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The whole Glee club was sitting in the choir room after school just like any other Friday afternoon. Mr. Shue walked in and immeaditly started talking about songs we could sing at Lima's yearly New Year's Eve celebration. Once he began talking about which Journey songs we haven't done yet, everyone tuned out.

Rachel who was sitting next to Finn turned around to Quinn and whispered, "Hey Quinn..my dad's went to New Jersey for a business trip. I was thinking we could have a Glee girls sleepover."

"Rachel. Is there anything you would like to share with the rest of the club?" Mr. Shue questioned Rachel.

Rachel just shook her head no. She turned around once again and saw Quinn telling Santana about the sleepover tonight. Finally after one long hour, the bell rang which meant they could all go home. Rachel stood up and took Finn's hand as he walked her to her locker.

"So Rach. What do you wanna do tonight?" Finn asked.

"Well..uhm..the glee girls were gonna have a sleepover at my house. No boys allowed. Sorry babe." said Rachel as she puts her books in her locker and locks it.

Rachel wrapped her arm around Finn's and continued down the hallway. Rachel takes out her cellphone and decides to send out a mass text to Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina.

*text* Hey! I'm having a Glee girls sleepover at my place tonight. No boys allowed.(: My dad's are gone for the weekend so we have the whole house to ourselves!

As she got in Finn's truck for a ride home, she got a reply from everyone saying they could come. After thinking for a couple minutes Rachel finally broke the silence except for the radio.

"Babe, why don't you see if the guys can hang out while the girls are hanging out too? See if you can sleepover Puck's. You could invite Blaine, Mike, and Artie! It'll be fun."

"Yeah Rach. That sounds like a good idea! Lemme text Puck and ask him." Finn reaches for his cellphone out of his pocket and dials Puck's number.

"Yeah, man. Your place? Cool, sounds good. I'll be there." Finn said into the phone as he pulls up to Rachel's house. "Bye Rach. Love you." Finn leaned over to kiss Rachel.

"Bye Finny Bear. Love you too."

She laughs and gets out of the car. Rachel walks up the walkway and can feel Finn staring at her backside. She looks over her shoulder and catches him.

"Ha! I had a feeling you'd be doing that." Rachel laughed.

"Sorry babe. Bye!" Finn smiled and drove away.

Rachel dug through her bag for her house keys. After two minutes of searching, she finally fished her keys out of the bag. She quickly unlocked the door and walked inside because she was getting cold. After all, it was December. She peeled off her coat and took out her phone once again.