"No way…"

The knight glares from his cockpit, hands still gripped tightly around the controls and determination written into his face. He stares at his opponents, not through the computer system but with the scent of the prison cells and the smell of weapon's powder filling his nostrils. Somewhere in the distance, the roof of the Lancelot lies idly and uselessly, having been sliced off just moments earlier.


The Brittanian boy can't think, watching his childhood friend move back into action against those who weren't affected in the least by his true identity. How could his best friend have been lying to him this entire time? He had told him he was in the engineering corps… but all of this time it had been him Lelouch had been fighting.

"But why?" The exiled prince shakes, his entire body and voice quivering. "Why are you there? You can't be because you… you have to be by Nunally's side."

"Zero what do we do!" cries out Kallen desperately. "Capture him or… Zero!"

It is no use. Their commander's in shock, his mind trying to understand the situation. It just didn't make any sense. And somewhere behind the cloud of confusion and betrayal, his eyes land on the Holy Swords making their moves towards the Lancelot.

"No wait!" He calls out. "Stand down!"

It doesn't matter as they attempt to assure both him and themselves that their move was flawless and in what seemed like a flash, the white knight delivers a four-way blow, knocking the weapons from each Knightmares' hand.

"STOP IT!" Zero screams, his voice quivering and hoarse.

Kallen's eyes widen, hearing Zero's order. He had never sounded so… unprepared… "Zero…"

"We've done enough fighting for now!" Lelouch orders, subconsciously praying that the radio noise would cover up the shock in his wavering voice. "We've achieved our objective. Use escape route 3. WITHDRAW IMMEDIATELY!"

"What was all of that?" Asahina sighs long after their battle. His hair hangs limply, still wet from the shower and his uniform seems fresh and new.

Kallen's leaning against her knees, frowning at the ground and sitting in a chair. Ohgi stands across from her, looking towards where Asahina enters the room.

"What do you mean?" he asks, already sure about what the short-tempered Holy Sword would be upset about.

Asahina scowls, leaning against the wall. "If we had just taken out Kururugi then there would be no threat to the Black Knights. But Zero was a coward-"

"Zero!" Kallen began, hearing the high volume of her voice and cutting it down quickly, not wanting to catch any unwanted attention. "I'm sure Zero had his reasons…"

"Toudou said that it was because we wouldn't have won against the incoming forces and Zero recognized that," Ohgi comments, arms crossed and staring at the ground.

"That's bull," the green haired man responds, narrowing his eyes. "Zero froze up wayyy before they even showed up on the horizon. It had something to do with figuring out it was Kururugi piloting that monster."

The two look at each other for a moment and return to their original poses.

"Look," Kallen frowns, standing up tiredly. "Zero's not doing well right now, but he has never failed us before. He knows what he's doing so don't doubt him."

With that she storms away, leaving the two men to wallow in their own cloud of uncertainty.

"Maybe we should check the voice logs?" Asahina recommends after minutes of stale silence, turning his full attention towards Ohgi now. "It would clear up any suspicion…"

Ohgi scowls, watching him. "And then will you stop complaining about his methods?"

The other nods, agreeing and begins to follow the original leader towards where all of the Knightmares are stored.

Kallen continues back towards her room, supposing that after such an exhausting battle and with all of the new information gathered, it'd be best for her to stay at the school until Zero could come up with a new plan. But at the same time, she wants to stay where she is. No… she wants to stay near Zero and comfort him. The sound of his laughter was frightening and almost painful. It was clear that something about what had happened had caused him a lot of … she still didn't know how to describe it. But regardless, she wanted to stay and comfort the one who was helping her to live out her dreams.

Stepping down the hallway, she makes her way towards his room, frowning when she spots C.C. having just begun to enter the room. The witch turns, having spotted her and keeps her hand on the door knob. "He's busy right now."

Frowning, she can feel her face heat up. "O-of course." Of course he was busy! What exactly were C.C. and him doing together anyways! Growing increasingly frustrated now, the Knightmare pilot turns on her heels, moving away and hearing the girl enter the room. It wasn't fair… C.C. did absolutely nothing. She was just always sitting around and stuffing her face with pizza or picking fights with Tamaki.

"That's it," Kallen mumbles to herself, punching her fist into the cave of her hand. The answer was clear. If it was Suzaku that had caused Zero to suddenly doubt himself and lock himself in his Knightmare Frame for 3 hours, then eliminating him would make Zero happy. And then maybe she'd finally have… her… chance…? "What are you thinking, Kallen!" DX !

