped in exasperation.

Harry pouted "Fine then ruin my fun."

"Are we going in or what?" Said Sirius "Its only been a few years since we were here last."

Hermione opened the door and walked in the house, followed suit by the rest of the group.

Earlier that day...

Augusta was exstadic her "kids" would finally be home later that day. She flashed back to the first time she visted them.

They were seated in the living room, and merryly joking with eachother. Augusta was surprised to notice Harry's arm was around Hermione. She repressed a smile and thought to herself, well it seems they finally noticed how good they were for eachother, now i wonder when Neville will see that Luna is fit for him. this caused her to let out a sigh. The years were floating by and she often wondered what it would be like if she just joined them in the vault, but alas someone must stay in the real world. This realization made her sad. Neville was all she had left, since Frank and Alice's death. She wasn't sure if they had gotten any more letters, but she was depressed to find the letters had stopped. Her last connection to Frank, Alice, Lilly, and James was pretty much gone. Then it hit her she still had Harry and Neville and all the others, she solomly promised that she would do everything she could to protect them. Remus looked over and noticed how solum Augusta was.

"What's the matter?" Remus tenderly asked.

"I just... wish i could come with you guys, the house isn't the same without your presence." she looked down sadly.

"We'll be back as soon as we are through Gran." said Harry, Nevilled nodded along.

Augusta similed. That was the first time Harry had called her "gran."


Augusta heard some commotion and soon heard soem of her favorite voices bickering.

"Hermione please..." Harry pleaded.

"Fine just one." Hermione said exasperated as she handed him a peice of chocolate and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek, which caused her to blush.