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Batman only had one goal in mind as he traveled deeper underground-

Save his son.

Save him because there was no way he could move on without him. In the beginning he had had his doubts, but the little acrobat had managed to sneak into his heart; something that so many people had tried to do and failed at in his life, and yet a nine year old Dick Grayson had.

The Dark Knight ran out of the elevator as soon as it stopped and quickly found a hiding spot behind some metal boxes. There were a few people-well, more like thugs- bustling about. The room looked like a warehouse or a factory, with metal beams stretching across the tall ceiling and machines and boxes everywhere. Batman pulled out his grappling hook and shot it towards the large metal beams to get a better view of what exactly was going on. He landed on the beam without making a sound and looked down towards the machines, slightly confused. There was nothing being made in them.

Batman cautiously walked along the beam when he heard an all too familiar voice:

"By now the poison should be taking an even greater effect on the Boy Wonder's weakening body. The young heroes- perhaps even the Justice League- will be forced to come to us."

It was Ra's Al Ghul. A man-if you could really even call him that- that practically knew everything about Bruce and Richard. And now he had Robin's life in his hands.

Batman carefully moved more into the shadows when Ra's Al Ghul stepped out into the light of the room

"Perhaps we even got lucky enough to have the Dark Knight pay us a visit in person," the villain said before smirking. "Isn't that right, Batman?"

The Dark Knight's eyes slightly widened in shock. He knew he was here the entire time. Ra's looked up to the exact spot where he was perched on the metal beams.


Robin slipped in and out of consciousness as his teammates and Black Canary ran about inside the infirmary, the older hero calling out orders of what she needed. The Boy Wonder had (thankfully) been given some morphine to help ease the pain, but not too much in case it made his condition worse.

"Robin? Can you hear me?" he heard Dinah ask.

He gave a slight nod and winced in pain when he felt his broken hand being moved.

"We're going to x-ray your hand. Hold on just a minute and stay as still as you can."

Robin closed his eyes and tried to relax as he heard the machine buzz.

'What in the world is happening to me?' He thought. There was a rush of air and his best friend was at his side, carefully picking him up. The Speedster set him down on a hospital bed while Black Canary prepped some equipment.

"I'm so sorry, Rob. I swear I didn't mean to run into you," Wally said as he stood next to the bed.

Robin shook his head. "Not your fault," he said slowly, his eyes still closed.

"Well, Robin," Dinah said. "Your wrist is broken. It obviously has something to do with the poison. No one- especially you- would have broken a bone from being run into like that. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to wear a cast."

Robin turned to Wally and gave the best smile he could through all of the pain. "See Walls? It was the poison, not you." The Boy Wonder hissed in pain when his body started aching again as fierce as it had before he had been given the morphine.

Black Canary looked at Robin with a worried/concerned expression.

"I know you're already in a lot of pain, so is it alright if I put you to sleep while I put your cast on?"

Robin nodded, his eyes shut tight in pain. "It'd be preferred, actually." The elder hero nodded and injected a clear liquid into the I.V. drip in Robin's right hand. Within seconds his eyelids became heavy and he closed his eyes, finally relaxing.

All action in the room came to a stop. Several men- dressed just like the two men who Batman had knocked unconscious- looked around, trying to find the Caped Crusader. Batman tensed up when he heard his name being called out, but sighed and slowly made his descent to the floor below using his grappling hook.

"Now now Batman," Ra's almost laughed. "You really think that I wouldn't be expecting you?"

The Dark Knight landed silently on the floor and with a mental sigh, walked out into the light, the shadows no longer hiding him. Ra's watched him with a smirk on his face, his eyebrows raised in amusement.

"It's good to see you, Batman. It's been a while."

The Dark Knight glared back. This was no time for a friendly chat- not when this man held the key to his son's survival in his hands.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"Your cooperation, of course," the villain said. "I want to hear more about this little team that some of the others have been talking about. Isn't little Robin on this said team?"

Batman didn't answer. Ra's was toying with him. He needed to get the antidote and get out.

"Give me the antidote, Ra's."

The man smiled evilly. "Oh come on, Batman. Why would I ever give it to you that easily? You have to prove that you deserve to receive it."

At that moment a group of 10 men dressed in all black dropped down and surrounded the Dark Knight. They all held a variety of different weapons, from swords to shuriken to bo staffs. Batman was positive he could take them- but there was something else going on, and he needed to figure it out before it was too late.


An all too familiar feeling to the Boy Wonder- it lingered in Gotham's streets, it could be found in every villain, and most of all it haunted Robin's dreams- well, filled his nightmares- almost every night. Even despite the fact he was given a sedative, he was still being granted with the oh-so-grateful privilege of having one at the moment.

