When Baby John got there, he found Angie throwing a rubber bouncy ball at one of the walls.

"I'm dying of boredom." Angie declared dramatically, noticing the boy's presence.

"There isn't much to do… You could draw or we could play cards if you want." He suggested. Angie thought about it as she caught the ball in her hand.

"I think I'll draw and you can watch." She decided.

"Okay," Baby John agreed and grabbed a notebook and a pencil from the ground. "Here." He handed them both to Angie, who shoved the ball into her pocket before taking them, and sat down on a overturned crate.

Angie took a seat beside him on a similar crate and flipped to a clean page in the notebook. "So, what should I draw?" She asked, looking at the other Jet expectantly.

"I don't know. What kind of things do you like?" Baby John asked in turn.

Angie thought for a moment. "Well, I like animals and music." She said.

"Draw a dog or something playing an instrument!" Baby John suggested. It sounded cool to Angie.

"Okay. I'll do that."

Baby John watched Angie's hands as she started the drawing. Each line was carefully drawn out so the picture would be perfect.

Baby John watched intently, fascinated that she could focus on something like drawing. He could never do that, he's tried before but his attention span isn't really that long. Angie was just finishing up the dog she was working on when James came back. Neither Angie or Baby John noticed.

James seen that his sister was lost in her drawing and knew that he shouldn't interrupt her. He set the food down on a small wooden table and sat down beside Angie. He watched over her shoulder as she drew and was amazed at how good she had gotten drawing.

When the two were younger, Angie would always draw things and give them to James. Usually smiling stick figures of their whole family with rainbows and smiling suns in the background. He could never have dream dreamed she would be this good. She would be a great artist someday.

Angie finished her picture and handed it to Baby John, smiling proudly. "What do you think?" She asked. Baby John was speechless at the sight of the amazing drawing. Angie had drawn a Labrador wearing sunglasses and strumming a acoustic guitar. James snatched the picture from Baby John so he could get a closer look at it.

"It's really good, Angie. You're really talented." He told his baby sister.

"Thanks, Jimmy." Angie smiled. It meant a lot to her that she had a talent and even more that her brother had recognized it. Her father always tore up her drawings or burned them. He always told her how awful they were and how stupid she was for thinking other wise.