Chapter 7

Angie woke up the next morning with A-Rab's arm still wrapped around her. Her shoulder really hurt. But, why exactly? The events of the night before flashed through her mind. 'Right, I got stabbed by that jerk' She thought with a grimace. Angie noticed the arm that was around her and looked at the person that went with it. "James?" She gasped. Angie shook the arm off of her and got up -hurting her shoulder in the process- and stood in front of her brother. She crouched down in front of him and poked him in the chest multiple times. A-Rab groaned and opened his eyes.

"Morning, Ang" He smiled sleepily. "James! How come you never came back?" Angie yelled at him. "Because, I found the Jets. Plus, Dad was being a jerk." A-Rab explained. "Guessin' you found that out for yourself?" He asked, looking at her eye. Angie nodded. "You should've taken me with you! I have tons more bruises like this everywhere!" Angie cried. A-Rab sighed. "You're right. I should've. Or atleast I should've stayed. I was supposed to protect you. I'm a bad big brother, aint I?" He closed his eyes regretfully. He shouldn't of left her alone, but she was only 9 when he left. Too young and innocent to be in a gang like the Jets.

Angie stared at her brother, anger disappearing. "No. You aint a bad big brother. You just wasn't there when I needed you." She said quietly. "I'm so sorry, Ang. But, I aint going anywhere this time. I promise" A-Rab whispered. Angie smiled. A-Rab got up and hugged his little sister -being careful of her shoulder- and kissed the top of her head. Angie hugged back. Things would be back to the way they used to be. Well, aside from being with the Jets…. "Go back to sleep and I'll find us some breakfast. Okay?" A-Rab asked after pulling away from his sister.

Angie nodded. "Okay James." She smiled ad climbed back onto the makeshift bed on the floor. The 14 year old turned on her side -the good one- and closed her eyes. A-Rab looked at his baby sister and walked out of the hideout. Once he was out of hearing range of Angie, he whistled. Baby John appeared over the side of a building.

"You whistled A-Rab?" He asked. "Yeah. I need you to go to the hideout and stay there with Angie til I get back. I'm going to find some food. Got it?" A-Rab asked while looking at the younger Jet.

Baby John nodded and climbed down. "Sure A-Rab." A-Rab walked off down the street and Baby John headed to the hideout.