This was an extremely random story that I wanted to write. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I finally wrote it! :D Yay..

Summary: Robin is injured during a mission, but he keeps it a secret from the team and Batman. The injury wasn't *too* bad, what's the worst that could happen?

Robin knew dang well that secrets could be hard to keep, especially for heroes. And also because the people he did his 'hero-work' with were his best friends. The Boy Wonder thought it was difficult keeping his identity hidden- but his friends understood that. Now injuries on the other hand? If you had a paper cut on your finger, someone would notice. That's just how it worked. And because Robin was considered the 'little brother' on the team, it was even harder to not be noticed. The Boy Wonder carefully (but not too carefully) sat down on the couch as his side ached in protest. Of course this had to happen to him. One moment everything was fine, and the next moment things spun out of control.


A raven-haired boy was running through Gotham City, the stars shining in the night sky above him. Next to him were his teammates, his friends. The only thought running through Robin's head was, 'Complete the mission, then go back to the Cave.' It had surprisingly been a very slow week. Batman had had no missions for the young heroes except for an occasional patrol every once in a while. The mission they were on then wasn't an exception- there had been a robbery at a local jewelry store in Gotham City, usually something the Dynamic Duo would deal with. Bats had finally agreed to let them go after Wally had begged the Dark Knight to the point of giving in, thinking it was a good idea to let the teens get out. Robin had been astonished that Batman complied.

The young heroes were hidden across the street from the store, watching six men (from what Robin could count). Each one had a huge, hunting knife that was probably as long as Robin's arm. Definitely NOT the kind of knife that Alfred would use to make dinner.

'Whoa.' the Boy Wonder thought. 'Haven't seen weapons like that in a while.' Usually robbers had guns, sometimes even bombs- but knives were rare.

Robin and Miss Martian went first. Lately the 'strategic' thing to do was to have the martian and the bird go first, their abilities for staying hidden a huge advantage. The Martian easily distracted the men by telepathically picking up a rock and throwing it at the head of one of the robbers. Robin snuck around the building and looked up at the roof. The store itself wasn't too tall, maybe fourteen or so feet high. Robin found some crates stacked up against the back wall and used them to climb the building. He pulled out a few birdarangs when he got to the edge of the store. The six men were still distracted, their attention focused only on the strange rock moving around on its own. Robin threw the birdarangs at the two men nearest to him, and the fight began. One of the men yelled, "Hey, isn't that Batman's sidekick?"

"Partner, actually, "Robin muttered to himself. At the moment the others all attacked, each hero finding a man to fight with while still watching out for each other. Robin noticed a man stuffing as many valuable items as he could in his pockets. The robber looked up to find the Boy Wonder staring at him with a skeptical look, then took off running. Robin reacted quickly. He had dealt with so many robbers that he knew the guy was going to attempt and make a run for it. Of course, running never got you far from the Dynamic Duo. Robin kept in mind that Batman wasn't with him, and if he needed help, he'd have to call for his team. Although the young heroes had bonded a great deal since their first actual 'mission', Robin was still not 100% used to working with a team other than him and Bats. Miss M had linked them all up beforehand, but as Robin ran after the man, his friend's voices were becoming faint.

After just two minutes of being followed, the man was quickly running out of breath while Robin was just getting warmed up.

'Too easy!' He thought happily as he silently thanked his foster father for all of his training. The robber dropped all of the items he had gathered into his hands, and bent over, trying to catch his breath. Robin just watched, amused, for a moment then charged at the man. It seemed simple- the guy's eyes went wide with shock as the young boy lunged at him, and Robin allowed a small smile to creep onto his face. But suddenly- faster than Robin ever imagined someone as out of shape as this man could move- the robber pulled out one of the wicked knives the others had been carrying. Not even the Boy Wonder's expert skills and agility could stop him from running straight into the enemy. All he could do was twist his body at the last second, but he grimaced in pain when he felt the man's knife cut into his side. Instead, a hiss of pain escaped his lips. Robin allowed himself to look down at the wound. Unfortunately, it wasn't just a little scratch like he would 'normally' get when he went on missions similar to this with Batman. The cut was a little bit deeper than a graze, and in Robin's mind, not a big deal. It was bleeding quite a bit but it didn't look like he would need stitches. The Boy Wonder just ignored the ache and let his attention fall back on the man. He threw two birdarangs at the bulky robber, trying his best to ignore the sharp, sudden, pain that shot up his side. The birdarangs hit their target. One knocked the knife out of the man's hand, and while he was distracted from losing his weapon, the other birdarang flew back around and hit him in the back of the head. The man was knocked out cold. Just as Robin was about to celebrate his 'small' victory, he heard the sirens of police cars and decided it best to leave. His friends were probably worrying about him anyways. The Boy Wonder glanced back one last time at the unconscious man, and was taken aback for a second when he noticed a glint of liquid on the robber's knife. Robin just shrugged and ran in the direction of his friends, assuming that the liquid on the knife was just his own blood from when the man had gotten a lucky swipe at him.

