So, I recently watched the Percy Jackson movie because I heard how different it was from the book. I thought about how the characters would act if they saw it. I had to tone down the violence a little bit, but hopefully you'll get the point. This is after The Last Olympian, before The Lost Hero.

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"Grover!" I yelled from my cabin. My best friend came running. "What's up, Percy?"

"Hey man, what's this?" I asked, showing him a DVD case. It had a picture of a kid about my age holding a trident with the words Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. "I found it in Chiron's office. Why does it have my name on it, and what's the Lightning Thief?" Grover took a look at the case and immediately paled. "Oh it's nnnothing, " he stuttered "juuust a DVD."

"But why is my name on it? And why is that kid holding a trident?" I was really confused. I was pretty sure I had never made a movie, and even if I had, that kid was definitely not me. "Seriously man," I stood up "what is this thing?" Just then Grover lunged for the case. He grabbed it out of my hands and started sprinting to the Big House. "CHIRON! CHIRON, HE FOUND IT!" Grover screamed at the top of his lungs. At this point I had figured out, using my amazing skills of deduction, that the DVD did, in fact, have something to do with me. I ran after Grover, but he had a head start, and I'm not exactly a skilled athlete. Lucky for me, he was so busy trying to find Chiron that he didn't watch where he was going. He tripped over a tree root and went flying head first into a strawberry plant. I jumped on top of him and wrestled the case out of his grasp. By this time some other campers practicing archery came over to see what was going on. It probably wasn't the best position for me to be in, especially since Chiron always teaches archery.

"Percy," Chiron said calmly "why are you attacking Grover?"

"He found it! Chiron, he found it!" Grover shot up and pointed to the case in my hand.

"Found what? Oh…" Chiron trailed off as he spots the case. He then speaks to Grover "Assemble the others in the Big House. Tell them what is happening, but don't start it without me." Grover nods and scampers away. Chiron turns to me, "Percy follow him. I have to finish this class, then I shall join you." I nod and follow Grover.

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