It was the same nightmare, as usual. The same circus tent, the same audience, the same thing over and over again. The same whoosh of air that he felt against his skin.

The exact same screams and the terrible snapping sounds that followed after.

Robin began running to his parents' sides, but when he got there it was not what he expected.

Instead of his parents broken, bleeding bodies, it was Bruce's. His cowl was off, but the rest of his Batman uniform was still on. His eyes were open but remained un-blinking, and Robin felt his eyes well up with tears. His knees gave out from underneath him, and he couldn't stop shaking. Because in all of his life he had never had a dream exactly like this one. Sure he had nightmares about Batman being seriously injured, but never had his parents' deaths and Batman 'dying' ever mixed before.

It was truly terrifying.

Robin took small, slow steps towards the man he had known as his father for the past four years. Everything around him began to fade into black, the only light coming from the spotlight that shone over Bruce's body. Now he was just inches from his foster father's body when something in his hand caught his eye. Robin kneeled next to the man's hand and with much reluctance, reached down and took the shining object out of his hand. It was... a syringe?

With a closer look, Robin realized exactly what it was.

In the syringe was the antidote to the poison that was currently coursing through his body. Bruce had died getting it for him? No... That couldn't be possible! He was Batman! He couldn't die. Now he was hyperventilating. Bruce died trying to save him.

Robin fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face. He felt so guilty. It was his fault his father was dead; his fault for not telling anyone and getting Bruce killed... By now he was sobbing, his breath hitching and chest heaving. He hugged Bruce's body close.

"No! This can't be happening! It's my fault," he sobbed into the Batman uniform. Suddenly the darkness closed in on father and son until they were completely engulfed in it; everything going black.

The Boy Wonder woke with a jolt, tears still streaming down his face. His body ached at the sudden movement and he tried to calm his sobbing fit. Seemingly out of nowhere a pair of muscular arms wrapped around his shaking frame. Startled, he looked up to find the friend he had considered as an older 'brother' all of his life looking at him with worried eyes. Roy.

Robin hugged him tighter; crying even harder.

"Shh, it's okay Dickie. Were you having a nightmare?" Robin nodded.

"I-it was a b-bad one," he sniffed.

Roy hugged him tighter. "Want to talk about it?"

The Boy Wonder wiped his tears with his hand and looked down at his lap. The nightmare felt more like some sort of vision to him than anything.

"I have to go, Roy."

The red archer stared at him, confusion obvious on his face. "What do you mean?"

Robin looked up at him with a serious expression. "I need to be with Batman. Something bad will happen to him if I'm not there."

"Dick," Roy sighed. "You're in no condition to be fighting or even be outside of the cave, really. I mean, you have a broken hand and we don't know what could happe-"

"Roy, please."

Roy stopped his rambling to look down at Robin, who had taken his sunglasses off and was looking at the archer with those bright, baby blue eyes. But instead of their usual happy shine, there was a fierce, pleading look. There was no way he was going to back down on this.

Suddenly there was a soft knock at the door. Robin quickly put his sunglasses back on and said, "Uh, come in."

Wally peeked his head in, a huge grin on his face at seeing his best friend awake and at the sight of Roy, who he also considered as a big brother. Robin smiled and pulled the sunglasses back off.

"Rob, you're awake! Roy, what are you doing here?" The Speedster ran in and nearly tackled Roy into a hug.

"Hey, Walls. Just wanted to be here for my little brothers."

Wally turned to Robin. "How ya' feeling?"

The Boy Wonder sighed. Now he'd have to tell Wally too...

"Well... I'm certainly not feeling the aster. I had a nightmare... But I feel like it was more like a vision or something."

Concerned green eyes looked at him. "And what happened?"

Roy pulled up two chairs next to the hospital bed, gesturing for Wally to sit down. Once the Speedster was comfortable, Roy said, "He wants to go find Bats."

Wally's face turned to shock. "Dude! You think you can fight with Batman in your condition?"

"I know, I know. That's what Roy said. But guys, you have to believe me. My gut is telling me I have to go. Batman needs me. Bruce needs me. I don't know how, or why, but I need to be there or something bad will happen!" Robin had started yelling without even realizing it. He was glaring at his two best friends with enough ferocity to match Batman. His gaze softened and he tried not to let tears fall from his eyes.

"Please. You're my best friends. You have to believe me on this one."

The two red-heads looked at each other, seemingly having a silent conversation.

Roy sighed. "We can tell that you're not going to back down on this one. We believe you, and we'll let you go, on one condition-"

"We're coming with you," Wally finished. Robin was going to argue- he didn't want Wally and Roy to get hurt-but he knew he would need them.

The Boy Wonder smiled. "Okay. Thank you, so, so, much."

Roy and Wally stood and enveloped him in a brotherly group hug. Whoever did this to their little bro was going to get it.


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