I sat across from manning. He was about to eat his Nuada infested macaroni and cheese. I also had sprinkled nuada's remains in manning's Green beans and potato salad. Mmmm… doesn't that just sound to die for…

I roll my eyes. Pft! As if.

I anxiously waited for manning to pick up his fork, while I acted like I actually had something important to do. Instead of doing anything remotely important I was pretending to read a dr. suess book, only the book was turned sideways and I guess manning decided to point out the obvious… "you know that you are reading that book side way… right?"

My eyes grew wide in fear and then they were replaced with angry eyes. "Not again.."

Manning scratched the top of his big shiny bald head in complete confusion... "Did I do anything irritate you, cause you know…"

I interrupted manning before he could finish his "shhhhhh… look down at you tray" baldy locks I say pointing at pointing at his food. Suddenly we both lean down and study the top of the tray, nuada's dust particles begin floating out of manning food. "shit!" I curse under my breath. This is not happening I thought to myself. Doesn't he ever die?!

"what's that?" manning asks curiously looking at the dust that came from nuada…

I sigh loudly, "trust me… you don't want to know…" I begin trying manning method and drop my head slowly onto the table with a loud painful thump! "ugh!" I say after I lift my head up and drop it dramatically onto the cafeteria table again… "unbelievable…" I groaned.

All of a sudden I feel a giant wind storm blow strongly, I heard screams and lifted my head off the table and looked around all of the, everyone, agents, krauss, manning, gingersnap, hot head, the smelly blue tuna fish guy and the blond pointy eared lady love, of the blue man… they were all unconscious…

"nooo.. ." I cry silently for a moment, my head falls downward back onto the table in and angsty fashion.

I feel I pat on my shoulder my shoulder, I turn around to my right and there back is his physical form is the pansy.

This was the last straw, I stood up and turned to face that parasite and punch him square in the face.

He Fall over just for a moment and to my horror. The creep decided to scoop me up into his arms. Growl menacingly at my fictional brother and struggle to get out of this wack-jobs revolting arms. But no avail I continued growling at this idiot.

Nuada just grinned down at me and smirked, "my love you are so cute when you purr..." he just would not let go and I was just about had it with this plot… get me out of this deranged plotline! Someone! Ahhhhhh!

Nuada took me up some flights of steps and carried me out of the BPRD, along the way my eyes rolled back behind my head and I lost consciousness… I later woke up in a flowery golden meadow. I was no longer in nuada's arms not that I wanted to be in the first place. He was nowhere in site "where the hell am i!" all of a sudden I hear a familiar song tune from a well know musical…

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen

"wha..?" I said dumbly looking around stupidily.. "what's happening.."

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go

I notice a faraway, Nuada skipping towards me doing some sort of obnoxious dance in the distance.. I roll my eyes not in the least bit amused… "what the hell is he doing?" i asked to no one.

Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
You come in to look for a king

Nuada ends up falling on his face at one point… I smirk crueley at him, "idiot.." I add. I frown when he pick himself back up and begins to skip and dance and swirl about, still getting closer even if he's about a mile away..

Anybody could be that guy

He keeps skipping toward me, I face palms at what I saw next… "'are those furby's" shout loudly at him . nuada was close enough to see far away big earts possessed toy's fallowing, swirling about, and dancing along with him. he shouts back "yes my love they are your wedding present and !" I glare, and nuada waves back at me, "we will have millions of smoking hot elf babies together!" he shouts "we can name the girls all miley cyrus and we can name the boy's nuada silverlance just like me…" WTF!

Night is young and the music's high
With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
You're in the mood for a dance
And when you get the chance...

I was fuming and I let out a huge lions roar, like samba s from the lion king. The whole earth shook violently and the sky when red.

"I will not marry you! I do love you at all… I do not want your babies. Leave me alone… and I hope you get squished by a small farm house.." i take off my left shoe and chuck it at his head… I then take off the right one and knock him down as the right shoe hits him dead center on his face.

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen

All of a sudden a a small farm house fall down from the sky and flatten nuada until he was no more. the furby's begin hopping up and down angrily and Dorothy gale from the wizard of Oz steps out of the house and the furby's chase after her, until they all decide to beat up Dorothy and punch her to the ground with their beaks.

I decide is enough is enough and I click my barefoot heels together, "their no place like home… there's… no place… like home, there's no place like home…"

All of a sudden I wake up in my bed in my bedroom inside my apartment, surrounded by my mom, my dad, my brother brad and the hospital paramedics… I was alive… I sit up and my mom throws her arms around me sobbing uncontrollably. "we thought we had lost you." she begins hugging me fiercely until I can barely breath… she was smothering me. And her arms were cutting off my oxygen.

My dad struggle to pull her away from me "honey your suffocating her…"

"mom… dad… I had a strang dream… mom you were not there, and brad you were not their either, and dad you were not there at all… none of you were but it was so detailed, it was like the worst dream of it's kind… but now I'm back, and I'm so happy to see you all again… and I will never have another dream like that again cause I will start having caffeine on a regular bases so I never have to sleep ever again… I missed you all so much."

My real non-fictional brother brad just rolls his eye at me, "harmony you've been watching the wizard of Oz again haven't you?"

"maybe…. But it was probably that breakfast burrito I had this morning.." I say happily…

my parents and brother all three rolled their eyes at me and then my brother steps forward wacks me on the head, "seriously you could have mention you were taking a nap! How can you sleep like you dead to the world? Mom almost decided to get a tattoo of your face to remember you by…"

I raise my eye brow at the three of them.. "uh.. well… that's nice…" I stare at my mother, "promise me something… never ever get a tattoo with my face on it… I may never forgive you if you do…"