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CHAPTER 1- No way

He stared at the person opposite of him. The teenager met his gaze evenly, his eyes showing slight amusement. The teenager placed his hand on the table and his fingers tapped on the hard wooden surface of the office table. The man lowered his gaze onto the tapping fingers. Tap…Tap…Tap… The man gulped and looked at the teenager nervously. The teenager cocked his head, waiting. The man then turned to the computer on his desk and began to type out something. His fingers moved expertly over the keyboard. The man stopped his typing. He turned to face the teen and he nodded. The teen smiled and he picked up the bag he placed on the floor, slung it over his shoulders with an easy grace before leaving the office.

The hallways were deserted. There wasn't a soul in sight. The teen smiled again before striding down the hallway. He reached the stairs, took it two at a time and leapt up the top three steps and continued his long strides in the hallway of the 3rd floor corridor. He walked and he noticed the stares he was receiving from others as he walked past the open doors of the rooms they were in. Heads began to pop out of the door, watching him. Whispers began. None of them stopped the happy teen who was now smiling widely. But he continued his walk, now with a spring in each step. Then he finally stopped. He stopped at the closed door of his destination. He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the doorknob before pulling the door open. He stepped in.

"No way…."

A girl stood up. Her finger shook as she pointed at the teen. Her eyes were large, disbelieving. Around her, many other teenagers were whispering as they stared at the teen that just walked in.

"No way!"

The girl, who had first whispered the first two words, now shouted them, startling everyone. Her finger shook more. Her entire body shook. Her eyes became larger as she whispered those two unbelieving words, "No way". The entire room was quiet, waiting. Waiting for a possible drama that would lighten up their already boring day.

The girl left her seat and walked slowly to the teen that was still standing at the doorway. Each step she took was filled with tension. The entire room watched her every move, their anticipation was evident. The teen at the front of the room raised his arms slightly, his face completely hopeful. The girl stopped in her tracks, shocked at the sudden gesture. Her face carried an expression of shock at the teen's gesture. Her lower lip shook and she rushed towards the teen. Everyone sighed, happy for the couple.


Everyone jumped, alarmed. The girl had leapt into the air and her leg lashed out. It smashed right into the teenage boy's face. The teen flew sideways, crashed into the wall and slid to the floor, his face completely shocked. The girl landed neatly on the floor. She swept her long hair behind her shoulders and smiled at the teen at the floor.

"Welcome back Shinichi."

Shinichi stood up, not amused at all. He straightened his uniform and glared at the girl who was smiling at him. Everyone was laughing, totally out of control. Some of the guys had fallen off their chairs and were rolling on the floor, their dignity lost in their mirth. Shinichi brushed off the dust on his clothes and gave the girl a look that should have killed her. But the girl stood in front of him, pretty much alive.

"You know my welcome didn't need to be a flying kick to my face Ran," Shinichi snapped at her.

"That is your punishment!" Ran shrieked at him, "You disappeared for more than a year and returned unexpectedly! You deserved more than that Shinichi!"

She raised her arm and pulled it back, her fist at the ready. Shinichi stepped back, his palms held up in a 'no thanks' gesture. The classroom shook with laughter and outside the door, nosy students from other classes were roaring in laughter as well. Shinichi shot them a look but they were too busy laughing to notice. Shinichi sighed in exasperation. He smiled. It was good to be back even if it means he had to deal with his crazy schoolmates, the teases and the questions. He had grown quite good in pretending and lying. After all, he had spent more than a year acting and lying when he was Edogawa Conan. Now he could drop the façade and live his life as he knew it. He grinned at Ran who raised an eyebrow at him, confused at his expression.

"What is going on here?"

The laughter died out immediately. Another teenager pushed through the throng of teenagers at the door and walked in. She glanced at the teenagers in the classroom, her eyes taking in the guys on the floor who was now looking up. She then looked at Ran before looking at Shinichi.

"Your welcome back party Kudou-kun?" she asked coolly.

"You can say that Miyano-sempai," answered Shinichi, smiling at her. Everyone looked at them, not understanding their connection.

"Hmph. See you later then Kudou-kun," Miyano-sempai or so she was called replied. She turned and strode past the gawking outsiders who were still blocking the entrance of the class.

"Who is that Shinichi?" Ran asked, eyes locked on Shinichi who was still smiling.

Shinichi turned and swept his slightly unkempt, dark brown hair and grinned, oblivious to Ran's slight jealousy in her voice. "That's Miyano Shiho. She's one year our senior," he said.

"How did you know her?" Ran asked, unable to keep the slight jealousy from her voice.

"Oh," Shinichi replied. He had already thought of the answer to that question. "We met when I was in that case. The one which took so long," he explained.

"The one which took more than a year to finish?" Ran asked sarcastically.

Shinichi flinched. No case takes more than a year to finish. It hurts his pride that he has to say that the 'case' he was in took more than a year. "Yeah," Shinichi replied, "That one."

Then a teacher walked in. Her disapproving eyes glared at the students, causing them to return to their classrooms or their seats. Once they were all back to their respective places, she said, "Kudou-kun, you are wanted back in the principal's office. He wants to talk to you about the school year you missed."

"Alright, I'll go immediately sensei!" he replied cheerfully. He waved at everyone before running out the door, shouting, "Jana!"

The teacher followed him out, leaving the room completely unattended. Ran turned and returned to her seat. She sat, her face emotionless.

"Ran," whispered Sonoko, her desk partner, "Don't worry! Shinichi wouldn't dare to dump you and go to that girl. Who is she anyway?"

"Miyano Shiho," Ran replied, her voice hurt, "They know each other. Did you see how Shinichi smiled at her? It's like they known each other for years."

Sonoko clapped her hand on Ran's shoulder and said cheerfully, "Don't worry Ran! No other girl can come as close to him like you do! Don't worry about that Miyano-sempai!"

Ran smiled, her mood visibly lightened. She nodded to herself. Shinichi had confessed to her already. She doesn't need to be so afraid of a certain girl that appeared in Shinichi's life.

"Shinichi said he will return to me," Ran thought to herself, "I'll take his word for that. No way that both of them are together."

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sensei- teacher
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