But boy was he wrong.

When Robin returned to his friends, he was pretty tired. He just shook his exhaustion off, thinking it was because of the team's intense training before the mission. Robin checked his 'scratch' one more time. It didn't *look* that bad. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle. Robin knew that if his teammates found out, they would just worry about him, like they usually did when he was injured. Robin found it frustrating sometimes; being treated like he was a little kid. He *definitely* knew that his friends would over-react if he mentioned he had been grazed with a knife, and Robin honestly didn't want them to ask about it. So the Boy Wonder decided not saying anything would be the best decision. He noticed Aqualad look over at him with a small smile. When the Atlantean started walking over, Robin shifted himself into a position where his injury couldn't be seen.

"Robin. I am glad you are alright. I assume you took care of the man that you were chasing?"

Robin gave his best smile. "Of course, Aqualad! It was no problem at all." The Boy Wonder sighed in relief when Aqualad turned back towards Miss Martian, to tell her that it was safe to leave in the bio-ship. The team headed back towards the ship. Robin consciously wrapped his arm around his waist to hide the cut and walked up the ramp.

*End of Flashback*

Now Robin's side was all bandaged up under his civvies clothes, not the least bit noticeable. The Boy Wonder silently thanked Alfred for all of his teachings on how to take care of wounds as he watched TV with Wally, Kaldur, and Conner. Megan and Artemis were in the kitchen cooking and chatting about boys and school (the usual).

Conner turned towards Robin, a confused expression on his face.

"So, do you and Batman fight criminals like the robbers we faced on a regular basis?"

The Boy Wonder was slightly shocked at first that Conner asked the question, but he shrugged it off and smirked.

"Yup, pretty much. Robberies are the 'usual' thing," he said, using his hands to make fake quotation marks. "But many times we'll face the really bad villains like Joker and Clayface."

Conner nodded his head up and down slowly. "That sounds dangerous," he said. "Do you get hurt a lot?"

Robin laughed. Getting hurt happened at *least* every-other time he went on patrol. "Yeah, but getting hurt is part of the gig. If Batman would've pulled me out of the first time I got hurt, I definitely wouldn't be here right now."

"So when you do get hurt, who takes care of it?" Robin's eyes widened a bit under his dark sunglasses. He was getting in deep water. Alfred and Bruce were obviously the ones to take care of any injuries, but he couldn't tell his teammates that. And if he said Batman took care of his injuries, Conner would most likely ask who took care of Batman's. (Or in this case, Robin had tried to take care of his own injuries.) The raven-haired boy was about to come up with some random answer when Megan walked in.

"Artemis and I made brownies!" She exclaimed, a wide smile on her face. 'Phew!' Robin thought. 'Saved by the martian.'

Robin jumped up as fast as he could, gritting his teeth together when his side burned. He felt bad for ignoring Conner, but he needed to get away before he asked any more questions.

The teens walked into the kitchen, the scent of warm, delicious, cinnamon-sugar cookies in the air.

"It smells great in here!" Wally said, a huge smile on his face. "Let's eat!"

Artemis walked over and hit the Speedster upside his head; Robin had to stifle a laugh as she did.

"Um, a thanks would be appropriate Wally," the archer said.

Wally, busy filling his mouth with the delicious snacks, said a quick 'thanks'. Then he turned towards Robin.

"Well *best friend*, thanks for not laughing at me," he said sarcastically. Robin just smirked back. Unexpectedly, the speedster ran over before Robin could protect himself and tackled him to the ground. Robin was unsure of what to do. He could either yell out because of the horrible pain that shot up his side, or bite his tongue to not blow his secret. Instead, Robin chose to do something in between the two options. He let out a pained yelp, but not loud enough to worry anybody, then shut his mouth so he wouldn't cry out further. Wally started laughing along with everybody else, and Robin did his best to laugh along with them. The red head got up first.

"Now you know what'll happen if you laugh at me," he said, smiling.

