~ Hello peoples, nations and trolls alike. I'm opening this up to both hetalians and homes tuckers so I can get everyone's view point. Yes my sollux muse will be the one responding but I would like letters from both sides of these fandoms

~p.s. I do not own homestuck… that belongs to hussie.

Sollux made it back to his have after another long and slightly boring day.

After a few minutes of finding nothing to do he logged on to his computer and began clicking away before finding a site that was unlike his normal trolling chats.

"What ii2 thii2?" He said to himself as he noticed not only humans talking to each other but things called 'Nations' as well.

"Well might a2 well joiin thii2" he said with a sigh before logging in to this site and opened up a window for trolls, humans and what ever the else was out there to talk to him.