"But why? Why are you there? You can't be because you… you have to be by Nunally's side."

Ohgi frowns, staring at the black box in confusion. Asahina's expression is no different.

"Who in the world is Nunally?" he ponders silently, crossing his arms.

"Someone who's close to Suzaku?" Ohgi questions, his voice bouncing against the hanger walls. "Perhaps Zero had gathered intelligence that he was supposed to be near her and so it went against what he had planned?"

Kallen steps into the large area, looking up and seeing the two men hanging from Zero's Knightmare, the audio recording continuing to scream Zero's previous orders. "What are you two doing?" She frowns, stepping over quietly.

"Hey you," Asahina mutters, catching her eyes. "You're Zero's right hand man, right? Who's Nunally?"

"Nunally?" she blinks.

The campus was unusually quiet, all of the commotion inside of the buildings as the student body create preparations for the party that was to take place in the afternoon. Sitting behind a bush, two of the black knights watch through the windows of the club house, seeing the brunette student being escorted into her room by her maid before being left alone.

"The wheelchair girl?" Tamaki asks loudly, causing Kallen's hand to find the back of his head. "Ow! What was that for!"

"We're on a mission," she whispers lowly, never taking her eyes off the target. But what in the world would Zero want with her? How did he even know her and why would Suzaku be here instead of out doing his military work? "Let's move in before her nurse gets back."


"Nunally," mutters Lelouch, returning home from school a little bit early. He didn't feel like staying behind and honestly, after the shock of realizing that Suzaku could never be there for her like he wanted him to be, he just really needed to see her. "Nunally?" he calls again. "Sayoko?"

There is no answer. But that doesn't make sense. She didn't have anything planned for the afternoon and her classes ended an hour prior. Stepping into her room, he finds it completely empty, save for a deformed crane on the ground. Moving towards it, he can see the fine, dirt footprints left behind by several pairs of boots.

"Nunally..." He shudders, scrambling to his feet. It couldn't be Mao. Not again! He frantically begins to search the ground, hardly able to ignore the rocky breath burning him from the inside. She always came first! And every ounce of burning pain was payment for not having asked Suzaku to be her knight first. This was all his fault!

Stumbling into the clubhouse, he finds himself facing an unending crowd, all celebrating Suzaku's most recent victory against Zero and his new-found Knighthood. "Thank god…" He mutters tiredly, pushing past people and praying that the brunette would be somewhere inside of the room. From the corner of his eye, he sees Kallen moving towards a direction, something inside of her grip and her eyes dangerous like they are whenever she doesn't feign illness.

Moving quickly towards her, he can see the pouch in her hand and reaches out, clasping her wrist to get her to stop. Not now… now was not the time… not when Suzaku was his last chance. "Relax…" he mutters hypocritically, his entire body fidgeting in fear.

She blinks, obviously a little angered by his order and pulls out of his grip easily, moving out of the crowd and towards the exit. Lelouch breathes heavily, turning in the direction she was facing and immediately spotting his friend… or least the one he thought was his friend…

"Suzaku," he stumbles towards him, taking his shirt. Completely out of breath and heaving for air, he's not even sure if he can find the strength to say what he needs to. "Nunally…" He pleads silently. "I think… Nunally's…. in danger…"

Suzaku's playful demeanor turns serious, straightening up and taking his arms. "She's been kidnapped again?" It could easily be mistaken that his anger is towards the Raven, having just lost her the other day ((2 episodes ago)). It wasn't like a doll or something trivial. This was a human being. One that couldn't even move past the safety of the clubhouse without assistance!

Setting aside his anger, Suzaku's voice is serious, muttering, "Let's find her."

Lelouch nods, moving after his quick pace but still far too exhausted to keep up. Suzaku turns back for a second, motioning for him to stay and figuring that he would be far too useless and possibly a threat to the mission if he were to follow. Then, continuing on, he makes his way towards her classrooms to see when the last time she was seen was.

Lelouch slows to a stop, leaning against a tree quietly and breathing heavily, his heart racing. How could he have let it come this far? How could he have not been there to protect her again? Shaking, he doesn't notice the man in black stepping up behind him and shoving a damp cloth against his mouth. Lelouch struggles against the grip but the drugs are fast, his eyes closing quickly and body collapsing.


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