Robin smiled back, still sitting on the floor of the kitchen. He was extremely grateful for his sunglasses, because at the moment his eyes were showing all his pain. Unfortunately for the Boy Wonder, Wally had hit directly into the cut. The pain, even though almost a few minutes had passed, was barely subsiding. Robin was truly starting to worry. At first, the cut seemed unimportant and not serious. But as the night had gone on it was getting progressively worse, even though the cut was just a few inches long and not that deep. Robin had done everything Alfred would've done to treat the wound: He cleaned it, cleaned it again, put disinfectant on it, and then wrapped it up tightly. Yet the pain was getting worse rather than staying the same or getting better. Robin was pulled out of his trance when Wally asked, "Yo Rob, are you ever going to get up?" Robin could tell his best friend was joking, but to be safe, he slowly got up and grabbed a cookie off the counter.

"These are great. Thanks for making them," he told Artemis and Miss Martian. The two girls explained how they had found the recipe and how they made them, and Robin listened contently.

Around midnight the teens decided to go to bed. Robin had called Batman to see if he could stay the night, and his foster father had happily (what a shock) agreed. After saying their goodnights, the heroes headed off towards their beds. Robin walked into his 'room' and wasn't surprised to see that everything was the same as the last time he spent the night at the cave. All that was in the room was a desk, a few extra Robin uniforms and some regular clothes, a bed, and a dresser. Robin didn't stay often so he found it pointless to decorate the place. The Boy Wonder set his laptop down on the desk, then sat down on his bed. Making sure that nobody was coming, he took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes. Robin felt exhausted.

'I didn't even do much today,' he thought to himself. 'I trained, went on an extremely short mission, and then chilled the rest of the night. Why am I so tired?'

The Boy Wonder changed into some gym clothes (since he didn't really have any pajamas), wincing when his side started hurting. Robin carefully climbed on his bed. At first, he lay on his back, but then his side started throbbing. Robin attempted to lie on his left side in hopes that it would ease the pain. The cut burnt a little less than before, but the pain was still there. Robin sighed. Maybe this was a lot worse than he had imagined. Maybe he needed to tell his friends or Batman... But he might look like a baby whining over a scrape, so he pushed the idea to the back of his mind and tried to sleep.

To say that Robin felt a little sick when he woke up the next morning was an understatement. His eyes and body felt hot, yet he was shivering under all of the blankets. Robin's entire body ached, and every time he moved it was worse. But the most horrible pain was the pain in his side. Robin sat up and put his feet over the bed.

'Thanks goodness I'm not dizzy or nauseas...' he thought to himself.

The Boy Wonder took off his shirt and carefully unwrapped the bandage from his side. Robin was shocked at what had happened to the cut since the last time he'd seen it. Before it looked exactly like what it was- a cut. But now it was bright red, a purple-ish bruise making a circle around it. In a nutshell, it looked like it was on the verge of becoming infected. Robin decided that the best thing to do was wash it again. He put his shirt back on, grabbed some clean clothes, and headed for the showers.

Robin felt slightly better after he took a shower and washed and redressed the wound. It didn't hurt as much, but he still felt incredibly sick.

'I'm so not feeling the aster...' Robin thought when he remembered the team had hand-to-hand combat training with Black Canary. Under normal circumstances he would be excited because martial arts was his strong point, but not today. Just lifting his arms above his head was difficult. And if he got punched in the side? Robin was pretty sure his secret would be out if *that* happened.

He slowly made his way towards the kitchen when he heard his friends' voices. Robin walked in to find breakfast had been made (once again thanks to Megan and Artemis). Kaldur and Megan said a happy 'good morning' as Robin got some food.

"How was your night Robin?" the Martian asked cheerfully. For a moment Robin felt like answering, 'I was in horrible pain last night and this morning I feel even worse, but I'm just peachy!', but instead answered, "I'm great, how bout' you?"

Megan smiled. "I'm great as well. I hope you enjoy your breakfast."

Robin smiled back, taking a huge bite of bacon and gave Megan a thumbs up.

After breakfast had been cleaned up Kaldur told the team it was almost time for training. Robin tried his best to look excited as he made his way over to the training area. To his dismay, Wally noticed the slight frown on his face.

"Hey Rob, you okay?"

Robin jerked his head up, surprised by the question.

"Yeah, I'm good. Do I look un-okay?" he said back, a smirk on his face.

The speedster nodded slowly. "I don't know. Do you feel sick or anything?"

Robin faked laughing. "Ha, you think I'm sick? I would've skipped training if I were sick." Luckily the red head bought Robin's acting, and ran off towards the training floor where Black Canary was waiting.

Robin sighed to himself. This was going to be interesting.

To be perfectly honest, I've actually been writing this on my phone. I had NO idea it would end up being 2,930 words long! I guess I should write my stories on my phone much more often. ;) Anyhoo, this will probably just be a two-shot or something; it depends. Like the story? Please review! Thanks for reading. :)