I Ran as fast as I would ever think possible, I had to get away from my life. I just didn't belong.

I had always been sent different places because my adoptive parents believed I was too different and they said I needed help. I was still running and I had no idea where I wanted to go.

I just knew I needed to get away. My name is Harmony, Harmony Knight and you see I was kind of an empath.

I could feel things that people felt, and that never gave me a moment of peace. I didn't like fights or fighting in fact I tried to stay away from it; but fighting is everywhere in this world and if I ignored my parents judgmental comments and criticism I was yelled to pay attention to them.

And truthfully I didn't see a reason to listen to mean hurtful things. You see the reason I had never fit in with this society was mainly because I didn't like how my parents thought they owned everything they bought including other species and creatures of the world.

I really don't get why they think that, though I never told them how I felt because that would lead to an argument. I don't like arguments.

And the few times I even dared to speak my mind I was sent to the places where doctors treated me like I didn't know what I was talking about, and that I was delusional.

When I came home I wanted to be alone but they medicated me thinking I was in a depression, but I really wasn't depressed and my parents just wanted control over the situation.

So I was never alone, but I felt alone in this world because I didn't have anyone who was there to let me be who I wanted to be.

In fact I was just hurt and frustrated and no one seemed to care enough to not judge me. when ever I had a chance to make friends my parents always found a way to destroy whatever friendship I had, they would usually find a way to befriend my own friends parents telling them about whatever disorder they thought I had.

And eventually my friends were either scared away or believed my what my parents told them and their parents. So that's why I was running away.

And what's a twenty year old doing running away. Well my parents wouldn't let me have my own life away from their supervision. So they bought me an apartment across the street from them and the only time I could ever be fully alone was at night.

And on this night that is why I decided to run as far away from my parents and their controlling way's.

My long flowing black hair bounced around as I ran swiftly threw the breeze. I had been running for what seemed like miles. And I found myself in a city park where I sat down beneath a tree.

Shining silver tears fell out of my storm grey eyes. "I wish I could have another life, hell. Even falling into one of my favorite movies would do, I know it's probably impossible but it'd be better than living this one." I said between sobs.

After a few minutes I found the earth start to shake beneath me, and soon began falling into a dark abyss.