What would have happened if David would have left after Maddie bolted out of the car during their 'date" in "A Trip to the Moon?"

"Fine! Then go and recite your dictionary, Miss Ambivalent."

Maddie threw him a scathing look, "I don't want to do this David."

'Do what?" David asked although he knew exactly what she meant.

"THIS! Do this! "Maddie spat out "Spend another pointless evening arguing with you!"

"Pointless huh?" David repeated slowly.

"I don't want to do this anymore!"

David smirked "Then don't do it!" He could feel his temper rising and fought the anger down. Was she serious? Always some reason to get mad at me, he thought wryly. David sighed. He looked at her closely. "You think I don't know what you're doing? Look at you! Just sitting there waiting for me to screw up."

Maddie stared him down "I don't know what you're talking about!"

David continues "Sure, this is another one of your tests and you're just waiting me to fail. Aren't you? Aren't you?" He prodded.

Maddie didn't answer instead she threw him a look that should have turned him to ashes and bolted out of the car. David heard the door slam before he even had the chance to turn around.

David sat in the car a few minutes trying to collect his thoughts. What should he do now? Should he go after her? Why was he always the one doing the chasing? He was quickly tiring of her games. Shaking his head in disgust, David walked over to Maddie's closed door. "Hey Maddie!" he yelled "Come out. Come out. Wherever you are!" He began banging on the door with his fist. "Game over! You win!" Silence. She sure is a piece of work, David thought darkly. "He began banging on the door with one hand as he rang the doorbell repeatedly with the other calling her name 'MADDIE!" Silence. All the scenes form the last few weeks replayed themselves in David's tired mind. "We need a pact." "I'm not supposed to be with someone like you." "We need a new pact." "I feel empty inside." "I'm not happy." Fury overtook him as he gave the door one last bang and a kick for good measure. She wasn't worth this. No woman was worth this! Somewhere in LA there was a shot of tequila with his name on it. David drove away. He felt like a man for the first time in weeks.

Maddie heard David banging on her door and calling out her name. What did he want? She thought darkly? Why couldn't he just leave her alone! She needed time to think! The last month had been a whirlwind and Maddie couldn't wrap her mind around it! Maddie poured herself a glass of wine and sat on her sofa sipping it slowly. David continued to call out for her, ringing and knocking. She felt a little mean just ignoring him. But she didn't really care. A few minutes later, Maddie realized that she hadn't heard David in a while. She tip toed to the door and put her ear to it. Silence. She carefully opened the door a crack and peeked out. No David. She opened the door wider. No car. Maddie flew out of her house and looked around. He really was gone! Maddie dropped to her steps. She was stunned! For the last few weeks she had called all the shots in this relationship or whatever this thing was with David. She knew she had the upper hand and she liked it. Maddie never thought David would leave before he tried to convince her to go on this "date". She was surprised and nervous over this new development. She was still sure that David would return soon. She was wrong.

David parked the car near his apartment and decided to walk to his favorite watering hole. He realized that he needed more than one or two tequilas to help him forget this lousy night and he knew he would be in no shape to drive. He wondered what Maddie's reaction was when she realized that he had left. Despite himself, David felt a laugh bubbling up in his throat. Ha! She must have been shocked when her puppet wasn't there for her to play with! Miss Ambivalent! She pushes me away with one hand as she's grabbing my belt buckle with the other. He just couldn't understand that woman. Tonight he wouldn't even try! A few shots, a few laughs with whoever was hanging out and then he would worry about Maddie tomorrow. OK where had he heard that line before?

David never did come back that night. Maddie had spent a sleepless night waiting for the sound of the car. Waiting for the sound of the key in the lock. They never came. He never came. Did he realize this was the first night that they had been apart since IT happened? Did he even care? Maddie tried to call David's apartment again. She had tried him a few times during the night. She really didn't know what she would have said to him if he answered the phone. But it had become an obsession to call every few minutes. Where was he? Either he was deliberately not answering the phone or he really wasn't home. She even called Blue Moon a few times. No answer there either. Where was that man, she fretted. How was she supposed to get to work this morning since he took the car? Maddie decided to call a cab. She wasn't very happy. Actually, she was quite the opposite. She realized she was acting a bit crazy but couldn't help herself. She wants David to leave her alone and then when he does she is unhappy! Talk about being ambivalent!

Maddie had the cab driver drop her off at the garage level. She wanted to see if the car was parked in their space. It was. So David must be here too. Why did the idea that she would soon see David make her feel glad. Happy. But nervous too. Damn that man!

David wasn't feeling his best. Too much booze and too little sleep was making his head pound. He had tried to find forgetfulness in the bottom of a shot glass but it hadn't worked. He had tried to sleep off the effects of the tequila but what little sleep he had gotten were filled with dreams of Maddie. He realized that was the first night they had spent apart since they had made love. He wondered if she missed him half as much as he missed her. Probably not he mused. He had to accept the fact that she didn't want to continue with their relationship. The sooner he accepted it the easier it would become to forget how she felt in his arms. Keep dreaming, Addison; Maddie's voice filled his head. Anyway, he was tired of her damn pacts and her stupid uncertainty. Either she wanted him or she didn't. Most of the time it seemed like she didn't. Sometimes he thought he caught her looking at him with disgust. That really annoyed him. When he thought about the ways she had treated him these last weeks he felt his face grow hot in shame. He had allowed her to make him feel like crap. He was constantly walking on egg shells around her. He was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. He was constantly failing her stupid tests. He refused to let her pull his strings anymore. And he knew that what was easy was of no value. She didn't value him because he was always there. Always at her beck and call. Well, that was going to stop. David knew with a man's certainty that if there was any hope of a relationship with Maddie he had to act like a man. Not like a lovesick schoolboy. He had never let her manipulate or boss him around before IT happened. He realized he was whipped. Wow, when did David Addison get whipped by a piece of ass? Ok she was much more than that to him but maybe if he started thinking of her that way. Treating her that way he would run to him. It was worth a shot. He just hoped he didn't shoot his damn foot off!

Maddie felt like a caged animal. She had been in her office for the last hour and David had made no attempt to see her. He had always been the one trying to get her behind closed doors since IT happened. What had changed? She decided to have a talk with Agnes. That woman seemed to know everything. She had a sixth sense when it came to her and David. Maddie buzzed her. "Can I see you in my office, Miss Dipesto?"

"Sure thing Ms. Hayes!" Agnes knew something had happened between her two beloved bosses. She had eyes and wasn't stupid. She knew exactly the time they had started sleeping together. She could see it in their eyes. A raw passion that made you feel uncomfortable when you were alone with them. It was like they wanted you to leave so they could be alone. Agnes saw how they tried to hide their relationship. Leaving separately, never coming in to the office at the same time. Didn't they realize the whole office knew they were sleeping together? Agnes wasn't happy about it but she knew there were bets on how long it would last. She hoped for a very long time.