Congratulations its intersex.

Ever since I was old enough to remember I knew there was something "different" about me. My parents told me I was a boy, so I believed them, even though I didn't feel like I was meant to be guy. As I grew up and started the 1st grade, I had an easier time making friends, being social, and being socially acceptable by the standards of a guy. During my time in first grade, I made a group of four friends I was particularly found of. Our little group of friends was made up of a pink obsessed girl named Amaya, a red headed guy named shoji, a sweet girl we all called Mochi, and geeky kid from America named Sheldon. Me and my group of friends stayed close, so close everyday we'd spend the school day together; and when school was let out we played after school at my house. We were inseparable, but as we all interred the third grade things began to change. Sheldon and shoji began to talk about things I couldn't relate to like who can get the cuter girl, who was more masculine, who was better at sports; which I could relate to because I watched basketball with my dad. Whenever shoji and Sheldon got to guy mind-boggling, I would just go talk with Mochi and Amaya, which wasn't any better when I think back. Amaya and mochi were just as relatable as Sheldon and shoji when they had conversations on good makeup, how great it would be to be a princess, and who had shinier hair. During a field trip to the local pool, I found out just how different from everyone else. It happened in the boy's locker room while I was changing. It wasn't a closed area locker room, so I could see all the other guys and they could see me. I had just started to get into my swimming trunks when Sheldon and shoji came up to me naked. They asked if the could put there cloths in my locker for reasons they wouldn't tell me, but I was't looking up at there faces. You could call me a pervert for this, but my vision was drawn to there down south in-between there leg. I looked around at every other boy in my class, but they all had the same thing. I agreed to let them use my locker, but instead of getting ready to go swimming I put my shirt back on and high tailed my way back out the locker room. I took a seat on the staircase leading to main hall. I sat there and thought about what I had seen. That night, tiptoed my way into my parent's room to see them wrestling again, they wrestle a lot at nigh when they think I'm asleep.

I watched them from behind the curtains. I saw my dad had the exact same thing the boys in my class had, but my mom had something else. I went back to my room and put great thought into the problem before me. My dad is a boy and he has one, the boys in my class are boys and they have one, and if I'm a boy shouldn't I have one? I thought to myself, lying in bed staring at the rain hit my window. I looked at the area it should be, and to my happy surprise, I had one. It didn't look like there completely, but it was still there.