Olivia Johnson, let's go!

Olivia Johnson quietly slept in her room, like the stuck-up snob she is. Darkrai slowly slid open her door, and Jar Jar peeked in. "Oo-li-LEE! Is a little piggy!" At this, Olivia snored louder.

"Uh… that's no pig, Jar Jar… I think."

"Reelly?" he asked, going over to study her. "She-sa look like a pig."

The King sighed. "Honestly, I'm not really sure. All I know is she's on my list, so we need to scare her. Okay, Olivia MANPIG, prepare to have us DIG into your deepest fears!"

"Nyee hee, hee hee! You-sa say 'Manpig' to imply she so fat to be a human, but a piggy instead!"

"Uh, yes, Jar Jar, that was the joke. Now let's just scare her already. Get the milk."

"Okie-dokie!" With that, Jar Jar ran off, and Darkrai gave Olivia a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Olivia awoke in the hallway of her school, where many students were passing by. "What? How did I get to this location?" She immediately covered her mouth after saying it like that.

"Way to be specific, NERD!" Rabakkah exclaimed as she and Jamie walked by and laughed.

"NERD? !" she yelled, realizing she was wearing square glasses, and dressed like a geek.

"Wow, nice look!" Zakk Tyler exclaimed, walking by with April, holding her hand. "I'm glad I dumped you for April."

"Hey, thanks for dressing like a geek so Zakk would date me, Olivia!" April said. "Nicest thing you ever did!" With that, they walked by.

"N-No! I don't wanna be a geek! Er, maybe if I dye my hair blonde again, I'll start-"

"This just in:" the anchorman on the TV in school spoke. "the world has decided to stop making blonde hair dye, and throw out any remaining blonde hair dye, for the sake of blondes not getting that dumb stereotype."

"WHAT? ! NO! ! Can this day get any wor- Oh, why did I just say that?"

"Ah, good day, Miss Johnson." A teacher spoke and approached. "Well, it seems your grades are so poor this semester, the principal has decided to transfer you to an Amish community."

"AMISH? !" And at that instant, a bus came, pulled her in, and dropped her off on an Amish farm.

"Ah, good day, Miss Olivia." Numbuh Jebediah spoke. "Good ta have you on the farm. No hairdryers here, ya?"

"NO HAIRDRYERS? ! Oh, how can this POSSIBLY get WORSE? ?"

All of a sudden, a fleet of ships flew over, one of them dropping a TV, showing an image of a bald soldier. "Attention, Planet Earth: this world now belongs to the Chromedome Empire. Long live Czar Baldybald IV!" At that instant, a squad of Hair Hunt Troops ran out and started shaving the hair off all the Amish kids.

"NO! Our BEARDS!" Jebediah exclaimed.

Soon, Olivia was surrounded by Hair Hunt Troops, and they were ready to shave. "NNOOOO!"

"NOO!" she exclaimed, waking up and gasping for O2.

"NO, little PIGGY!" Jar Jar exclaimed. "Are you-sa gonn' become evil piggy dictator?"

"Uh, Jar Jar, I doubt someone like her read a f%^ked up book like that, or even reads at all! Heh heh!"

"HEY! I read! I get the latest issue of Hot Popular Girls Monthly every week!" Olivia replied.

"But how cans they be weekly whens they MONTHLY? Nee hee hee hee! !" Jar Jar screamed.

"Oh, who cares, Jar Jar, she's a pig." Darkrai said.

"I am not! Get yourself some glasses, or at least a second eye!" Olivia whined.

"Yeah, yeah, pipe down, Porky. We have to go scare…" He checked his list. "Yuki Crystal? Who the Hell is that? This is odd. We may have to check up back in Nightmare Land. Let's go, Jar Jar."

"Wan' some milk, Piggy?"

"I am not a pig!" Olivia yelled.

"You behind is like big mountain!"

"AAHHHH!" Olivia screamed in anger and ran out.

"Keep up with si running, and soon, you will not be-a so PUDGY! Nyee hee hee!"

"Heh heh. So true, Jar Man. So true. Okay, let's go." With that, he grabbed the Gungan, and headed back for Nightmare Land.

Next time… a new character. Alright, see you later.