"So we're at the part where by some miracle Prissy kills the minotaur, right after it killed his mom and transported her to the Underworld. Well, I'm not actually sure if she's dead or not. In the movie it looks like she is, but I remember from that quest a few years ago that she was just frozen in time, or whatever."

Chris just sort of looks at me.

"Um… ok."

I sigh. It made sense in my head. "Just watch the movie. It's not very accurate, but I'm sure you can remember the story of his first quest. It's been told enough times." I snort. "You'll get it eventually."

"But Rissy, I thought we were gonna train today. I even got my sword sharpened like you told me. Although I still think it's a bad idea to spar with sharpened weapons."

I know that some people think we don't actually spar when we go to the arena, but this is proof that we do. So get your mind out of the gutter, punk. Unless you completely misinterpret everything we say and still think that we do a completely different kind of training. Then you're beyond hope.

"If we use dull weapons, we won't be ready for an enemy who uses sharp weapons. Which is all of them."


"Just shut up and watch the movie."

Chris sighs, then sits back in his seat and puts his arm around me.

Usually I would be against any public display of affection, because I don't want people to think of us as that couple *cough* Percy and Annabeth *cough*. But it's a darkened movie theatre, and really, no one cares.

Or, maybe they do. I look around, and see that everyone is staring at me. Even Percy and Annabeth, which is weird. I thought they would be deep in a make-out session by now. It's been a whole five minutes!

"What?" I snap at all the onlookers. Most of them crumble under my gaze. Or goat boy does, at least.

Chiron clears his throat, "It seems you have spoken to Mr. Rodriguez about the movie. Could we perhaps start now that he is up to date?"

"Oh." I blink, feeling sort of stupid "Yeah. Go ahead."

So Chiron presses play, and the movie begins.

Percy wakes up in what seems like the big house infirmary. Grover is there in full battle armor, too. They go through the whole new camper routine where Percy asks where he is, then Grover shows him and Percy is completely awed by the camp.

Typical stuff.

But then Mr. Brunner reveals himself to be Chiron, which is just one more thing for Percy to cope with, then Chiron takes him to one of the cabins with a trident in it, and Percy realizes that he's a son of Poseidon.


"Oh, if only it was that easy!" The real life Percy yells at the screen (although I don't see why he's complaining, he was claimed practically the second he got to camp). "You can't just pick what cabin to be in, idiots! You have to be claimed!"

"Um, Percy," Nico pipes up, "I doubt that they can hear you."

Prissy glares at him for a few seconds, then settles down and starts apologizing to Annabeth since he just screamed in her ear.

Chiron hands Percy off to Grover, and they go on their merry way to tour the rest of camp.

On-screen Percy oohs and awes at all the amazing sites, until Grover leads them to some girl who's fighting with some other guy. She turn around and introduces herself as… Annabeth.

"What. The. Hades."

Annabeth (the real one) grits her teeth and tenses up. I can see why. Movie Annabeth is even older than movie Percy. She looks to be well into her twenties (aren't they all supposed to be twelve?). But I can tell that the real thing bothering her is the brown hair. Annabeth does not have brown hair. But the movie people thought it must be a great idea to cast someone with brown hair and not have her dye it. Real smart, guys.

"Who is that supposed to be? Please tell me this is some sort of joke!" Annabeth starts yelling at the screen in front of her, slowly rising out of her seat. Chris pulls the arm that's around my shoulders in a little tighter. I think he's scared of her.

Now Percy is trying to calm her down, but failing miserably. She just keeps yelling various curses at the screen while Percy tries to pull her back into her seat.

Seriously, what is up with this couple?

I snicker at the thought. All the Aphrodite kids have been going around these past few weeks sighing to each other about how "Percabeth" was the perfect couple. They've never seen them in a movie theater, apparently.

Chris leans over and whispers in my ear, "We are so much better than that."

I turn to him and grin. Of course he's right. Sure, I might have a nasty temper (blame genetics) and he was once a traitor, but at least we haven't regressed to yelling at virtual people on screen.

And also trying to fight the people on the screen. Annabeth is slashing wildly with her knife, Percy still trying to reason with her. Good thing he's invincible, or else he would be reduced to a pile of limbs on the ground right now.

I shift so I'm facing Chris again, and added "We also wouldn't try to kill each other, even if one of us was invincible."

Chris stares at me, one eyebrow raised.

"Well, sparring in the arena is a totally different matter."

He just shakes his head, then cringes at a particularly nasty blow Percy receives. I used to think Prissy took a swim in the Styx to prepare to fight Kronos. Now I'm starting to believe he did it to prepare to ask Annabeth out.

Finally deciding that this has gone on long enough (especially since no one's bothered to pause the movie yet and I can't hear it over Percabeth's squabbling) I decide to take matters into my own hands.

"Princess, come on, sit down. If you hate the movie that much, just leave. Somme of us actually want to watch it." They both stopped their feuding to look at me. Annabeth is first to speak.

"That's easy for you to say Clarisse, you haven't even shown up yet in the movie. They haven't completely massacred your character!"

"Yes, and me not being in it is just another one of the director's many mistakes. Seriously, if you're gonna freak out every time they do something wrong, you'll go insane."

She glares at me, glares at the screen, and glares at me one more time before settling down in her seat, Prissy following suit.

I settle back in my chair. Crisis averted.

Turning my attention back to the movie, I see that the movie campers are playing what looks like capture the flag. They're all in armor, and movie Percy is swinging his sword and fighting people. Then comes the kicker. Movie Percy uses his fancy water powers, and no matter how much I hate the guy, I gotta admit that his powers are pretty sick. Seems like the movie people think so too. Everyone is so awed by his son-of-Poseidonness that they all stand back and let him take the flag. The don't put up a fight or anything. Which is bad enough in itself, but there's one thing that's completely messed up. Movie Annabeth is on the other team. She's on of the ones standing back and basically giving Percy the flag.

"Here we go again." I hear Thalia say under her breath.


Annabeth's dagger flies from her hand to right between the eyes of movie Annabeth. It's actually a pretty nice shot, but then the dagger falls, ripping the screen in the process. Everyone groans, except for Annabeth of course. Chiron clippity-clops to the front of the theatre, inspecting the screen.

"It's a large tear, but easy enough to fix. Grover, bring me my sewing kit. Everyone, report beck here in an hour. And please leave all weapons at the door."

Chris gets out of his seat, stretches, and glances at me.


"You bet."

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