Summary: A girl has lost her memory. She wakes up and four strange yet familiar faces surround her. They claim to be her family, and, as she attains a few memories here and there, they seem to be telling the truth. However, how she got into her current state is unknown to all of them but her own memory. They MUST find out what happened to her, but what if things get a little slowed when she starts getting feelings for one of "her" boys?

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Chapter 1:

My name. My name. I have to remember my name, I mean, everyone had one, right?

Was it Mary?


Was it June?


Was it Agnus?

God, no.

Was it Lilly?



Okay, so the name was a job for another time.

Now, I had to at least open my eyes.

Let's see, open.

Open saysame?

Open, dammit!

Oh, wait. I don't actually have to think 'open.' Now I feel dumb.

I'm assaulted with flickering light and four faces taking up my entire line of sight.

Frightened and surprised, I shrieked and shoved myself back against a wall. A rock wall.

Was I in a cave?

The four strangers looked at me with confused expressions on their handsome faces.

The question of my name had left my mind at the moment. I was more concerned with how I had managed to get inside of a cave with four guys that I didn't seem to know...though, they did look a little familiar. I HAD to know where I was.

"Where am I?" I asked, my voice traitorously betraying my weak state of mind.

"Well, you're in the cave of course," the guy with the long dirty blond hair answered like it was obvious, chewing madly on a piece of gum. "You're home."

Home? This was Home? My Home?

"I live here?" I breathed out the words, more to myself, while looking around as best I could.

"Are you okay?" the one with the long dark hair and no shirt asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

The truth was: no, I wasn't okay.

However, I didn't answer. The subject of my name popped up in my mind again. They seemed to know me, so maybe they knew my name. I didn't like not having a name. I needed a title.

"What's my name?" I asked the guy with the platinum blond mullet.

The one with the curly blond hair chuckled and waved his hand dismissively. "C'mon, Rose, quit playin' around. How are you feeling?"

Rose? Was that my name? It seemed to fit. It kind-of rung a teeny tiny bell somewhere in the abyss of my brain.

The platinum blond dude reached his handtoward my forehead.

I attempted to shrink away from it but the unforegiving wall wouldn't give.

Duh. Walls don't move.

When his abnormally cold handreached my head, I sucked in a sharp breath and closed my eyes.

I didn't trust this group of guys yet. I may have known them before I happened to forget everything I'd ever known, but I still had yet to find out how I had known them. Plus, they may not have realized it, but intimidation radiated off of them. I didn't know how, and I didn't think I wanted to, but I could tell that these guys were different from the average person. They might have been bad...really bad.

When the dude finally took his hand back, I let out the breath I hadbeen holding.

I now knew one more thing about myself: I could hold my breath for a very long time.

I stared wide-eyed at them as they stood still, not speaking, and just studying me.

Every now and then, one of them would look at another and, almost as if sensing the other ones stare, would instantly turn his head toward the other as if they were holding a silent conversation, all through their mind. Damn, I couldn't even hardly hold a single thought at the moment.

When the silence seemed to become even more tense, I decided to ask the question that had been nagging silently at the back of my head.

"Who are you guys?"

If they hadn't been staring at me already, their haeds all snapped in my direction.

The sad expressions on all of their faces broke even my heart. I felt guilty for the way I had been behaving. I obviously knew these guys very well.

The platinum blond guy looked straight into my eyes, capturing them and holding them prisoner with his blue ones. It was like he was looking into my mind, my soul, and I couldn't look away.

"She definitely has no memory. Not of us. Not of herself," he stated as if they had just been talking about it. "We have to bring her back. Eventually we will, but there is no telling how long it will take."

He looked at the ground like it held all the answers to the meaning of life.

I couldn't tell if I was remembering something or I was just really observant, but i could tell that the platinum blond was the leader of his group of friends. Had I been a part of that group?

I decided to be an optimist and say that I was remembering something.

Hello, progress, thy name is Rose! ...I think.

The sadness in the air was so thick that I was finding it hard to breathe. I wantedto make the guys feel better. I had to say something.

" about we start by reintroducing ourselves. You guys seem fairly nice, and I'm sorry I can't seem to remember you," I started, giving them my best smile.

The guys seemed to appreciate my effort.

"I'm David, but you knew that...once," the platinum blond, now David, introduced without even looking at me.

"I'm Marko," the curly-headed one, now known as Marko, sounded sad, even with the small smile he gave me. At least he looked at me.

The one with the wild dirty blond hair grabbed my hand and kissed it with a smirk on his face. He was about to introduce himself, but something flew through my mind.

A vision.

A memory.

I was remembering something.

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